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Avenging Angels

by Roxanne Carr

Tour guide, Karen, is unprepared for the culture she encounters in the Tierra del Sol holiday resort. There is sun and sex aplenty but she quickly discovers that women are treated with very little respect by...

Silent Seduction

by Tanya Bishop

Sophie is expected to marry her long-term boyfriend and be the ideal wife and mother. Instead, she takes a job away from home as a nanny and riding instructor for the wealthy but dysfunctional McKinnerny family....

In The Dark

by Zoe Le Verdier

This second collection of erotic short stories by Zoe Le Verdier explores the most explicit female desires, from anonymous sex to exhibitionism, phone sex and rubber fetishism.

Pirates, Plants And Plunder!

by Stewart Ross & David Roberts

Twelve fascinating tales about the adventurers who travelled all over the globe, finding new plants and the amazing things they produce. Join Joseph Banks as he gets stranded on the Australian Great Barrier...

Dreamers In Time

by Sarah Copeland

Four thousand years from now, the last remnants of humanity battle for survival beneath a hostile sun. Two thousand people remain suspended in endless slumber while others toil for the means to wake them.


Darline Dominant

by Tania d'Alanis

When Darline Pomeroy engages the submisive young Patrick to be her boy-maid, he is made to serve her in many humiliating ways. He must wear women's clothes, paint Darline's nails and perform the most demeaning...

The Training Of Fallen Angels

by Kendal Grahame

Lisa and Janet are two beautiful teenagers who are driven by their insatiable libidos to discover new and more exciting ways to satisfy their depraved desires. They become servants of the enigmatic Mr Gee, who...

Police Ladies

by Yolanda Celbridge

Deep in the Scottish Highlands a curious training academy teaches young women how to pound a beat. Young miscreant Jean Welsh hopes to quell her submissive, promiscuous sexuality by donning their strict uniform....

Slave Sentence

by Lisette Ashton

Chained in his own dungeon, former master McGivern is at the mercy of punishments far crueller than any he ever devised. The torture he receives is perverse, degrading and always sexually humiliating. Determined...

Bound To Serve

by Amanda Ware

Caroline West is facing up to the absence of her master, Liam, as he battles to save himself from bankruptcy. When the cruel and manipulative Clive offers her a means of helping him, on the condition that she...

The Naked Leader Experience

by David Taylor

Imagine if you simply could not fail. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you be?

There are no answers, only choices. Right here and now, as you hold this book in your hands, you have literally millions...

The Bank

by Matt Marshall

The European Cenrtral Bank starts operations on January 1st 1999. As the independant bank which issues euro banknotes and controls European monetary policy, it is one of the key financial institutions of the...

Forza Italia

by Paddy Agnew

When journalist Paddy Agnew and his girlfriend Dympna touched down in Rome in 1985 in search of adventure, sunshine and the soul of Italian football (well, Paddy was looking for that), they were travelling into...

The Frankenstein Teacher

by Tony Bradman & Peter Kavanagh

The floor shook. The tables and chairs shook. The children shook. Suddenly, the door creaked open... and a huge figure loomed over them. It was... The Frankenstein Teacher!

Class 3F get a very unusual new teacher....

The Philosopher At The End Of The Universe

by Mark Rowlands

'It's Schopenhauer and the will. It's Plato, it's Hume, Baudrillard and the concept of the Nietzschean superman!' Keanu Reeves on The Matrix

The Philosopher at the End of the Universe allows anyone to understand...

Boundless Love

by Miranda MacPherson

Writing from her personal experience, Miranda Holden shows that nurturing an authentic soul life brings a level of power, wisdom, strength and vision beyond what is commonly available, and that it can transform...

How To Survive From Nine To Five

by Jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper's witty thumbnail sketch of office life - part valentine, part poison pen letter - offers a vivid evocation of the world in which many of us spend a large part of our lives. There will be few office...

Sweeter Than Wine

by Susan Sallis

The quarrel had begun many years before - in 1850 on a West Indian sugar plantation - but although Charles Martinez and Hanover Rudolph had been dead a long time, the resentment and grudges of that old enmity...

The Cuckoo's Parting Cry

by Anthea Halliwell

For Fidgie, living in pre-war Wales, the long school holiday stretched blissfully ahead. With her new friend Chaz as companion for idyllic summer days by the sea, she was able frequently to escape her edgy mother...

The Age Heresy

by Buzan , Tony And Keene , Raymond

It is widely assumed that as we grow older there is a gradual decline in the way we use our brains. This book draws on acclaimed and proven scientific evidence to put forward a sensational brand-new theory which...