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Bravely Fought the Queen

by Mahesh Dattani

‘A playwright of world stature’—Mario Relich, Wasafiri First staged in 1991, Bravely Fought the Queen created a stir with its disturbingly honest portrayal of the dysfunctional Trivedi family, confirming...

Final Solutions

by Mahesh Dattani

‘A playwright of world stature’—Mario Relich, Wasafiri Final Solutions is one of Mahesh Dattani's most renowned and widely performed plays. Moving between the Partition of India and the present day, it...

Do the Needful

by Mahesh Dattani

‘A playwright of world stature’—Mario Relich, Wasafiri In this cleverly constructed radio play, negotiations are underway for an arranged marriage between Alpesh Patel and Lata Gowda. Despite their cultural...

On a Muggy night in Mumbai

by Mahesh Dattani

‘A playwright of world stature’—Mario Relich, Wasafiri On a Muggy Night in Mumbai is the first contemporary Indian play to openly tackle gay themes of love, partnership, trust and betrayal. Kamlesh—young,...

Seven Steps around the Fire

by Mahesh Dattani

‘A playwright of world stature’—Mario Relich, Wasafiri Seven Steps Around the Fire is the first in a series of radio plays featuring the amateur sleuth Uma Rao, wife of Bangalore’s Superintendent of...

Ethnography of Goa, Daman and Diu

by A B de Bragnanca Pereira & M A Couto

The intellectual and cultural efflorescence in Goa reached its apogee in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Antonio Bernardo de Bragana Pereira was a product of this time, and Ethnography of...

Essential North-East Cookbook

by Hoihnu Hauzel

If there is one part of this country that is still to be discovered, at least in terms of its cuisine, it is the North East. Those who live in, or have visited the seven sister states" Arunachal Pradesh, Assam,...

Yours for the Night

by Jasmine Haynes

Three steamy linked novellas.

Transformed into mistresses of the night, three women discover that sometimes fulfilling your deepest desire is the most dangerous thing you can do.

Meet Marianna Whitney, Dominique...

The Communist Cookbook

by Sharmishtha Roy Chowdhury

As the Second World War draws to a close, George Clark finds himselfbeginning his regimental life with the British Army in the remote outpost ofBajapur. Battle-worn and broken-hearted, he is soon caught in a...

House of Cards

by Sudha Murty

House of Cards is the story of Mridula, a bright young woman with enormous enthusiasm for life who hails from a Karnataka village. A chance meeting with Sanjay, a talented but impoverished doctor, leads to love—and...


by Anupama Chopra

National Award Winner: 'Best Book On Film' Year 2000. Film Journalist Anupama Chopra Tells The Fascinating Story Of How A Four-Line Idea Grew To Become The Greatest Blockbuster Of Indian Cinema. Starting With...

I Shall Not Hear The Nightingale

by Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh's phenomenal success as a writer springs from a most unwriterly virtue: he writes for the reader, not for himself. He has the knack of seeming to speak directly to the reader, shrugging himself...

Laugh With Laxman

by R K Laxman

The author is best known for his common man cartoons, and hascreated cartoons os a world that even the ubiquitous common man is not privy to. It is here that Laxman's sense of parodyand satire find some of their...

Kashmiri Cooking

by P Krishna Dar

Krishna Prasad Dar's collection of over a hundred Kashmiri recipes became a classic in its time. First published a decade ago. this new revised edition is beautifully illustrated by his son, cartoonist Sudhir...

Cool Cache

by Patricia Smiley

A fun and feisty heroine" (Janet Evanovich, author of Lean Mean Thirteen) stars in another smart, suspenseful mystery from the Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Short Change. To help her new chocolate...

Home Remedies

by T V Sairam

A New Companion To Herbal Healing From The Best-Selling Author Of Home Remedies Vol. I Researched Over Three Decades, This Book Gathers Together Medicinal And Cosmetic Recipes, Tracing Roots That Lead Back Through...

Ghaffar Khan

by Rajmohan Gandhi

Born into the Muhammadzai tribe, from the Charsadda valley in the Pakhtun heartland, Abdul Ghaffar Khan was a passionate believer in the nonviolent core of Islam and sought to wean his people the fierce warrior...

The Future of India

by Bimal Jalan

As Recently As A Decade Ago, The Prospect Of India Becoming A Developed Country Any Time Soon Seemed A Distant Possibility. Since Then, However, There Has Been A Sea Change In Our Own And The World&Rsquo;S Perception...

Dark Holds No Terrors

by Shashi Deshpande

Why are you still alive-why didn't you die?' Years on, Sarita still remembers her mother's bitter words uttered when as a little girl she was unable to save her younger brother from drowning. Now, her mother...

Collected Writings

by R K Laxman

R.K. Laxman, India'S Best-Loved Cartoonist, Is Also One Of Our Most Gifted Storytellers. The Same Acerbic Wit And Quizzical Insights That Characterize His Cartoons Are In Ample Evidence In His Writings As Well....