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Fighting the Slave Hunters in Central Africa: A Record of Twenty-Six Years of Travel and Adventure Round the Great Lakes

by Alfred J. Swann

This volume deals mainly with Swann's life on and around Lake Tanganyika, a life that brought him knowledge of many African peoples living on the lake's shores. First published in 1910.

Afghanistan: The Soviet Union's Last War

by Mark Galeotti

This volume illustrates the way the war in Afghanistan fed into a wide range of other processes, from the rise of grassroots political activism to the retreat from globalism in foreign policy.

Garenganze or Seven Years Pioneer Mission Work in Central Africa

by Frederick Stanley Arnot

Frederich Stanley Arnot was among the first of the Plymouth Brethren to take the gospel to Africa in the late 19th-century missionary expansion across the Kalahari desert, opening Protestant missions in Barotseland,...

A History of the Levant Company

by Alfred C. Wood

First published in 1935, A History of the Levant Company is a valuable contribution to the field of Economics.

An Early Experiment in Industrial Organization: History of the Firm of Boulton and Watt 1775-1805

by Eric Roll

First published in 1930, An Early Experiment in Industrial Organization is a valuable contribution to the field of Economics.

Gold (Routledge Revivals): A World Survey

by Rae Weston

First published in 1983, this book provides a comprehensive view of gold and gold trading in its many facets, and identifies those sources of information that are important for an understanding of the world's...

Journey Through East And South

by Kirkland

Originally published in 1908, Two American Women Journey Through East and South Africa desribes a trip made by two American women to Uganda and the Transvaal in the hopes of inspiring other Americans to do the...

Kant's Treatment of Causality (Routledge Revivals)

by Alfred C Ewing

First published in 1924, this book examines one of the main philosophical debates of the period. Focusing on Kant's proof of causality, A.C. Ewing promotes its validity not only for the physical but also for...

Grounding Morality: Freedom, Knowledge and the Plurality of Cultures

by Jyotirmaya Sharma & A. Raghuramaraju

Put together to honour one of the most influential philosophers in recent times, Mrinal Miri, this book brings together articles on philosophy, politics, literature and society, and updates the status of enquiry...

Angels in Pink: Holly's Story

by Lurlene Mcdaniel

Pink Angels and best friends Holly, Raina, and Kathleen have been through a lot over the past year. The summer before their senior year promises to be busy but fun, as Holly and Raina return to their full-time...

Economic and Environmental Sustainability of the Asian Region

by Sucha Singh Gill, Lakhwinder Singh & Reena Marwah

Asian economic development and environmental consequences are not only crucial for the wellbeing of the people, but are of great relevance for the global economy. The ongoing intense debate on carbon emission...

Malaria in the Social Context: A Study in Western India

by Lancy Lobo

This book underscores how, apart from bacteriological factors, human behavioural characteristics as well as the socio-cultural factors that affect people's lives contribute to the risk for and prevention of...

World Yearbook of Education 1995: Youth, Education and Work

by Leslie Bash & Andrew Green

This annual summary of educational policies and practices worldwide includes discussion of multi-skills and flexibility, school-work links, qualifications, and education for skills versus education for status....

The Structure of Indian Society: Then and Now

by A. M. Shah

This book has a collection of ten articles written during 1982-2007 and an exhaustive introduction on the structural features of Indian society, that is, the enduring social groups, institutions and processes,...

The Gender Imperative: Human Security Vs State Security

by Asha Hans & Betty A. Reardon

The book asserts that human security derives from the experience and expectation of human well-being which depends on four essential conditions: a life sustaining environment, the meeting of essential physical...

Doing Gender, Doing Geography: Emerging Research in India

by Saraswati Raju & Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt

Until the 1970s gender had been invisible in analyses of social space and place in the androcentric discipline of geography. While recent contributions to feminist geography have challenged this, in India the...

The World Yearbook of Education 1996: The Evaluation of Higher Education Systems

by Robert Cowen

This annual summary of educational policies and practices worldwide includes discussion of multi-skills and flexibility, school-work links, qualifications, and education for skills versus education for status....

Landscape Detailing Volume 3:

by Michael Littlewood

Michael Littlewood's Landscape Detailing is now well established as a valuable source of reference for architects, landscape architects, other professionals and students designing external works. For this third...

Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds Max: Create natural fire, earth, air and water without plug-ins

by Pete Draper

3ds Max is the leading 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution for artists, schools, and production environments. The unique tutorial approach of this book permits readers to learn essential techniques...

Digital Art Masters: Volume 2


50+ artists and 900 stunning color images show the best in today's digital art