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Python Multimedia

by Sathaye Ninad

A practical guide, this book provides step-by-step instructions for developing multimedia applications, showcasing real world examples throughout. This book is for Python developers who want to dip their toes...

The Singing Bowl

by Malcolm Guite 

Malcolm Guite's eagerly awaited second poetry collection offers poems that seek beauty and transfiguration in contemporary life; sonnets inspired by Francis and other outstanding saints; poems centred on love,...

Augustine of Canterbury: Leadership, Mission and Legacy

by Robin Mackintosh

Augustine's mission to Britain in 597 was a pivotal event in English Christianity. Yet little is known about Augustine himself and even less about his leadership. Robin Mackintosh evaluates varied sources to...

JBoss RichFaces 3.3

by Filocamo Demetrio

This is a practical tutorial following the use of RichFaces in a sample application. It includes many examples of the creation and customization of different AJAX components. This book targets Java Developers...

English Language Teachers on the Discursive Faultlines: Identities, Ideologies and Pedagogies

by Julia Menard-Warwick

This book brings the voices of teachers into the fierce debates about language ideologies and cultural pedagogies in English language teaching. Through interviews and classroom observations in Chile and California,...

Risk in Academic Writing: Postgraduate Students, their Teachers and the Making of Knowledge

by Lucia Thesen & Linda Cooper

This book brings together a variety of voices - students and teachers, journal editors and authors, writers from the global north and south - to interrogate the notion of risk as it applies to the production...

Bobbsey Twins 05: The Bobbsey Twins and the Mystery at SnowLodge

by Laura Hope

After an unlikely encounter with Mr. Carford, the twins learn he used to run the now-closed Snow Lodge. They learn from their father that Mr. Carford used to live at the Snow Lodge with his nephew, Dave, until...

Language, Globalization and the Making of a Tanzanian Beauty Queen

by Sabrina Billings

Through micro-analysis of language use, this book chronicles young women's pathways to becoming a Tanzanian beauty queen, offering an original perspective on the intersection of language with globalization,...

Managing Diversity in Education: Languages, Policies, Pedagogies

by David Little & Constant Leung

Diversity - social, cultural, linguistic and ethnic - poses a challenge to all educational systems. Some authorities, schools and teachers look upon it as a problem, an obstacle to the achievement of national...

A Scholar's Guide to Getting Published in English: Critical Choices and Practical Strategies

by Mary Jane Curry & Theresa Lillis

In many locations around the globe, scholars are coming under increasing pressure to publish in English in addition to other languages. However research has shown that proficiency in English is not always the...

Bilingual and Multilingual Education in the 21st Century: Building on Experience

by Christian Abello-Contesse & Paul M. Chandler

Bilingual education is one of the fastest growing disciplines within applied linguistics. This book includes the work of 20 specialists working in various educational contexts across Europe, Latin America and...

Communicative Practices at Work: Multimodality and Learning in a High-Tech Firm

by Jo Anne Kleifgen

This book examines communicative practices in a circuit-board manufacturing plant in California's Silicon Valley, where the employees come from diverse ethnolinguistic backgrounds, their activities involve the...

Language, Migration and Social Inequalities: A Critical Sociolinguistic Perspective on Institutions and Work

by Alexandre Duchêne & Melissa Moyer

Migration and the mobility of citizens around the globe pose important challenges to the linguistic and cultural homogeneity that nation-states rely on for defining their physical boundaries and identity, as...

One-Year Bible Reading Plan

by Rose Publishing

"[God's] Word is word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path" (Psalm 119:105 NIV) - but without a plan, it's easy to lose your way when reading through the Bible. This handy, fold-out pamphlet shows you...

Rose Bible Basics: What Christians Believe at a Glance

by Rose Publishing

What Christians Believe At a Glance - Explains basic Christian beliefs in an easy to understand way What Christians Believe At a Glance examines 16 essential Christian doctrines, including the Trinity, the claims...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Money for Teens

by Susan Shelley

You're no idiot, of course. Money's always on your mind-if you're not working to make more, you're wondering where it all went. Will you have to give up movies and CDs to get your bank account to grow? Play...

Rose Bible Basics: Where to Find It In the Bible

by Rose Publishing

Instantly download this Rose Bible Basic eBook: Where to Find it in the Bible and easily take it with you wherever you go. Plus, you can read, search, enlarge, and print the Rose Bible Basic Book: Where to Find...

52 Key Bible Stories

by Rose Publishing

52 Key Bible Stories is a wonderful introduction for anyone who wants to know the basics of the Christian faith. Each Bible story has a key theme and synopsis, as well as an invitation to learn more in the Bible....

24 Ways to Explain the Gospel

by Rose Publishing

"Why do I need to be saved?" "From what?" These are common questions in today's society. Salvation can be a difficult concept to explain to a postmodern thinker. Fortunately, God's Word provides many ways of...

Come Away My Beloved Daily Devotional (Deluxe)

by Frances J. Roberts

Here’s your invitation to deeper intimacy with the heavenly Father—with Frances J. Roberts’s daily devotional, in a beautiful, leather-like gift package.