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Telematics and Work

by J.H. Erik Andriesson & Robert A. Roe

The central questions of the book are: How will the present and future development of telematics effect the nature and organization of work, and under which conditions will this development be optimal? From...

Reliability and Safety in Hazardous Work Systems: Approaches to Analysis and Design

by Bernhard Wilpert Technische Universitaet

A selection of papers from scholars in the field of risk management in socio- technical systems with high hazard potential.

Cognitive Models of Speech Processing: The Second Sperlonga Meeting

by Gerry Altmann & Richard Shillcock

A comprehensive review for those interested in the range of theoretical concerns in speech and language processing.

International Perspectives on Psychological Science, II: The State of the Art

by Paul Bertelson, Paul Eelen & Gery d'Ydewalle

The essays appearing in these two volumes are based on Keynote (Vol. 1) and State-of-the-Art (Vol. 2) Lectures delivered at the XXVth International Congress of Psychology, in Brussels, July 1992. The Brussels...

Children's Drawings of the Human Figure

by Maureen V. Cox

In this book, Maureen Cox traces the development of the human form in children's drawings; she reviews the literature in the field, criticises a number of major theories and also presents new data.

Behaviour Analysis in Theory and Practice: Contributions and Controversies

by Derek E. Blackman & Helga Lejeune

This edited book addresses four themes of contemporary importance in the experimental and applied analysis of behaviour: chronobiology (relationships between time and behaviour), the emergence of rational thinking,...

Anxiety: The Cognitive Perspective

by Michael W. Eysenck

The scope of the book extends to the effects of anxiety on performance and to the phenomenon of worry, which is regarded as the cognitive component of anxiety. In both cases, a new theoretical framework is presented....

Racializing Jesus: Race, Ideology and the Formation of Modern Biblical Scholarship

by Shawn Kelley

Shawn Kelley's groundbreaking study shows how the major intellectual movements of the modern world, such as Orientalism and romantic nationalism, become infused with the category of race. He then traces the...

The Real Mother

by Judith Michael

Judith Michael is beloved around the world for powerful stories of love and family. Now this renowned author returns with a richly emotional tale of the many kinds of love and the collision of good and evil...

Roman Building: Materials and Techniques

by Jean-Pierre Adam

A thorough and systematic examination of Roman architecture and building practice, with over 750 illustrations. It places emphasis on the technical aspects of the subject and follows the process of building...

Agency: Its Role in Mental Development

by James Russell

The idea behind this book is that developing a conception of the physical world and a conception of mind is impossible without the exercise of agency, meaning "the power to alter at will one's perceptual inputs"....

Women and Psychiatric Treatment: A Comprehensive Text and Practical Guide

by Claire Henderson, Catherine Smith & Shubulade Smith

Women and Psychiatric Treatment provides a practical guide to the challenge of preserving fairness in access and quality of provision of health care and argues that equity is only achievable through greater...

Key Writers on Art: The Twentieth Century

by Chris Murray

A unique and authoritative guide to modern responses to art. Featuring forty-eight essays, and written by a panel of expert contributors, it introduces readers to the key approaches and analytical tools of contemporary...

Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Abnormality

by Susan Cave

How is psychological abnormality recognised? How many different mental disorders are there, and what are their characteristics? Although there are established guidelines for clinicians working in this area,...

Colloquial Catalan: A Complete Course for Beginners

by Alexander Ibarz & Toni Ibarz

Colloquial Catalan provides a step-by-step course in Catalan as it is written and spoken today. Combining a user-friendly approach with a thorough treatment of the language, it equips learners with the essential...

Heart and Mind: The Varieties of Moral Experience

by Mary Midgley

Midgley addresses herself to the problems of moral philosophy and psychology, examining the way we think of ourselves and how this affects our lives.

Style and Ideology in Translation: Latin American Writing in English

by Jeremy Munday

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this book investigates the style, or 'voice,' of English language translations of twentieth-century Latin American writing, including fiction, political speeches, and...

Muslim Women, Reform and Princely Patronage: Nawab Sultan Jahan Begam of Bhopal

by Siobhan Lambert-Hurley

This is a new and engaging examination of the emergence of a Muslim women's movement in India. The state of Bhopal, a Muslim principality in central India, was ruled by a succession of female rulers throughout...

Colloquial Arabic (Levantine)

by Leslie McLoughlin

Colloquial Arabic (Levantine) offers you a step-by-step approach to the Arabic spoken in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. Levantine Arabic is widely recognized as one of the major languages of Arabic radio...

Eternal Echoes

by John O'Donohue

There is a divine restlessness in the human heart, our eternal echo of longing that lives deep within us and never lets us settle for what we have or where we are.In this exquisitely crafted and inspirational...