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by Craig G. Bartholomew

A world-renowned Old Testament scholar provides a careful exegetical reading of Ecclesiastes with theological insights for serious students of the Bible.

Leadership of Place: Stories from Schools in the US, UK and South Africa

by Kathryn Riley

The notion of place is a powerful one: the place where we are from; the place where we live; the place we would like to be. It signifies issues about identity and belonging (or lack of it), and about roots and...

Katana: The Samurai Sword

by Stephen Turnbull & Johnny Shumate

The Samurai sword of Japan is probably the finest edged weapon ever made. This volume, written by leading Samurai expert Stephen Turnbull, reveals the story of how and why it achieved this distinction, from...

The Bloomsbury Companion to Historical Linguistics

by Silvia Luraghi

Originally published as the Continuum Companion to Historical Linguistics, this book brings together a number of leading scholars who provide a combination of different approaches to current and new issues in...

Alexander the Great: Themes and Issues

by Edward M. Anson

Alexander the Great's life and career are here examined through the major issues surrounding his reign. What were Alexander's ultimate ambitions? Why did he pursue his own deification while alive? Did he actually...

Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching with Technology

by Michael Thomas

This edited collection considers the relationship between task-based language teaching (TBLT) and technology-enhanced learning. TBLT is concerned with a number of macro-tasks such as information gathering and...

Treasures in the Darkness: Letting Go of Pain, Holding on to Faith

A Heartbeat Away: Quilts of Love Series

by S. Dionne Moore

Can a quilt and a hidden message bring together enemies during the Civil War?

first - Devotional: putting GOD first in living and giving

by Mike Slaughter

Help your church create a culture and a lifestyle of giving.

To Sleep with Evil

by Andria Cardarelle

Desperate to escape the terrors of Ravenloft, Marguerite came to Lord Donskoy's castle full of hope for the future. Instead, she found herself betrothed to a mysterious purveyor of flesh whose secret past, like...

Heaven's Bones: A Novel of the Mists

by Samantha Henderson

Love and death walk hand in hand...

Dr. Sebastian Robarts is a man paralyzed by the fate of his adored wife, dead in childbirth, their only child with her. He searches for a way to build angels from women, a...

Browning .50-caliber Machine Guns

by Gordon Rottman & Alan Gilliland

Osprey’s new Weapon series provides a highly-detailed yet affordable overview of the development, use, and impact of small arms throughout history—from the sword to the machine gun. In this volume, Gordon...

A Guide to Underwater Wildlife Video & Editing

by Jeff Goodman

A personal look at underwater filming by award winning wildlife cameraman Jeff Goodman. It looks at all aspects of filming underwater wildlife film from the prospective of both the amateur and the professional...

Simon the Policeman on Safari - Claude the Camel

by Chris Harber & Sulya Harber

Adventures for children with Simon the Policeman.

Archbishop Justin Welby: The Road to Canterbury

by Andrew Atherstone

This biography of Justin Welby, the 105th archbishop of Canterbury, traces the story of his life and ministry from his earliest years to the eve of his enthronement in March 2013. It examines his conversion...

Burdens Lifted

by Janet Walker

This is the story of an ordinary person who had a journey within her relationship with Jesus. It was a journey full of pain, joy, fear and peace, during which she was by turns labelled, understood, teased, loved,...

Medieval Handgonnes: The first black powder infantry weapons

by Sean Mclachlan & Gerry Embleton

Osprey’s new Weapon series provides a highly-detailed yet affordable overview of the development, use, and impact of small arms throughout history—from the sword to the machine gun. Journey back to the time...

On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Century

by Jorge Mario Bergoglio & Abraham Skorka

From the man who became Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio shares his thoughts on religion, reason, and the challenges the world faces in the 21st century with Abraham Skorka, a rabbi and biophysicist.


When I Was Mortal

by Javier Marias

A dozen stories by Javier Marías, "the most subtle and gifted writer in contemporary Spanish literature" (The Boston Globe).

Victims of mistaken identity, sponging relatives, amateur sleuths, eavesdroppers,...

All Souls

by Javier Marias & John Banville

By one of the most important voices in contemporary world literature, a darkly comic novel about that most British of institutions, Oxford University.

In All Souls, a visiting Spanish lecturer, viewing Oxford...