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The Green Agenda: A Business Guide

by Alan Calder

Offering a practical, balanced assessment, this pocket guide will enable company directors and executives to appreciate the business benefits of a Green IT strategy.

Managing Information Risk: A Director's Guide

by Stewart Mitchell

This pocket guide addresses the scope of risks involved in a modern IT system, and outlines strategies for working through the process of putting risk management at the heart of your corporate culture. 

How to Survive a Data Breach: A Pocket Guide

by Stewart Mitchell

This handy pocket guide tells you what you need to do to prepare for a data breach. It explains the key measures you need to take to handle the situation and to minimise the damage. The information is drawn...

The Insider Threat: Combatting the Enemy Within

by Clive Blackwell

In this book, Clive Blackwell gets you up to speed on the key security problems that businesses are now facing as a result of the insider threat.

Compliance for Green It: A Pocket Guide

by Alan Calder

Environmental regulations impact IT … Buy this guide and understand how!

Rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are leading to a gradual rise in the temperature of the earth. With the signature of the Kyoto...

The Definitive Guide to the C&a Transformation Process: The First Publication of a Comprehensive View of the C&a Transformation

by Julie Mehan & Waylon Krush

Provides an authoritative guide to authorization for persons with knowledge of information systems and/or information systems security, but not necessarily the same level of expertise with certification and...

A Town Afraid

by Jack Ballas

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

It Governance: Implementing Frameworks and Standards for the Corporate Governance of It

by Alan Calder

Implementing Frameworks and Standards for the Corporate Governance of IT sets out for managers, executives and IT professionals the practical steps necessary to meet today’s corporate and IT governance requirements....

Greening the Data Center: A Pocket Guide

by George Spafford

The pocket guide provides an overview of processes for planning, but mainly focuses on technical improvement opportunities at a high level. Each chapter deals with a specific aspect of data center power...

Threat 2.0: Security and Complaince for Web 2.0 Sites

by IT Governance Research Team

This pocket guide will provide you with an invaluable introduction to the security and compliance issues surrounding Web 2.0 technologies. It includes a programme of best-practice steps you can take to manage...

Risk Assessment for Asset Owners

by Alan Calder

Pocket Guide to ISO27001 risk assessment which assists asset owners.

Guidance for those working within an ISO27001 framework on how to deliver a qualitative risk assessment.

Mobile Security: A Pocket Guide

by Steven Furnell

This pocket guide provides a concise reference to the key security issues affecting those that deploy and use mobile technologies to support their organisations. 

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change: Focusing on the Human Side of Change

by Naomi Karten

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change deals with the issue of change from a refreshingly different perspective. Its premise is that change will proceed more smoothly and effectively if serious consideration...

It Induction and Information Security Awareness

by Valerie Maddock

This book offers you practical advice on how to develop an IT Induction programme for your staff that can help safeguard your business information.

It Outsourcing Contracts: A Legal and Practical Guide

by Jimmy Desai

This book identifies some of the benefits and the pitfalls that an organisation can encounter when outsourcing its IT.By providing a short, legal and practical guide to IT outsourcing, the reader should be...

Iso27001 Assessments Without Tears

by Steve Watkins

Offering helpful advice and reassurance about what an assessment involves, this guide is the perfect tool to train everybody in your organisation to play their part in your ISO27001 assessment.

Information Security Breaches: Avoidance and Treatment Based on Iso27001

by Michael Krausz

This pocket guide provides a general discussion of what information security breaches are, how they can be treated, and what ISO27001 offers in that respect, illustrated with details of real-life information...

How to Use Web 2.0 and Social Networking Sites Securely: A Pocket Guide

by IT Governance Research Team

This pocket guide tells you the steps your organisation should take to ensure that your employees are using Web 2.0 sites in a secure manner, and that your confidential corporate data is protected.

The Effective Manager: Management Skills for High Performance

by Sarah Cook

The Effective Manageris intended to provide IT managers with practical advice and tips on how to become an effective manager. 

This book will help you develop your management skills. It is designed to assist...

The Data Governance Imperative

by Steve Sarsfield

Data governance is the term given to changing the hearts and minds of your company to see the value of such information quality.

The Data Governance Imperative is a business person’s view of data governance. ...