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by Sarah Hay

The compelling new novel of life, land and love in the Top End by Sarah Hay, winner of The Australian/Vogel Literary Award for her first novel, Skins in 2001.

Riding the Black Cockatoo

by John Danalis

The inspiring true story of one man's reconciliation journey. All through his growing-up years, John Danalis's family had an Aboriginal skull on the mantelpiece; yet only as an adult did he ask where it came...

The Detachable Boy

by Scot Gardner

A fast and funny adventure about a kid who can detach his limbs, send them off independently, and then reassemble himself at will.

Backs to the Wall: A larrikin on the Western Front

by GD Mitchell & Robert Macklin

Originally published in 1937 (and long out of print), this is a gripping, first hand account of a young soldier's experiences in France and Belgium during the First World War.

Why Is Uranus Upside Down?: And other questions about the Universe

by Fred Watson

A highly entertaining and informative introduction to our planet and the universe we live in.

Sunny Side Up

by Marion Roberts

The unforgettable story of 11-year-old Sunny Hathaway - introvert, entrepreneur, inventor, poet, dog lover and co-owner of Pizza-a-go-girl deluxe wood fired pizza delivery service - the summer her whole life...

Golden Serpent

by Mark Abernethy

Meet Alan McQueen - a tough, true-blue Aussie spy - in a fast-paced and action-packed thriller. He's on the trail of Abu Sabaya, the world's most dangerous terrorist - a man he thought he'd killed years ago....

The Big Score: Cliff Hardy cases

by Peter Corris

Cliff Hardy has his hands full with murder, blackmail, embezzlement and more in this new collection of short stories.

A Very Rude Awakening: The night the Japanese midget subs came to Sydney Harbour

by Peter Grose

In May of 1942, the war seemed very far away to most Sydneysiders - until the night the three Japanese midget submarines crept into the harbour and caused an unforgettable night of mayhem, high farce, chaos...

The Ok Team 2: Better Than Ok

by Nick Place

Hazy a.k.a Focus is back at the helm of his special superhero squad. A follow up to the hilarious adventures in 'The OK Team'.

Chelonia Green Champion of Turtles

by Christobel Mattingley

Chellie loves the beautiful green turtles on her tropical island home. So when they are threatened, she does everything she can to save them.

Ladykiller: How conman Bruce Burrell kidnapped and killed rich women for their money

by Candace Sutton & Ellen Connolly

The amazing inside story of the decade's worth of detective work that finally brought down conman and murderer, Bruce Burrell.

Battle Order 204

by Christobel Mattingley

The riveting true story account of a young WW2 pilot's heroic journey, illustrated throughout with fascinating photographs, maps and excerpts from his log books.

Private Don: The Man Behind the Legend of Don Bradman

by Christine Wallace

Through the window of never before seen letters, Christine Wallace reveals the private Don Bradman - troubled father, loyal friend and outspoken critic.

Cold Skin

by Steven Herrick

First love, sexual awakening, murder, cowardice, vengeance and forgiveness . . . these are the powerful ingredients for Steven Herrick's gutsiest book yet; a page-turning read for teenage boys and girls; a story...

Appeal Denied: A Cliff Hardy novel

by Peter Corris

Dirty dealings, corrupt cops, computer geeks and a final showdown at an exclusive Sydney beach - is this Cliff Hardy's last adventure?

Gittinomics: Living the good life without money stress, overwork and joyless consumption

by Ross Gittins

For everyone who knows economics is important but doesn't really know why, Gittinomics is the indispensable, plain-speaking, entertaining and highly relevant guide to the economics of our everyday lives.

With Healing Hands: The Untold Story of Australian Civilian Surgical Teams in Vietnam

by Gary McKay & Elizabeth Stewart

Over 450 Australian civilian professionals volunteered and went to Viet Nam during the war to help the civilian population. This is their story.

The Working Mother's Survival Guide

by Melissa Doyle & Jo Scard

A practical, realistic, down-to-earth and entertaining guide for all working women who want to have babies but keep their careers on track too.

101 Ways to Boost Your Business

by Andrew Griffiths

A collection of practical business, financial, legal and personal tips to help your business survive and prosper.