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The Expressive Actor: Integrated Voice, Movement and Acting Training

by Michael Lugering

Michael Lugering's The Expressive Actor presents a foundational, preparatory training method, using movement to unlock the entire acting process. Its action-based perspective integrates voice, movement and basic...

La Mise En Scene Contemporaine

by Patrice Pavis


'We have good reason to be wary of mise en scène, but that is all the more reason to question this wariness ... it seems that images from a performance come back to haunt us, as if to prolong and transform...

A Practical Guide to Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School

by Clare Lee, Sue Johnston-Wilder & Robert Ward-Penny

A Practical Guide to Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School offers straightforward advice, inspiration and support for mathematics teachers whether in training or newly qualified. Based on the best research...

Creating Powerful Brands

by Leslie de Chernatony & Malcolm McDonald

This is the third edition of one of world's most respected and successful books on branding. Written by an internationally acclaimed branding expert and author of From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation, it has...

How Architects Write

by Tom Spector & Rebecca Damron

This is the first writing reference book for architects, landscape architects, interior designers, or industrial designers including examples of designers' manifestos, statements of design intent, proposals,...

Anthropologists, Indigenous Scholars and the Research Endeavour: Seeking Bridges Towards Mutual Respect

by Joy Hendry & Laara Fitznor

This collection offers the fruits of a stimulating workshop that sought to bridge the fraught relationship which sometimes continues between anthropologists and indigenous/native/aboriginal scholars, despite...

Teaching and Learning from Within: A Core Reflection Approach to Quality and Inspiration in Education

by Fred A. J. Korthagen, Younghee M. Kim & William L. Greene

This book brings together theory, research, and practice on core reflection, an approach that focuses on people's strengths as the springboard for personal growth and links theory and practice by highlighting...

Antarctic Security in the Twenty-First Century: Legal and Policy Perspectives

by Alan D. Hemmings, Donald R. Rothwell & Karen N. Scott

The Antarctic Treaty (1959) was adopted for the purpose of bringing peace and stability to Antarctica and to facilitate cooperation in scientific research conducted on and around the continent. It has now been...

Unifying Educational Systems: Leadership and Policy Perspectives

by Leonard C. Burrello, Wayne Sailor & Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill

Unifying Educational Systems calls for a new policy framework to integrate special education within the larger instructional support system in schools, ultimately re-conceptualizing special education for supporting...

Landscape: Pattern, Perception and Process

by Simon Bell

Landscapes develop and evolve through an interacting series of processes - climatic, geological, ecological and cultural - over varying periods of time. These processes shape the structure and character of...

The Implementation of Health Promotion in Schools

by Oddrun Samdal & Louise Rowling

Developing a 'healthy school' has been a key aim for many schools across the globe, yet achieving successful implementation and sustaining the positive benefits has proven to be challenging. In this much-needed...

Law and Election Politics: The Rules of the Game

by Matthew J. Streb

More than a typical law book that summarizes cases, Mathew Streb has assembled an outstanding group of scholars to place electoral laws and the courts' rulings on those laws in the context of electoral politics....

How to Speak Southern

by Steve Mitchell

A tongue-in-cheek dictionary of Southern words and phrases offers an hilarious spoof of the Southern accent.

The Scene of the Mass Crime: History, Film, and International Tribunals

by Christian Delage & Peter Goodrich

The Scene of the Mass Crime takes up the unwritten history of the peculiar yet highly visible form of war crimes trials. These trials are the first and continuing site of the interface of law, history and film....

Developing High Performance Leaders: A Behavioral Science Guide for the Knowledge of Work Culture

by Philip Robert Harris

Using a behavioural science perspective, practical strategies and an easy-to-follow framework, Developing High Performance Leaders will enable leaders throughout the various business sectors, to increase the...

Political Change and Territoriality in Indonesia: Provincial Proliferation

by Ehito Kimura

What makes large, multi-ethnic states hang together? At a time when ethnic and religious conflict has gained global prominence, the territorial organization of states is a critical area of study.

Exploring how...

Education and Human Values: Reconciling Talent with an Ethics of Care

by Michael Slote

Two of our greatest educational theorists, John Dewey and Nel Noddings, have been reluctant to admit that some students are simply more talented than others. This was no doubt due to their feeling that such...

The Economic Development of South-East Asia (Routledge Revivals): Studies in Economic History and Political Economy

by C. D. Cowan

First published in 1964, The Economic Development of South-East Asia: Studies in economic history and political economy contains eight papers originally written for a study group at the School of Oriental and...

Green vs. Green: The Political, Legal, and Administrative Pitfalls Facing Green Energy Production

by Ryan M. Yonk, Randy T. Simmons & Brian C. Steed

Renewable and carbon-neutral energy have been promoted as the future of energy production in the United States. Non-traditional energy sources show promise as alternatives to fossil fuels and may provide a sustainable...

Plea Bargaining in National and International Law: A Comparative Study

by Regina Rauxloh

Plea bargaining is one of the most important and most discussed issues in modern criminal procedure law. Based on historical and comparative legal research, the author has analysed the wide-spread use of plea...