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Crime and Crime Reduction: The Importance of Group Processes: The importance of group processes

by Jane L. Wood & Theresa A. Gannon

Crime and Crime Reduction seeks to deepen our understanding of the group processes involved in criminal activity, and also in the treatment of offenders' behaviour.

The Rise of Development Donors in Asia: Japan's Impact on the Evolution of Emerging Donors

by Jin Sato & Yasutami Shimomura

Why do poor countries give aid to others? This book critically examines how aspirations for providing aid have coexisted with experiences of receiving aid and have transformed the practice of giving aid,...

Making Sense, Making Worlds: Constructivism in Social Theory and International Relations

by Nicholas Onuf

Nicholas Onuf is a leading scholar in international relations and introduced constructivism to international relations, coining the term constructivism in his book World of Our Making (1989). He was featured...

National Myths: Constructed Pasts, Contested Presents

by Gérard Bouchard

National myths are now seriously questioned in a number of societies. In the West, for instance, a number of factors have combined to destabilise the symbolic foundation of nations and collective identities....

The Applied Law and Economics of Public Procurement

by Gustavo Piga & Steen Treumer

This book explores Public Procurement novelties and challenges in an interdisciplinary way. The process whereby the public sector awards contracts to companies for the supply of works, goods or services is a...

Mothers in the Fatherland: Women, the Family and Nazi Politics

by Claudia Koonz

From extensive research, including a remarkable interview with the unrepentant chief of Hitler's Women's Bureau, this book traces the roles played by women - as followers, victims and resisters - in the rise...

The Life and Death of Secondary Education for All

by Richard Pring

Is there life after death for secondary education?

This book focuses upon the quality of learning. 'Reform', so called, too often begins with qualifications, examinations, institutional provision, paths of progression....

The Reception and Rendition of Freud in China: China S Freudian Slip

by Tao Jiang & Philip J. Ivanhoe

Although Freud makes only occasional, brief references to China and Chinese culture in his works, for almost a hundred years many leading Chinese intellectuals have studied and appropriated various Freudian...

An Introduction to Religion and Politics: Theory and Practice

by Jonathan Fox

An Introduction to Religion and Politics offers a comprehensive overview of the many theories of religion and politics, and provides students with an accessible but in-depth account of the most significant debates,...

The Urban Design Reader

by Michael Larice & Elizabeth Macdonald

The second edition of The Urban Design Reader draws together the very best of classic and contemporary writings to illuminate and expand the theory and practice of urban design. Nearly 50 generous selections...

Responding to Family Violence: A Comprehensive, Research-Based Guide for Therapists

by Christine E. Murray & Kelly N. Graves

The comprehensive theory- and research-based guidelines provided in this text help answer the personal and professional questions therapists have as they provide competent clinical treatment to clients who have...

Innovation in Pricing: Contemporary Theories and Best Practices

by Andreas Hinterhuber & Stephan Liozu

Innovation in the area of pricing has received scant attention even though pricing has a substantial and immediate impact on profitability. This book examines how innovation in pricing can be used to drive...

Christianity in Contemporary China: Socio-Cultural Perspectives

by Francis Khek Gee Lim

Christianity is one of the fastest growing religions in China. Despite its long history in China and its significant indigenization or intertwinement with Chinese society and culture, Christianity continues...

Preventing Mental Ill-Health: Informing Public Health Planning and Mental Health Practice

by Jennifer Newton

This book discusses reducing the incidence of mental ill health and draws on research on the development and persistence of behavioural problems in childhood, adult depression and schizophrenia.

Christianity and Critical Realism: Ambiguity, Truth and Theological Literacy

by Andrew Wright

One of the key achievements of critical realism has been to expose the modernist myth of universal reason, which holds that authentic knowledge claims must be objectively 'pure', uncontaminated by the subjectivity...

The Epic Trickster in American Literatue

by Gregory E. Rutledge

Just as Africa and the West have traditionally fit into binaries of Darkness/Enlightenment, Savage/Modern, Ugly/Beautiful, and Ritual/Art, among others, much of Western cultural production rests upon the archetypal...

Landscape and the Ideology of Nature in Exurbia: Green Sprawl

by Kirsten Valentine Cadieux & Laura Taylor

This book explores the role of the ideology of nature in producing urban and exurban sprawl. It examines the ironies of residential development on the metropolitan fringe, where the search for "nature" brings...

de-Bordering Korea: Tangible and Intangible Legacies of the Sunshine Policy

by Valérie Gelézeau, De Koen Ceuster & Alain Delissen

As tensions remain on the Korean peninsula, this book looks back on the decade of improved inter-Korean relations and engagement between 1998 and 2008, now known as the 'Sunshine Policy' era. Moving beyond traditional...

Sports Development: Policy, Process and Practice, third edition

by Kevin Hylton

Now in a fully revised and updated third edition, Sport Development: Policy, Process and Practice is still the most detailed, authoritative and comprehensive guide to all aspects of contemporary sport development....

Hindi Cinema: Repeating the Subject

by Nandini Bhattacharya

Hindi Cinema is full of instances of repetition of themes, narratives, plots and characters. By looking at 60 years of Hindi cinema, this book focuses on the phenomenon as a crucial thematic and formal code...