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The Twelfth Demon, Mark of the Wolf Dragon

by Bruce Hennigan

Book two in this engaging series brings back Jonathan Steel to explore the legend and lore of vampires and the power of cults to control the lives of people.

Christmas at Holly Hill

by Martha Rogers

A Winds Accross the Prairie Holiday Novel. After serving time in prison for his part in a train robbery, Clayton Barlow is determined to make a new start. Can he prove he has changed his ways and find love?...

A Thousand Sleepless Nights

by Michael King

Set in the beautiful horse country of northern Virginia, A Thousand Sleepless Nights is about a family torn apart by neglect and hurt and brought together again by a most-unlikely force.

Read My Heart

by Jane Dunn

When Sir William Temple (1628–99) and Dorothy Osborne (1627–95) began their passionate love affair, civil war was raging in Britain, and their families—parliamentarians and royalists, respectively—did...

Anointed By the Spirit: A Study of Jesus and His Followers

by John Howe

We are to proclaim the gospel, make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey everything Jesus taught his first followers. That surely includes ministry in the power of the Spirit.

From Death to Life

by Susan Wynn

“My chains of sickness fell off. Oh, glory! I rise and go forth to follow Jesus. How could I do anything else?”

Do This and Live Healthy: 10 Simple Keys that Cure

by Don VerHulst

 Real Health for Real People A happy, healthy life is easier than you think   Good health is vitally important if we hope to enjoy the abundant life God promises. No matter what frustrations you have faced...

Why Me?

by Beverly D. Thomas

God has a plan for you, and it is good!

Hidden Scars

by Susan Rodgers

“What the enemy sent to destroy me, God has taken and used to set captives free.”

Don't Grow Weary: Seven Master Keys That Will Release You Into God's Design

by Larry Linkous

“Speak life. Pray words of hope. Declare good things over yourself. Your harvest is on the way!”

When The Many Are One: How to Lay Aside our Differences and Come Together as the House of God

by Francis Frangipane

* A clarion call to unity! As schisms splinter today's church, Frangipane shows how all Christians---traditional, evangelical, Penetcostal, and charismatic---can join together to bring healing to every race...

The Piano Tuner: A Novel

by Daniel Mason

In 1886 a shy, middle-aged piano tuner named Edgar Drake receives an unusual commission from the British War Office: to travel to the remote jungles of northeast Burma and there repair a rare piano belonging...

Selahs from God: Something to Think About. Real Life Experiences with Real Word Applications.

by Sheila Zellers

“When you truly seek the knowledge of God, Jesus, and the power of the Cross, you can rest in His Word and promises for your life…Don't let circumstances change what God has promised you.”


Divine Spiritual Laws: The Glorious Bride of Christ

by Chantal R. Nielsen

"When our choices and decisions are based on the Word of God we leave no place for the enemy to misdirect our lives.”

Buds, Blossoms and Bloom: A Kaleidoscope of Unfolding Womanhood

by Tani Ifediora

“You are the crown of His creation! You are yesterday’s bud, blossoming out today in readiness to become tomorrow’s full bloom!”

The Key to Eternity

by Joann Young

“Jesus not only opens the door to eternity, but He empowers you to live the abundant life now.”

The Prophetic Fall Of The Islamic Regime

by Glenn Miller & Roger Loomis

The Prophetic Fall of the Islamic Regime is a “now word” for anyone looking for godly insight into terrorism, conflicts, and the deception of a false god.

Moyers on Democracy

by Bill Moyers

People know Bill Moyers from his many years of path-breaking journalism on television. But he is also one of America's most sought-after public speakers. In this collection of speeches, Moyers celebrates the...

The Prayerful Spirit: Passion for God, Compassion for People

by James P. Gills

Book Description:Faithful. Fervent. Focused. Does that describe your prayer life? In The Prayerful Spirit, Dr. James P. Gills tells us how prayer has changed his life, how it has changed the lives of other doctors...

Exceeding Gratitude For The Creator's Plan: Discover the Life-Changing Dynamic of Appreciation

by James P. Gills

Explore the overwhelming natural wonders of God’s creation as starting points for learning more about the supernatural wonders of His amazing grace.

This book is an apologetic for the reality and power of the...