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Irish Writing London: Volume 1: Revival to the Second World War

by Tom Herron

The presence of Irish writers is almost invisible in literary studies of London. The Irish Writing London redresses the critical deficit. A range of experts on particular Irish writers reflect on the diverse...

The Syntax of Mauritian Creole

by Anand Syea


languages have in recent years become a valuable source of data for current

theories of syntax and theories of child/adult language

acquisition. However, grammars of these languages, particularly those


20th Century Aesthetics: Towards a Theory of Feeling

by Mario Perniola & Massimo Verdicchio

In our contemporary age aesthetics seems to crumble and no longer be reducible to a coherent image. And yet given the vast amount of works in aesthetics produced in the last hundred years, this age could be...

A Battle for Neutral Europe: British Cultural Propaganda During the Second World War

by Edward Corse

A Battle for Neutral Europe describes and analyses the forgotten story of the British government's cultural propaganda organization, the British Council, in its campaign to win the hearts and minds of people...

Hurt: A Novel

by Travis Thrasher

In this dramatic conclusion to the Solitary Tales series, Chris Buckley struggles to pry answers from a small town that won’t give up its secrets easily. Now, with a new hope propelling him, Chris waits for...

The Methuen Drama Book of Suffrage Plays: How the Vote Was Won, Lady Geraldine's Speech, Pot and Kettle, Miss Appleyard's Awakening, Her Vote, the Mot

by Beatrice Harraden & Christopher St John

The Methuen Drama Book of Suffrage Plays is an anthology of eight exciting pieces written for and by members of the Actresses Franchise League from 1909-13. Immediately playable, they offer strong, varied roles...

The Artist Man and the Mother Woman

by Morna Pearson

How my wee boy, as naive and pastey as he is, could get a grown woman tae go weak at the knees, screaming, as it appears you wis last night. When he's nae so much as accidently brushed up against a wifie afore,...


by Nathaniel Martello-White

'Get, I'm getting outta here, man, I'm getting outta here, the lines getting blurred - it's blurred - that line between normality and madness is muffled... and rah, I'm getting urges, brov.'

Welcome to the world's...

Red Velvet

by Lolita Chakrabarti

"It's like being at a crossroads - a point of absolute, unequivocal change. It makes the blood rush."

The play is set in the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, in 1833. Edmund Kean, the greatest actor of his generation,...

When It Was Our War: A Soldier's Wife on the Home Front

by Stella Suberman

When Stella Suberman wrote her first memoir, The Jew Store, at the age of seventy-six, she was widely praised for shedding light on a forgotten piece of American history--Jewish life in the rural South. In her...

The Unexpected Salami

by Laurie Gwen Shapiro

The Tall Poppies--a few days ago, they were just another Aussie band watching their fame ebb faster than a nitrous high. Then Stuart, the drummer, is gunned down by Australian drug lords, and the band is suddenly...

The Next Better Place: Memories of My Misspent Youth

by Michael C. Keith

In 1959, at the age of eleven, Michael Keith left a relatively stable life with his mother and sisters in Albany, New York, and surreptitiously set off for California with his irresponsible alcoholic father....

Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians: (THE TECH SET® #20)

by Robin M. Fay & Michael P. Sauers

Here's a practical guide to the future of web-based technology, especially search. It provides the knowledge and skills necessary to implement semantic web technology.

IM and SMS Reference Services for Libraries: (THE TECH SET® #19)

by Amanda Bielskas & Kathleen M. Dreyer

Users want real-time answers to their reference questions wherever and whenever they are. Increasingly, that means SMS and IM services. Providing those is easier than you might think!

User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries: (THE TECH SET® #18)

by Aaron Schmidt & Amanda Etches

This book shows you how to get there by providing hands-on steps and best practices for UX design principles, practices, and tools to engage with patrons online and build the best web presence for your library....

Screencasting for Libraries: (THE TECH SET® #17)

by Greg R. Notess & Ellyssa Kroski

This complete how-to offers proven tips and techniques for creating engaging screencasts and publishing them on the Web.

Next-Gen Library Redesign: (THE TECH SET® #16)

by Michael Lascarides & Ellyssa Kroski

This concise guide will help you choose and implement the techniques and best practices used by today's forward-thinking libraries to create the best possible patron experiences.

Who Told You... You Were Broke?

by Paul D. Jones

Jones' first book, "Who Told You... You Were Broke," encourages readers to "start speaking life into what appears to be a dead situation." He says, "The title is a play on what God said to Adam when He asked...

1001 Internet Jokes II - Irish Edition

by D.M. Schwab

Get the jokes you've been missing. 1001 Internet Jokes II - Irish Edition is a must read for those of Irish Heritage who want a good laugh. Don't worry, we're just taking the piss at you. Time will fly as you...

Self-Destruction: How to Die of Self and Live in the Spirit of God

by Jeremy Anderson

In Self-Destruction Jeremy holds nothing back as he exposes himself and shares with the reader his own personal convictions from God. This book will expose our natural self-centered nature and will challenge...