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Rebel Charm (The Carolina Magnolia Series, Book 3)

by Patricia Rice

Mara Simon, trophy wife turned high-powered Hollywood producer, isn't about to let TJ McCloud, her first and only love, shutdown her beach-front movie set. There's simply too many livelihoods at stake.

TJ, now...

The Stone Maiden (The Celtic Nights Series, Book 1)

by Susan King

Desperate to save her diminished clan, Alainna MacLaren, heiress to a vast Highland property, seeks a warrior to protect her people-but he must agree to marry her and take her clan's surname.

When the king sends...

An Arranged Marriage (The Company of Rogues Series, Book 1)

by Jo Beverley

Ruined through her vile brother's schemes, Eleanor Chivenham is offered rescue by marriage to a rake with an infamous French mistress. Eleanor accepts, determined to treat the arranged marriage with cool dignity....

Touch the Stars (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 4)

by Pamela Browning

High-wire walker Stephen Martinovic dreams of reuniting the Amazing Andrassys. But is he a fool for wanting to touch the stars with the beautiful Julie Andrassy?

Julie vowed to never walk the wire again. She...

Trailsman 198: Black Gulch Gamble

by Jon Sharpe

In the dust bowl town of Blackgulch, Texas, ranchers gamble their wages away at the new casino, surrendering their land and cattle to settle their debts with the cardsharp who owns the place. With a band of...

Blonde With a Wand: A Babes On Brooms Novel

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

View our feature on Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Blonde with a Wand.

From the Wild & Hexy imagination of a New York Times bestselling author

Sexy witch Anica Revere has one rule: never under any circumstances get...

The Stone Carvers

by Jane Urquhart

In 1867 a good-natured Bavarian priest, is sent by God and mad King Ludwig to the wilds of North America. Soon the backwoods are transformed into a parish and the settlers into a congregation, and Joseph Becker,...

The Complete Guide to Beagles

by Fiz Buckby

Get The Definitive Beagle Ownership Guide. Whether you own a Beagle, or are considering it, existing owners agree that this is the "must have" owner's manual. Beagles are extremely rewarding companions that...

The Beagle Good Food Guide

by Fiz Buckby

Feeding your Beagle the right food will directly effect on your Beagle's health giving you both a longer more rewarding relationship. This e-book is packed with fantastic information about what to... and what...

Bad Boy of New Orleans

by Mallory Rush

Bad boy Chance Renault grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Micah Sinclair was an innocent debutante from old money. But the forbidden love they found didn't care.

However, Micah's parents did care and railroaded...

Cowboy's Kiss (Heartthrob Heroes, Book 1)

by Kimberly Llewellyn

Tanner Avery has a working ranch to run and two wild kids to raise. The last thing he needs is a sexy big-city etiquette consultant instructing him on how to civilize his kids.

Jackie Taylor has arrived from...

Longarm #284: Longarm and the Haunted Whorehouse

by Tabor Evans

Tall tales about long-dead madams and passed-on pimps acting all too lively in a den of sin near Animas Point sends U.S. Marshal Custis Long to investigate undercover. Under the alias Buck Crawford, Longarm's...

Romulus (The Innerworld Affairs Series, Book 1)

by Marilyn Campbell

Aster Mackenzie wants to go home. But she's trapped in the Earth's core, where advanced humanoids mine a rare energy source for their home planet, Norona. Worse, she's triggered the Noronian mating fever in...

Meet Me at Midnight (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 2)

by Gael Morrison

Nate Robbins needs the twenty million dollars his eccentric uncle left him to fuel the business he began in honor of his deceased wife and unborn child.

But there's a catch.

To get the twenty million, Nate must...

Longarm 260: Longarm and the Church Ladies

by Tabor Evans

Longarm goes undercover to lead a group of Christian Cherokee to Mexico in search of stranded missionaries. He reckons it won't be easy, what with nosy Texas Rangers, banditos, and the Mexican police on his...

Slocum 268: Slocum and the Hired Gun

by Jake Logan

Slocum finds himself in the middle of a range war, and when things turn ugly, Slocum takes a side. But then the opposition brings in a deadly gunslinger who's looking to make Slocum his target.

105. a Sacrifice for Love

by Jimmy Petruzzi

Princess Caterina of Theiss receives a letter from her close friend Princess Henriet of Istria asking her to stay with her immediately. The two Provinces were close to each other and part of Austria. On arrival...

Through Eyes of Love (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 2)

by Pamela Browning

Airplane pilot, John Howard won't stop until he meets the person who gave him the precious gift of sight. Tracking a lead to a wilderness cabin, he finds Cassie Muldoon, a beautiful recluse who hasn't come to...

Your Short Game Silver Bullet: Golf Swing Drills for Club Head Control

by John Hoskison

Save shots on the golf course by learning to chip like a pro.

Twelve simple exercises plus ten minutes a day, and you can transform your short game, strike chip shots with authority, land the ball where you want...

Phoenix Falling (The Starting Over Series, Book 2)

by Mary Jo Putney

Romantic Women's Fiction.

Previously titled: The Spiral Path

Though they are sliding toward divorce, Raine Marlowe persuades her enigmatic superstar husband, Kenzie Scott, to play the lead in a movie she wants...