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Lies My Mother Never Told Me

by Kaylie Jones

Her mother was a brainy knockout with the sultry beauty of Marilyn Monroe, a raconteur whose fierce wit could shock an audience into hilarity or silence. Her father was a distinguished figure in American letters,...

Planning for Sustainability: Creating Livable, Equitable and Ecological Communities

by Stephen M. Wheeler

This book presents a straightforward, systematic analysis of how more sustainable cities and towns can be brought about, considering each scale of planning: international, national, regional, municipal, neighbourhood,...

Russian Multinationals: From Regional Supremacy to Global Lead

by Andrei Panibratov

Russian multinationals are playing an increasingly important role in the world economy, particularly in some key sectors such as oil, gas and metallurgy. At the same time, Russian multinationals differ in many...

Wetlands Management and Sustainable Livelihoods in Africa

by Adrian Wood, Alan Dixon & Matthew McCartney

In this book the authors argue for a paradigm shift in the way African wetlands are considered. Current policies and wetland management are too frequently underpinned by a perspective that views agriculture...

The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society

by Arjen Y. Hoekstra

The water footprint concept can be used to quantify water use as related to the production of commercial goods. This book shows how consumption relates to water use and illustrates how the water footprint can...

Radio's New Wave: Global Sound in the Digital Era

by Michele Hilmes & Jason Loviglio

Radio's New Wave explores the evolution of audio media and sound scholarship in the digital age. Extending and updating the focus of their widely acclaimed 2001 book The Radio Reader, Hilmes and Loviglio gather...

Neuroscience of Prejudice and Intergroup Relations

by Belle Derks, Daan Scheepers & Naomi Ellemers

Psychological research on the origins and consequences of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping has moved into previously uncharted directions through the introduction of neuroscientific measures. Psychologists...

Advanced Schenkerian Analysis: Perspectives on Phrase Rhythm, Motive, and Form

by David Beach

Advanced Schenkerian Analysis: Perspectives on Phrase Rhythm, Motive, and Form is a textbook for students with some background in Schenkerian theory. It begins with an overview of Schenker's theories, then progresses...

Teaching Contemporary Themes in Secondary Education: Technology, Culture and Communication

by Jonathan Savage & Clive McGoun

This book explores the broad contexts and ideas that technology facilitates in our culture and considers what this means for teachers in practice. It aims to help you develop your understanding about, and pedagogy...

How to Work with Sex Offenders: A Handbook for Criminal Justice, Human Service, and Mental Health Professionals

by Rudy Flora & Michael L. Keohane

This user-friendly, comprehensive resource presents new data that will give you techniques for effectively interviewing sex offenders and outlines innovative treatment options in an understandable way. Thoroughly...

Women Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories from Emerging Economies and Developing Countries

by Mauro F. Guillen

Women Entrepreneurs offers a collection of over two dozen cases that explore the process by which women become entrepreneurs, and the opportunities and challenges they face in growing their businesses. Each...


by Kimberly Dean

From If This Bed Could Talk, here is Unrequited by Kimberly Dean.

Handbook of Mobile Education

by Zane L. Berge & Lin Muilenburg

This handbook provides a comprehensive compendium of research in all aspects of mobile learning, one of the most significant ongoing global developments in the entire field of education.

Airport Marketing

by Nigel Halpern & Anne Graham

This book fills an important need for an up-to-date, comprehensive and in-depth textbook that introduces students and practitioners to the principles and practice of airport marketing as well as the major changes...

Technology, Gender and China S Great Transformations

by Francesca Bray

What can the history of technology contribute to our understanding of late imperial China? Most stories about technology in pre-modern China follow a well-worn plot: in about 1400 after an early ferment of creativity...

International and Comparative Criminal Justice: A Critical Introduction

by Mark J. Findlay

International criminal justice is in transition. This book explores the growing internationalisation of criminal justice as a phenomenon of global governance. It provides students with a critical understanding...

A Faculty Guide for Succeeding in Academe

by Darla J. Twale

A Faculty Guide for Succeeding in Academe is a practical guide for prospective and current faculty that addresses real, complex issues that are too often left unsaid.

Food and Development

by E.M. Young

This text analyzes diverse food related problems, namely: the continued prevalence of mass under nutrition in the developing world; acute food crises in some places associated with conflict; the emergence of...

Basic Modern Philosophy of Religion

by Frederick Ferré

This book provides a reasoned, comprehensive understanding of what religion is as well as a clear and critical assessment of whether, in the light of modern developments in philosophy, contemporary thinking...

Post-2020 Climate Change Regime Formation

by Suh-Yong Chung

The fate of the climate change regime hangs in the balance as the UN-led negotiations try to forge a new international strategy for the post-2020 period. Since 1992, the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol has been...