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Amazing Minds: The Science of Nurturing Your Child's Developing Mind with Games, Activities and  More

by Jan Faull

A noted parenting expert provides the latest research on child development and offers games and activities parents can use to support their child's natural abilities.

Drawing on the latest fascinating research...

Drugs, Alcohol and Sport: A Critical History

by Paul Dimeo

The use of alcohol and drugs seems contradictory to the popular ideal of sport as a healthy moral and physical pursuit, and yet it has been present in sports culture since clubs first became the focus for competitive...

Sport, Nationalism and Orientalism: The Asian Games

by Fan Hong

The first book to focus solely on the Asian Games, this is an analysis of the Oriental rival to the Olympics in terms of its geopolitical, economic, sociological, historical, racial and aesthetic context, looking...

Stress Trauma Substance Use - Bride

by Brian E Bride & Samuel A MacMaster

The editors of Stress, Trauma, and Substance Use have gathered a collection of innovative chapters written by cutting edge researchers that depict both the breadth of the relationships between stress, trauma,...

Reflecting on Faith Schools: A Contemporary Project and Practice in a Multi-Cultural Society

by Helen Johnson

Profound changes in society, government policy and the political landscape, as well as cataclysmic events such as 9/11, have greatly altered perceptions of faith schools and their existence now causes more controversy...

Ethnopolitics of Elections Bieber

by Florian Bieber & Stefan Wolff

This volume conceptualizes the dynamics underlying electoral politics in ethnically divided societies, providing empirical evidence and analysis of recent elections in such societies on a comparative and single-case...

Intelligence, Crises and Security: Prospects and Retrospects

by Len Scott & R. Gerald Hughes

This collection of essays by leading experts seeks to explore what lessons for the exploitation and management of secret intelligence might be drawn from a variety of case studies ranging from the 1920s to the...

Colonialism and Genocide

by Dirk Moses & Dan Stone

Previously published as a special issue of Patterns of Prejudice, this is the first book to link colonialism and genocide in a systematic way in the context of world history. It fills a significant gap in the...

When Greeks Think about Turks: The View from Anthropology

by Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

Drawing upon anthropological studies that document culturally specific ways of perceiving ethic Others in Greece and Cyprus, this book explores the cultural boundaries of the categories 'Greek' and 'Turk', and...

Cross-National Research Meth&prac

by Linda Hantrais & Steen Mangen

Cross-National Research Methodology and Practice offers practical guidance for relative newcomers to cross-national research by analysing and evaluating the research process by focusing strongly on best practice...

Heroes Return

The Hero Series #5

by Moira J. Moore

View our feature on Moria Moore's Heroes Return

Being a hero is a recession-proof job—from the author of Heroes at Risk.

The Emperor has personally selected Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish...

Global Childhoods - Aitken: Globalization, Development and Young People

by Stuart Aitken

This astute book initiates a broad discussion from a variety of different disciplines about how we place children nationally, globally and within development discourses. Unlike other books of its kind, it does...

Democratization in the Muslim World: Changing Patterns of Authority and Power

by Frederic Volpi & Francesco Cavatorta

This book examines the role that political Islam plays in processes of democratization in the Muslim world, detailing the political processes that facilitate the collective learning of democratic ways of solving...

Israels Strategic Agenda

by Efraim Inbar

Divided into two clear parts, the first part of this book examines political and economic factors in the global strategic environment including, the approach of US and EU foreign policies towards Israel, global...

Water Management in Megacities

by Cecilia Tortajada, Olli Varis & Asit K. Biswas

Efficient and equitable water, wastewater and stormwater management for the megacities is becoming an increasingly complex task. The special issue will focus on water management in its totality for megacities,...

The University and Public Education: The Contribution of Oxford

by Harry Judge

This book examines an important aspect of the relationship between higher education and the public - especially secondary - system of schooling in Britain.

Higher education has influenced secondary schools in...

Connecting Cultures - Bainbridge

by Emma Bainbridge

This lively and incisive collection of essays from an international group of scholars explores the interactions between cultures originating in Africa, India, the Caribbean, and Europe. Those interactions have...

From Nation-Building to State-Build

by Mark T. Berger

This book examines the history of nation-building during the era of decolonization and the Cold War, and on the more recent post-Cold War and post-9/11 pursuit of nation-building in what have become known as...

Piero Sraffa Man & Scholar - Kurz: Exploring His Unpublished Papers

by Heinz D. Kurz, Luigi Pasinetti & Neri Salvadori

Previously published as special issues of The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought and The Review of Political Economy, this volume contains the papers devoted to the life and work of Piero Sraffa....

Turkish Immigrants in Eu - Erzan: Determinants of Immigration and Integration

by Refik Erzan & Kemal Kirisci

This book provides an analytical contribution to the contested issues marking Turkish membership to the European Union.

On October 2005 Turkey started the accession process towards EU membership. Currently,...