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Problems of Reflexivity and Dialectics in Sociological Inquiry: Language Theorizing Difference

by Barry Sandywell, David Silverman & Maurice Roche

This is a work of social theory and philosophy which seeks to make the constitution of social theory a 'social' activity. It is essentially a collaborative text, by five authors, committed to a re-awakening...

The Rational and the Social: How to Understand Science in a Social World

by James Robert Brown

To paraphrase Marx, sociologists have only interpreted science; the point is to improve it. The Rational and the Social attempts both. It begins by sketching recent sociological approaches to science, notably...

Rationality and the Social Sciences: Contributions to the Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences

by S.I. Benn & G.W. Mortimore

The concepts of rationality that are used by social scientists in the formation of hypotheses, models and explanations are explored in this collection of original papers by a number of distinguished philosophers...

Sociology and Social Research

by Geoff Payne, Robert Dingwall & Judy Payne

A social science which has become so remote from the society which pays for its upkeep is ultimately doomed, threatened less by repression than by intellectual contempt and financial neglect. This is the message...

Sociology and the Demystification of the Modern World

by John Rex

Professor Rex's controversial book concerns not only those who are professional sociologists but all thinking people who live in the modern world. One of the objects of sociology is to give 'power to the people',...

Sovereign Individuals of Capitalism

by Bryan S. Turner, Nicholas Abercrombie & Stephen Hill

In this sequel to their acclaimed The Dominant Ideology Thesis, the authors develop their analysis of the social and cultural underpinnings of modern capitalism. They confront a central assumption of western...

Positivism and Sociology: Explaining Social Life

by Peter Halfpenny

Any serious attempt to explain social life has to come to terms with sociology's positivist legacy. It is a heritage on the one hand from the seventeenth-century political arithmeticians and the later moral...

Structure, Interaction and Social Theory

by Derek Layder

A central problem in contemporary social theory is that of providing an account of social interaction that does justice both to the self-monitoring capacities of the individuals involved and to the society that...

Studies in Social and Political Theory

by Anthony Giddens

The studies which comprise this book are essentially organized around a critical encounter with European social theory in its 'classical period' - i.e. from the middle years of the nineteenth century until the...

The Study of Society: Methods and Problems: Methods and Problems

by F.C. Bartlett

There is today widespread recognition of the fact that the future of human civilization depends to a high degree upon Man's capacity to understand the forces and factors which control his own behaviour. Such...

Structuralist Analysis in Contemporary Social Thought: A Comparison of the Theories of Claude Lévi-Strauss and Louis Althusser

by Miriam Glucksmann

The primary concern of this book is to investigate whether or not structuralism constitutes a distinctive framework in the social sciences. The author focuses on two major structuralist thinkers, Louis Althusser...

Talcott Parsons and the Social Image of Man

by Ken Menzies

This account of Talcott Parsons's work clarifies his basic concepts and sets out their correlation. Dr Menzies believes that the philosophy of science working within the confines of the analytic-synthetic distinction...

Theories of Industrial Society

by Richard Badham

The concept of industrial society plays a dominant role in the social sciences. The 'Great Divide' between pre-industrial and industrial societies is commonly assumed to be the main bridge separating modern...

Rethinking Chinese Imperial Decline: Borderland Revolt and Activist Administration in the Early Nineteenth Century: Imperial Activism and Borderland M

by Daniel Mcmahon

The many instances of regional insurgency and unrest that erupted on China's borderlands at the turn of the nineteenth century are often regarded by scholars as evidence of government disability and the incipient...

Balancing Privacy and Free Speech: Unwanted Attention in the Age of Social Media

by Mark Tunick

In an age of smartphones, Facebook and YouTube, privacy may seem to be a norm of the past. This book addresses ethical and legal questions that arise when media technologies are used to give individuals unwanted...

alcott Parsons and the Conceptual Dilemma

by Hans P.M. Adriaansens

This systematic analysis of the nature and development of Talcott Parson's theory of action offers first an introduction to the conceptual paradigm upon which this theory is based - an introduction, that is,...

Shakespeare at Work, 1592-1603

by G.B. Harrison

Shakespeare against the background of his times, his world of the theatre and his dramatic development through the last years of Elizabeth's reign. Originally published in 1933 and republished in 1958, this...

Growing up Female in Multi-Ethnic Malaysia

by Cynthia Joseph

This book provides a rich, detailed analysis of the experiences of young women growing up in post-colonial, rapidly modernizing Malaysia. It considers the impact of ethnicity, socio-economic status, and school...

Terrors of Uncertainty: The Cultural Contexts of Horror Fiction: The Cultural Contexts of Horror Fiction

by Joseph Grixti

From Frankenstein and Dracula to Psycho and The Chainsaw Massacre, horror fiction has provided our culture with some of its most enduring themes and narratives. Considering horror fiction both as a genre and...

The Poetics and Politics of Diaspora: Transatlantic Musings

by Jerome C. Branche

This book studies the creative discourse of the modern African diaspora by analyzing poems, novels, essays, hip-hop and dub poetry in the Caribbean, England, Spain, and Colombia, and capturing diasporan movement...