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Corporate Christianity: How Double Minded Pastors Are Hi-Jacking Christianity

by Bobby E Mills

"Corporate Christianity" is about the spiritual moral decline of American culture and its direct relationship to the lack of focused moral ought Christian Spiritual Leadership in America's Churches. Likewise,...

American Post-Judaism: Identity and Renewal in a Postethnic Society

by Shaul Magid

How do American Jews identify as both Jewish and American? American Post-Judaism argues that Zionism and the Holocaust, two anchors of contemporary American Jewish identity, will no longer be centers of identity...

My First Puppy

by Mandy Wood & Jeremy Billups

My First Puppy is designed to help children understand the responsibilities and expectation of having a puppy. Every parent can use this tool to help their child feel prepared for and take care of their new...

Blake's 7: Warship

by Peter Anghelides

An alien fleet stands poised to invade Federation space. The only vessel available to hold it back is the Liberator, commanded by Roj Blake and his crew. As an intergalactic war breaks out, old enemies become...

No Bullies: How to Save Our Children from The New American Bully

by Bobby Kipper & Bud Ramey

We've all seen bullies in action.  Many of us have been the victims. Some of us have been the perpetrator. Thanks to all the attention being focused on bullies and the issues that surround them, most of us...

The Heart Remembers

by Anne Manning

School-teacher Lara Reynolds was dying...until the gift of a heart transplant gave her another chance to live a full life. The only problem was her donor Mo Priestly wasn't giving up on bringing his murderer...

Ashuliya: The Lost Kingdom

by Sabine A. Reed

The magical kingdom of Ashuliya is cut off from the rest of the world by an ancient curse. When the king is murdered, Princess Jaelyn knows she could be the next to die. After failing to convince the council...

Cancer Secrets Revealed

by Phillip William Burbutes

As the direct result of several years of work and research in the field of alternative medicine, CANCER SECRETS REVEALED, is a compilation of hundreds of facts and figures allowing virtually anyone with an open...

Final Analysis: The Making and Unmaking of a Psychoanalyst

by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

He was the rising star of psychoanalysis, an intimate associate of Anna Freud and Kurt Eissler, a member of the Freudian "inner circle" with unrestricted access to the Freud Archives. And then Jeffrey Moussaieff...

Lost Letters of Medieval Life: English Society, 1200-1250

by Martha Carlin & David Crouch

Drawn from two medieval collections of form letters for all manner of business and personal affairs, Lost Letters of Medieval Life depicts early thirteenth-century England through the everyday correspondence...

Clan Cleansing in Somalia: The Ruinous Legacy of 1991

by Lidwien Kapteijns

Clan Cleansing in Somalia deals with the transformative violence that helped cause the collapse of the Somali state in 1991. Kapteijns argues that public acknowledgment of the clan cleansing of this period is...

The Scandalous Life of a True Lady

by Barbara Metzger

He's a master of disguises... but he can't mask true love. Spymaster Harry Harmon's new assignment is to spy on enemies at a country house party. To do that, he'll require a courtesan: learned, truthful, and...

Dutchman and the Devil: The Lost Story

by Pat Parish

For as long as I can remember, treasure hunters have been captivated by accounts of the Dutchman Jacob Waltz's life and the whereabouts of his hidden gold mine. Can any tale be more compelling than that long...

Under the Social Influence: Going From Reckless to Responsible in Today's Socially Distracted Society

by Chuck Wilson

Each part of "Under the Social Influence"  captures specific (positive and negative) influences that can impact a successful life and career. It uses examples of what generally happens, unique and sometimes...

People Who Argue Are Sick: Overcoming Anger and Healing an Argumentative Spirit

by Duane Cuthbertson

People Who Ague Are Sick covers these three goals-to understand the dynamics of arguing, to understand how arguing and anger are expressed, and to understand specific steps necessary to stop argumentative behavior....

The Truth About Investment Scams

by Steve Weisman

This Element is an excerpt from The Truth About Avoiding Scams (9780132333856) by Steve Weisman. Available in print and digital formats. 10 huge financial rip-offs: how to recognize and avoid them! We've all...

The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue, Book Two: The Dialogue Continues

by Kimberly Colleen Klein

Book Two of The Universe Speaks: A Heavenly Dialogue takes us deeper into the world of the spirit. Continuing the themes of Book One, this book goes even deeper into the workings of the spirit and teaches us...


by Myrna G. Raines

When sixteen year old Lia Trenton meets Darian Wilks, she falls for him in a big way, and Darian thinks she is the most beautiful girl on Earth. Feeling he is the luckiest boy in the world to have found her,...

Murder at the P&Z

by Dorothy H. Hayes

Scratch the surface of a small town planning and zoning department, and you'll uncover a story. That's what Carol Rossi counts on in the winter of 1983, and she's right. A former teacher, age 47 and romantically...

Eudora Welty and Surrealism

by Stephen M. Fuller

Eudora Welty and Surrealism surveys Welty's fiction during the most productive period of her long writing life. The study shows how the 1930s witnessed surrealism's arrival in the United States largely through...