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Macbeth in Venice

by William Logan

One of the most technically gifted poets of his generation, William Logan here presents four sequences, each of which is haunted by the battered history of the enchanted city of Venice: two refugees from Nazi...

History of the Jewish People Vol 2

by Riggs

First published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Possession: The Perfect Slave Trilogy - Book Two

by Alcamia Payne

An erotic novel by Alcamia Payne with gay and BDSM themes.

Abigail's Abandon

by Leigh Turner

An erotic novel by Leigh Turner featuring BDSM themes.

Nursing & Health Survival Guide: Mentorship

by Zoe Wilkes, Lesley Joyce & Linda Edmond

Mentoring and practice assessment is an increasingly important aspect of your ongoing professional development, but can be challenging. This pocket-sized guide will provide you with essential tips to ensure...

Sound Practice, Second Edition: Phonological Awareness in the Classroom

by Lyn Layton & Karen Deeny

The second edition of Sound Practice looks afresh at how young children can be helped to discover basic facts about an alphabetic spelling system, within the context of their developing spoken language. It examines...

Nietzsche-Arg Philosophers

by Richard Schacht

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Tarzan of the Apes

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This 1914 novel gave birth to one of the most legendary characters in fiction, an ideal image of pure animalistic power at odds with the civilized world.

Teaching Critical Thinking: Using Seminars for 21st Century Literacy

by Laura Billings & Terry Roberts

Help students meet today's literacy demands with this new book from Terry Roberts and Laura Billings. The authors show how a seminar approach can lead students deeper into a text and improve their speaking,...

Teaching Practices from America's Best Urban Schools: A Guide for School and Classroom Leaders

by Joseph Johnson, Cynthia Uline & Lynne Perez

Discover the teaching practices that make the biggest difference in student performance! This practical, research-based book gives principals, teachers, and school administrators a direct, inside look at instructional...

The Zuma Years: South Africa's Changing Face of Power

by Richard Calland

An insightful and entertaining analysis of the changing face of political power in Jacob Zuma's South Africa. An accessible yet authoritative account of who runs South Africa, and how, today.

Improving Adolescent Literacy: An RTI Implementation Guide

by Pamela Craig & Rebecca Sarlo

Meet your students' literacy needs with this book from Pamela Craig and Rebecca Sarlo. Literacy experts Craig and Sarlo explain how the implementation of a Problem Solving/Response to Intervention framework...

Slocum 226: Slocum and the Real McCoy: Slocum and the Real McCoy

by Jake Logan

A two-bit outlaw is trying to rob Slocum of the gold he's guarding. But Slocum only has time for one thing--taking care of the pretty young Miss McCoy.

Guided Math in Action: Building Each Student's Mathematical Proficiency with Small-Group Instruction

by Nicki Newton

Teachers, coaches, and supervisors will learn how to help elementary school students build mathematical proficiency with standards-based, differentiated, small-group instruction with the strategies in this book....


by Hiroaki Kuromiya

This profile looks at how Stalin, despite being regarded as intellectually inferior by his rivals, managed to rise to power and rule the largest country in the world, achievieving divine-like status as a dictator....

The Analyst

by Brandon Rolfe

Set in Victorian London, The Analyst follows a trail of intrigue in a realistic period setting reflecting a 'modern' scientific society that still drags a dark underside of squalid desolation. It tells of a...

Felicity: Bdsm Call Girl

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Felicity is a nice girl, with a nice job and a nice boyfriend. But she has a dirty secret. And when she can't get what she needs from her nice boyfriend, she realizes she can find what she needs elsewhere. And...

Principal as Student Advocate, The: A Guide for Doing What's Best for All Students

by Scott, M Norton, Larry Kelly & Anna R. Battle

Help all students reach their full potential. Make the right decisions! This unique book offers practical tools and strategies to help you become a strong advocate for every student in your school. With real...

Teaching Matters: How to Keep Your Passion and Thrive in Today's Classroom

by Todd Whitaker & Beth Whitaker

Recharge your batteries and rekindle your excitement about teaching! This new, updated edition of the best-selling book, Teaching Matters: Motivating and Inspiring Yourself, offers practical advice on working...

Passion-Driven Classroom, The: A Framework for Teaching and Learning

by Angela Maiers & Amy Sandvold

Discover ways to cultivate a thriving and passionate community of learners - in your classroom! In this book, educators and consultants Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold show you how to spark and sustain your students'...