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Instinct and Revelation: Reflections on the Origins of Numinous Perception

by Alondra Oubre

Instinct and Revelation revolves around the hypothesis that ritual behavior and imaginative awareness in early hominids may have helped to spawn the evolution of the human brain and human consciousness. Using...

Foucault And Political Reason: Liberalism, Neo-Liberalism And The Rationalities Of Government

by Univer Andrew Barry Goldsmith's College

Foucault is often thought to have a great deal to say about the history of madness and sexuality, but little in terms of a general analysis of government and the state.; This volume draws on Foucault's own research...

Planning and Control of Manufacturing Operations

by John Kenworthy

Effective planning and control of manufacturing operations allows businesses to achieve maximum profitability by reducing uncertainty at all stages of the manufacturing process.

In this book, John Kenworthy...

The Precautionary Principle in the 20th Century: Late Lessons from Early Warnings

by Paul Harremoes, David Gee & Malcom MacGarvin

The precautionary principle is widely seen as fundamental to successful policies for sustainability. It has been cited in international courts and trade disputes between the USA and the EU, and invoked in a...

The Good Alternative Travel Guide: Exciting Holidays for Responsible Travellers

by Mark Mann & Zainem Ibrahim

* Stay with indigenous tribes in the Amazon * Dog-sled with the Inuit in the Arctic * Walk the Songlines of central Australia with Aboriginal guides * Learn African drumming in Ghana or how to dance salsa in...

Diseases of Globalization: Socioeconomic Transition and Health

by Christine McMurray & Roy Smith

The emergence of a global economy has led to the erosion of local autonomy and national sovereignty with an associated emphasis on the spread of liberal, free-market economics. A clear divide is appearing between...

Environmental Valuation: A Worldwide Compendium of Case Studies

by Jennifer Rietbergen-McCracken & Hussein Abaza

This companion volume to Economic Instruments for Environmental Management presents essential information on the applications of economic valuation to environment and development. It draws on a three-year collaborative...

The Portable Henry James

by Henry James & John Auchard

Henry James wrote with an imperial elegance of style, whether his subjects were American innocents or European sophisticates, incandescent women or their vigorous suitors. His omniscient eye took in the surfaces...

International Trade and Climate Change Policies

by Duncan Brack

Focusing on the likely impacts on trade of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, this book examines the actual and potential conflicts between whether liberalization of trade...

Localization: A Global Manifesto

by Colin Hines

Localization is a manifesto to unite all those who recognize the importance of cultural, social and ecological diversity for our future - and who do not aspire to a monolithic global consumer culture. It is...

The Choice for Europe: Social Purpose and State Power from Messina to Maastricht

by Andrew Moravcsik

The creation of the European Union arguably ranks among the most extraordinary achievements in modern world politics. Observers disagree, however, about the reasons why European governments have chosen to co-...

Design Expertise

by Bryan Lawson & Kees Dorst

Design Expertise explores what it takes to become an expert designer.It examines the perception of expertise in design and asks what knowledge, skills, attributes and experiences are necessary in order to design...

Local and Global: The Management of Cities in the Information Age

by Jordi Borja & Manuel Castells

This text challenges the belief that cities will eventually disappear as territorial forms of social organization as new information technologies permit the articulation of social processes without regard for...

Factor Four: Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use - A Report to the Club of Rome

by Ernst U.von Weizsacker

Since the industrial revolution, progress has meant an increase in labour productivity. Factor Four describes a new form of progress, resource productivity, a form which meets the overriding imperative for the...

The Practice of Strategic Environmental Assessment

by Riki Therivel & Maria Rosario Paridario

The practical application of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is becoming increasingly common. A growing number of SEAs are being undertaken around the world, and several countries have issued guidance...

A-Z of Corporate Environmental Management

by Kit Sadgrove

Is aluminium bad for you? What is an Environment Management System? Is there an effective substitute for Chlorine Bleach? The A - Z of Corporate Environmental Management provides answers to these and many other...

Varieties of Environmentalism: Essays North and South

by Ramachandra Guha & Joan Martínez Alier

Until very recently, studies of the environmental movement have been heavily biased towards the North Atlantic worlds. There was a common assumption amongst historians and sociologists that concerns over such...

Striking a Balance: A Guide to Enhancing the Effectiveness of Non-Governmental Organisations in International Development

by Alan Fowler

At a time of rapid global change, development NGOs are having to scale up their impact, diversify their activities, respond to long-term crises and improve their performance on all fronts. Striking a Balance...

Children's Participation: The Theory and Practice of Involving Young Citizens in Community Development and Environmental Care

by Roger A. Hart

People's relationship to nature is the greatest issue facing the world at the turn of the millennium, and all over the world young people have shown enormous enthusiasm for environmental action. Many countries...

Valuing Climate Change: The Economics of the Greenhouse

by Samuel Fankhauser

Within only a few years, global warming has emerged from scientific speculation into an environmental threat of worldwide concern. Yet the scientific community remains uncertain as to the long-term trends and...