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The Cartographer of No Man's Land: A Novel

by P.S. Duffy

The lauded masterpiece about a family divided by World War I, hailed as “brilliant . . . altogether a remarkable debut” (Simon Mawer, author of The Glass Room). From a village in Nova Scotia to the trenches...

When America First Met China: An Exotic History of Tea, Drugs, and Money in the Age of Sail

by Eric Jay Dolin

Ancient China collides with newfangled America in this epic tale of opium smugglers, sea pirates, and dueling clipper ships. Brilliantly illuminating one of the least-understood areas of American history, best-selling...

English Churches Explained: Britain S Living History

by Trevor Yorke

In this illustrated colour guide, Trevor Yorke places the period style of church fabric and decoration into an easy to read form, packed with photographs and informative diagrams.

Lydia the Patriot: The Boston Massacre

by Susan Martins Miller

Time Period: 1770  Twelve-year-old Bostonian Lydia Lankford knows in her heart of hearts that the patriot cause is true and just-so why can't other members of her family see that, too? When the Boston Massacre...

Slocum 229: Slocum and the Texas Rose: Slocum and the Texas Rose

by Jake Logan

Slocum isn't the type to walk away from a lady in trouble. But when he has to fight a band of buffalo hunters, it seems this little Rose is going to be a thorny affair.

Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity

by Mark A. Noll

One of America's leading church historians provides a new edition of his bestselling introduction to church history.

Moments of Peace in the Presence of God

by Baker Publishing Group

Wisdom and inspiration from the Psalms come to life in this collection of more than 170 meditations. Each two-page spread presents a devotional thought and encouraging Scriptures.

Web of Deceit

by Brenda Sue

Suzanne Morse's body lay almost lifeless on the bathroom floor, the cold tile soothing her battered face. She struggled to her feet, blood oozing from her nose and lips. It was to be the final spousal beating...

Faithful Living, Faithful Dying: Anglican Reflections on End of Life Care

by of the Standing Commission on National C

What do faithful living and faithful dying mean as we near life's end? With all the technology and choices available to us today, making decisions about the end of life grows ever more difficult. As a result...


by Roger Ferlo

Hopes, fears, and meditations on the afterlife by notable writers of theology, fiction, and poetry. Authors include Barbara Brown Taylor, Phyllis Tickle, and Nora Gallagher. Poignant mix of autobiography, storytelling,...

Jesus' Family Values

by Deirdre Good

Many people claim to know what Jesus would say or do in the kinds of ethical dilemmas we face today, but applying "traditional" Christian values out of context actually sells Jesus' teachings short. Through...

Keepers of the Story: Oral Traditions in Religion

by Megan Mckenna

More wonderful tales and how to tell them from master storyteller Megan McKenna. A coyote, a woodcutter, a Buddist Zen master, a boy named Samuel, a Sufi mystic, two men walking to Emmaus all are central characters...

Do Nothing to Change Your Life: Discovering What Happens When You Stop

by Stephen Cottrell

In this generous, life-affirming book, Cottrell invites us to slow down and stop... breathe... and start an adventure of self-discovery and renewed creativity that will improve the way we see life and help us...

Day by Day: Loving God More Dearly

by Frederick Borsch

The pop song, "Day by Day", from Godspell, was actually written in the Middle Ages by Richard of Chichester. Borsch uses Richard's early prayer to guide this group of day-by-day meditations, to help us see more...

The Pit: A Story of Chicago

by Frank Norris

This classic literary critique of turn-of-the-century capitalism in the United States reveals Norris's powerful story of an obsessed trader intent on cornering the wheat market and the consequences of his unchecked...

Just Passing Through: Notes from a Sojourner

by Margaret Guenther

Fans of Margaret Guenther will welcome this salty, wise collection of autobiographical reflections on her life journey.

Connected: You and God in the Psalms

by Peter Wallace & Greg Garrett

Wallace's stimulating new devotional is full of fresh ideas for finding ways to connect with God, with one another, and with the world at large. As a result, readers will gain encouragement and strength to face...

Faith in the Neighborhood: Belonging

by Lucinda Mosher

This series of books explores what it means to live and worship among the many faiths unique to America's neighborhoods. Each book in the series illuminates the questions Christians have about other faiths such...

Faith in the Neighborhood: Praying: The Rituals of Faith

by Lucinda Mosher

Praying is the second in a series of books that offer Christians a new way of understanding what it means to live and worship among America's many faiths, and introduces them to the religions that make up the...

Compass and Stars

by Martin L. Smith

This collection of short, informal pieces that are both theologically substantial and genuinely popular is aimed at helping us "get our bearings" in the life of the spirit today