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Southern Gentlemen: John "Rip" Peterson\Billy Ray Wainwright

by Jennifer Blake & Emilie Richards

In some small Southern towns the old ways still exist. Breeding counts and the old boys hold court. Everyone has a place and no one's supposed to cross the line. But rules are made to be broken...

In Southern...

Unmasked: Love in Three-Quarter Time\The Taming of Katharina\Tapestry

by Jennifer Blake, Janet Dailey & Elizabeth Gage

On a warm spring night in a New Orleans Garden District mansion, the pick of society are gathering. Masquerading as Legendary Lovers, they have come to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Duchaise...

With a Southern Touch: Adam\A Night in Paradise\Garden Cop

by Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham & Diana Palmer

Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham and Diana Palmer, well-loved voices of romance fiction, bring you three new stories of sultry Southern romance. With a Southern Touch will renew your faith in the power of love....

Heat of the Moment


Bestselling author Lori Herter delivers a captivating tale of deception, betrayal…and one woman's sexual awakening

After years of hiding behind her work, earthquake research scientist Josie Gray is taking back...

The Boys Are Back in Town: Falling For You\Forward Pass\Ready and Willing

by Jane Graves, Dorien Kelly & Tanya Michaels


Stuntman Kirk McKenzie is back in town. It's Dr. Amanda Stevens's second chance to convince the daredevil that no rush could be better than the thrill he'd get if he fell for her...

Tempting Trouble

by Dorien Kelly

Returning to Sandy Bend, Michigan, isn't Kira Whitman's idea of moving forward. Unfortunately, thanks to her shady business partner, she's stuck in her hometown until her problems disappear. Kira's plans to...

In Like Flynn

by Dorien Kelly

Annie Rutherford wants to be as successful as the rest of her overachieving family, but she draws the line at her boss's latest brainstorm. Not that her hard-earned MBA doesn't qualify her to launch an Irish...

The Girl Least Likely To & The Deputy Gets Her Man: The Girl Least Likely To...

by Dorien Kelly & Delores Fossen

The Girl Least Likely To… by Dorien Kelly

Love in a small town…

When Hallie Brewer left home seven years ago, she swore she'd never return. She was an accident waiting to happen as a kid, earning her the nickname...

If the Shoe Fits & Designs on Jake: If the Shoe Fits\Designs on Jake

by Samantha Connolly & Dorien Kelly

If the Shoe Fits by Samantha Connolly

Where size means everything…

Manhattan shoe designer C. J. Mathews thinks she has it all. Great apartment, great career, great friends. Except what she really wants is a...

The Substitute Millionaire

by Susan Mallery

Successful businessman Ryan Bennett had agreed to masquerade as his wealthy cousin for a blind date. But from the moment Ryan saw Julie Nelson to the moment he should have said good-night, he was captivated...

Stranger in Town

by Brenda Novak

The car accident was Hannah Price's fault—a few seconds of inattention that changed Gabe Holbrook's life forever, destroying everything he'd been or ever wanted to be.

He was a man who'd had it all. Intelligent,...

A Home of Her Own

by Brenda Novak

When Lucky Caldwell was ten, her mother, Red—the best-known hooker in Dundee, Idaho—married Morris Caldwell, a wealthy and much older man. It didn't last, of course, but Morris's kindness was the highlight...

Abiding: The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2013

by Ben Quash

Ben Quash shows that the word 'abiding', used by Jesus to describe the Good Shepherd who does not abandon his flock, can be key to understanding our relationships with God and our churches.

Group Counseling: Concepts and Procedures

by Robert C. Berg, Garry L. Landreth & Kevin A. Fall

First published in 1979, Group Counseling has consistently been a widely used and praised text, providing both novice and experienced counselors with a framework from which to expand their group counseling skills...

Social Justice and Economics: Critical Economic Theory in the Spirit of Duncan Foley

by Lance Taylor, Armon Rezai & Thomas Michl

This volume brings together papers inspired by the work of Duncan Foley, an extraordinarily productive economist who has made seminal contributions to a wide variety of areas. Foley's work cannot be easily classified,...

Ethics and Management in the Public Sector

by Alan Lawton, Julie Rayner & Karin Lasthuizen

Public services are delivered through an often bewildering range of agencies and amidst this constant change, there are fears that a public service ethos, a tradition of working in the public interest, becomes...

Events and the Environment

by Robert Case

Many of our planet's support systems are in crisis. Climate change, resource shortages and environmental pollution threaten our economy and lifestyles. Society as a whole needs to adopt policies that can meet...

Globalization, Political Institutions and the Environment in Developing Countries

by Gabriele Spilker

Though industrialized countries are usually the ones indicted when environmental pollution is discussed, over the few last years the rate of emissions in developing countries has increased by a startling amount....

Americans Experience Russia: Encountering the Enigma, 1917 to the Present

by Beth Holmgren & Choi Chatterjee

Americans Experience Russia analyzes how American scholars, journalists, and artists envisioned, experienced, and interpreted Russia/the Soviet Union over the last century. While many histories of diplomatic,...

Chinese Diplomacy and the Un Security Council: Beyond the Veto

by Joel Wuthnow

China has emerged in the 21st century as a sophisticated, and sometimes contentious, actor in the United Nations Security Council. This is evident in a range of issues, from negotiations on Iran's nuclear program...