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Paul and the Miraculous: A Historical Reconstruction

by Graham H. Twelftree

A senior New Testament scholar demonstrates the profound and often-overlooked importance of the miraculous in Paul's life and work.


by Thomas R. Schreiner

A fresh analysis of the Book of Romans for scholars, pastors, and students that blends scholarly depth with readability.

The Christmas Quilt: Quilts of Love Series

by Vannetta Chapman

Your favorite characters return in this highly anticipated follow-up to A Simple Amish Christmas.

Youth Ministry: What's Gone Wrong and How to Get It Right

by David Olshine

Reaching young people is still possible.

The Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles: Interpreting Biblical Texts Series

by F. Scott Spencer


Introduces literary, historical, and theological issues of Luke and Acts.

Biblical texts create worlds of meaning, and invite readers to enter them. When readers enter such textual worlds, which are often...

Abingdon New Testament Commentaries: Ephesians

by Pheme Perkins

In this volume, Pheme Perkins mines the writings from Nag Hammadi and Qumran for illuminating parallels to Ephesians, showing how a first-century audience would have heard and responded to the various parts...

The Ghost-Eater and Other Stories

by Louis Greenberg & Diane Awerbuck

A collection of new short fiction collected by Diane Awerbuck and published as an e-book.

The Space Race

by Alex Latimer

A funny novel about a South African Nuclear Spaceship

Critical Thinking and Formative Assessments: Increasing the Rigor in Your Classroom

by Todd Stanley & Betsy Moore

Develop your students' critical thinking skills and prepare them to perform competitively in the classroom, on state tests, and beyond. In this book, Moore and Stanley show you how to effectively instruct your...

20 Strategies for Collaborative School Leaders

by Jane Clark Lindle

This book is for school leaders who handle the conflicts and commotions which arise from human nature issues in schools and the shortage of school resources. It offers 20 strategies which demonstrate how to...

Education Finance in the New Millenium

by Stephen Chaikind & William J. Fowler

The 2001 Yearbook of the AEFA reaffirms the connections between the field of education finance and the wider education community. Among the topics it examines are curricula reform, outcome assessment, accountability,...

Engaging Teens in Their Own Learning: 8 Keys to Student Success

by Paul Vermette

This book offers valuable teaching strategies to engage a diverse group of teens in thinking, understanding, and learning activities.

What Great Teachers Do Differently: 17 Things That Matter Most (Study Guide)

by Todd Whitaker

In the second edition of this renowned book, you will find pearls of wisdom, heartfelt advice, and inspiration from one of the nation's leading authorities on staff motivation, teacher leadership, and principal...

Talk It Out!: The Educator's Guide to Successful Difficult Conversations

by Barbara Sanderson

This book helps you deal with the conflicts and confrontations which occur in your school - between you and your teachers and between teachers themselves. With detailed examples and scenarios, Talk it Out! provides...

From At-Risk to Academic Excellence: Instructional Leaders Speak Out

by John Bell, Tony Thacker & Franklin Schargel

This book brings together the wisdom and experience from over 50 schools that have been categorized as "high performing, high minority, high poverty." It shows us how the leaders of those schools succeeded --...

Jim Crow's Children: The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision

by Peter Irons

In 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court sounded the death knell for school segregation with its decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. So goes the conventional wisdom. Weaving together vivid portraits of...

Differentiation Is an Expectation: A School Leader's Guide to Building a Culture of Differentiation

by Daniel Weckstein

Turn your school into a place where every child achieves. This book provides leaders with all that they need to promote differentiation in their schools and districts. Through research and first-hand experience,...

The Inspirational Teacher

by Gary Mc Guey & Lonnie Moore

With memorable quotes, poems, and exercises, this book provides a practical step-by-step process to help you become an inspirational teacher. The Inspirational Teacher will help you create a personal mission...

Empowering Students to Write and Re-Write: Standards-Based Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers

by Warren Combs

Give your students the confidence to continuously improve their writing. In Empowering Students to Write and Re-write: Standards-Based Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers, author and educator Warren...

Differentiating Assessment in Middle and High School Mathematics and Science

by Sheryn Spencer-Waterman

This book by Sheryn Spencer Waterman follows the bestselling Handbook on Differentiated Instruction for Middle and High Schools. With numerous examples and strategies, it is an all-inclusive manual on assessing...