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Building Cultural Nationalism in Malaysia: Identity, Representation and Citizenship

by Timothy P. Daniels

This text contains an examination of processes of cultural citizenship in peninsular Malaysia. In particular, it focuses upon the diverse residents of the southwestern state of Melaka and their negotiations...

The Declining World Order: America's Imperial Geopolitics

by Richard Falk

This work delineates the impact of terrorism--and the American response--on the basic structure of international relations, the dimming prospects for global reform and the tendency to override the role of sovereign...

Volition, Rhetoric, and Emotion in the Work of Pascal

by Thomas Parker

This study identifies and analyzes a compelling theory and practice of persuasion that integrates the complexity of human desire. It demonstrates how the philosophical component in Pascal's description of the...

Treating Depression with Hypnosis: Integrating Cognitive-Behavioral and Strategic Approaches

by Michael D. Yapko

Depression is a debilitating human condition and a common cause of suffering worldwide. This elicits a sense of urgency for mental health professionals to meet this challenge of the treatment of depression....

On Becoming a Group Member: Personal Growth and Effectiveness in Group Counseling

by Muhyiddin Shakoor

This book provides an introduction to the general landscape of group counseling by way of the idea that learning to be an effective group member is essential to becoming a group leader. Interactive scenarios...

The Quest to Feel Good

by Paul R. Rasmussen

Emotions, rather than simply being the result of random or disordered biochemical processes, are adaptive mechanisms that are often overly relied upon as a function of basic learning processes. The Quest to...

New Religious Movements in the 21st Century: Legal, Political, and Social Challenges in Global Perspective

by Phillip Charles Lucas & Thomas Robbins

New Religious Movements in the 21st Century is the first volume to examine the urgent and important issues facing new religions in their political, legal and religious contexts in global perspective. With essays...

Raymond Carver's Chronotope: Contextualizing Raymond Carver

by G.P. Lainsbury

Raymond Carver's fiction is widely known for its careful documentation of lower-middle-class North America in the 1970s and 80s. Building upon the realist understanding of Carver's work, Raymond Carver's Chronotope...

Social Communication in Advertising: Consumption in the Mediated Marketplace

by William Leiss

Now available in a significantly updated third edition to address new issues such as the Internet and globalization, Social Communication in Advertising remains the most comprehensive historical study of advertising...

How to Think Like a Behavior Analyst: Understanding the Science That Can Change Your Life

by Jon Bailey & Mary Burch

How to Think Like a Behavior Analyst is a revolutionary resource for understanding complex human behavior and making potentially significant quality of life improvements. Behavior analysts offer a worldview...

A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss-- Guidance and Support for You and Your Family

by Ingrid Kohn, Perry-Lynn Moffitt & Isabelle A. Wilkins

A Silent Sorrow has long been considered the "bible" for families seeking emotional and practical support after a pregnancy loss. Well organized, easily accessible, and filled with practical suggestions for...

Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence

by Nicky Ali Jackson

The Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence is a modern reference from the leading international scholars in domestic violence research. This ground-breaking project has created the first ever publication of an encyclopedia...

The Metropolis Case: A Novel

by Matthew Gallaway

From the smoky music halls of 1860s Paris to the tumbling skyscrapers of twenty-first-century New York, a sweeping tale of passion, music, and the human heart’s yearning for connection


Martin is a forty-year-old...

The Human Factor: Revolutionizing the Way People Live with Technology

by Kim J. Vicente

In this incessantly readable, groundbreaking work, Vincente makes vividly clear how we can bridge the widening gap between people and technology. He investigates every level of human activity - from simple...

Network Centric Warfare: Coalition Operations in the Age of Us Military Primacy

by Paul T. Mitchell

Since its emergence in 1998, the concept of Network Centric Warfare (NCW) has become a central driver behind America's military 'transformation' and seems to offer the possibility of true integration between...

Mortals and Others, Volume I: American Essays 1931-1935

by Bertrand Russell

This collection of essays and journalism cover a wide range of topics, from balancing prosperity and public expenditure or the mental differences between boys and girls to 'who may use lipstick'. Mortal and...

Andorra: Max Frisch

by Peter Hutchinson

This new edition of the German classic Andorra has been revised to meet the needs of today's student. Peter Huchinson's superb editorial material provides invaluble support in guiding the student through the...


by James S. Duncan & David Ley

Spatial and cultural analysis have recently found much common ground, focusing in particular on the nature of the city. Place/Culture/Representation brings together new and established voices involved in the...

The Canterbury Tales

by Derek Pearsall

This classic and eminently readable work provides a full critical introduction to the complete Canterbury Tales. Essential reading for students of Chaucer.

Imperium Romanum: Politics and Administration

by Andrew Lintott

The Roman Empire at its height encompassed the majority of the world known to the Romans. This important synthesis of recent findings and scholarship demonstrates how the Romans acquired, kept and controlled...