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The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids

by Adrian Gilbert & Robert Bauval

A revolutionary book that explains the most enigmatic and fascinating wonder of the ancient world: the Pyramids of Egypt. "[An] absorbing and fascinating work of archaeological detection...clearly and rivetingly...

Music in Science Fiction Television: Tuned to the Future

by K.J. Donnelly & Philip Hayward

This collection of essays analyzes the style and context of music and sound design in Science Fiction television. It provides a wide range of in-depth analyses of seminal live-action series such as Doctor Who,...

The Routledge Concise History of Twentieth-Century British Literature

by Ashley Dawson

In The Routledge Concise History of Twentieth-Century British Literature Ashley Dawson identifies the key British writers and texts, shaped by era-defining cultural and historical events and movements from the...

Lee Kuan Yew's Strategic Thought

by Ang Cheng Guan

Lee Kuan Yew, as the founding father of independent Singapore, has had an enormous impact on the development of Singapore and of Southeast Asia more generally. Even in his 80s he is a key figure who continues...

Cybercrime: Security and Surveillance in the Information Age

by Brian D. Loader & Douglas Thomas

Cybercrime explains the basic issues surrounding cybercrime and its impact on society. It looks at: legislation, electronic criminal behaviour, privacy and liberty and the dangers of surveillance.

A Popular Dictionary of Judaism

by Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok & Dan Cohn-Sherbok

This concise dictionary of Judaism contains over a thousand entries describing all the key aspects of religion, culture and history in the Jewish faith. Entries range from Aaron to Zugot via Abolition, Cherub,...

Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior: The Pharmacology of Abuse and Dependence, Second Edition

by John Brick & Carlton K. Erickson

Explore the brain and discover the clinical and pharmacological issues surrounding drug abuse and dependence. The authors, research scientists with years of experience in alcohol and drug studies, provide definitions,...

American Democracy Promotion in the Changing Middle East: From Bush to Obama

by Shahram Akbarzadeh, James Piscatori & Benjamin MacQueen

The recent "Arab spring", with its popular uprisings in many Arab countries, has exposed the ambiguity at the heart of American promotion of democracy in the Middle East. The US invasions of Afghanistan and...

Architecture and Nationalism in Sri Lanka: The Trouser Under the Cloth

by Anoma Pieris

The role of the home, the domestic sphere and the intimate, ethno-cultural identities that are cultivated within it, are critical to understanding the polemical constructions of country and city; tradition and...

Teaching History Creatively

by Hilary Cooper

Fresh and innovative, Teaching History Creatively will foster creativity in both learners and practitioners alike. By introducing teachers to a wealth of available approaches to historical enquiry, this book...

Landscapes of Neolithic Ireland

by Gabriel Cooney

Landscapes of Neolithic is the first volume to be devoted solely to the Irish Neolithic, using an innovative landscape and anthropological perspective to provide significant new insights on the period.

Translation Changes Everything: Theory and Practice

by Lawrence Venuti

Lawrence Venuti is one of the most important theorists in translation studies and his work has helped shape the development of this vibrant field. Translation Changes Everything brings together thirteen of his...

Feedback in Higher and Professional Education: Understanding It and Doing It Well

by David Boud & Elizabeth Molloy

Learners complain that they do not get enough feedback, and educators resent that although they put considerable time into generating feedback, students take little notice of it. Both parties agree that it is...

Educators, Professionalism and Politics: Global Transitions, National Spaces, and Professional Projects

by Terri Seddon & John Levin

Educators, professionalism and politics offers ways of understanding how and with what consequences national systems of education and the work of education professionals are being reregulated in the context...

Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes: Bloomsbury, Modernism, and China

by Patricia Laurence

A map of the mutual influence of Bloomsbury, the Crescent Moon Society, and modernism in English and Chinese culture

Visual Attention and Consciousness

by Jay Friedenberg

This book is an ambitious, interdisciplinary survey of the empirical literature on many different aspects of visual attention and consciousness. It may be used as a primary or ancillary text for graduate courses...

Jean-Baptiste Say: Revolutionary, Entrepreneur, Economist

by Evert Schoorl

This volume is the first full-length biography of Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832), the most famous French classical economist. During his lifetime Say actively took part in three revolutions: the French Revolution,...

Islamic Mysticism and Abu Talib Al-Makki: The Role of the Heart

by Saeko Yazaki

Both in everyday language and religious metaphor, the heart often embodies the true self and is considered to be the seat of emotion in many cultures. Many Muslim thinkers have attempted to clarify the nature...

Us Foreign Policy and the Rogue State Doctrinw

by Alex Miles

Concerns over Iran's nuclear programme, North Korea's nuclear brinkmanship and, in the past, Iraq's apparent pursuit of WMD have captured the world's attention, and dominated the agenda of the American foreign...

Teachers Under Pressure: Stress in the Teaching Profession

by Cary Cooper & Cheryl Travers

Most teachers now find that they experience stress at some point during their careers. The findings of this report, commissioned by the NASUWT, examine the problem of teacher stress and offers some hope and...