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The Politics of Self-Governance

by Eva Sørensen & Peter Triantafillou

This volume examines the emergence, causes and consequences of the politics of self-governance both within relevant social science theorizing and in the everyday production of public governance in various policy...

State Participation in International Treaty Regimes

by Srini Sitaraman

Why do some states resist entering into international treaty regimes while others demonstrate eagerness to participate? Drawing on United Nations treaty ratification data from three different issue areas - arms...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Federalism

by Ann Ward & Lee Ward

This comprehensive research companion examines the theory, practice and historical development of the principle of federalism from the ancient period to the contemporary world. The scope and range of the volume...

What's Left in Latin America?: Regime Change in New Times

by James Petras & Henry Veltmeyer

Based on five years of field research, this volume profiles four case studies in Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela to examine recent and current political and economic developments related to left-leaning...

Green Leviathan: The Case for a Federal Role in Environmental Policy

by Inger Weibust

Offering an essential insight into the complexities of policy-making, this volume builds on comparative case studies on air and water pollution to examine how governance structure affects environmental policy...

Killer Robots: Legality and Ethicality of Autonomous Weapons

by Armin Krishnan

Military robots, and potentially autonomous robotic systems, could soon be introduced to the battlefield, meaning that humans may one day be largely excluded from both the battlefield and the decision cycle...

Negotiating Sovereignty and Human Rights: Actors and Issues in Contemporary Human Rights Politics

by Noha Shawki & Michaelene Cox

Providing an overview of institutional developments and innovations in human rights politics, this volume discusses some of the most important current and emerging human rights issues. It takes stock of the...

Ethics Education for Irregular Warfare

by Don Carrick & James Connelly

Following on from Ethics Education in the Military which analyzed the existing theory and practice of educating soldiers, sailors and airmen in the ethics of 'old fashioned' warfaring, this volume considers...

Legacies and Change in Polar Sciences: Historical, Legal and Political Reflections on The International Polar Year

by Jessica M. Shadian & Monica Tennberg

Providing the first comprehensive account to look explicitly at the relationship between global politics and science through an account of the International Polar Years, this volume combines both interdisciplinary...

Postinternationalism and Small Arms Control: Theory, Politics, Security

by Damien Rogers

Damien Rogers examines how the international community has responded to the challenge of controlling small arms and light weapons since the early 1990s. He focuses on the maturing relationships between particular...

Organizational Cooperation in Crises

by Lina M. Svedin

Lina Svedin takes an interdisciplinary approach to present a systematic examination of organizational cooperation in crises. Bringing together three distinct research traditions on cooperation, the author draws...

EU Labour Migration since Enlargement: Trends, Impacts and Policies

by Béla Galgóczi & Janine Leschke

The debate about the opening-up of labour markets in the enlarged European Union is crucial for the ongoing process of European integration. The contributions to this book shed light on the dimensions, characteristics...

G8 against Transnational Organized Crime

by Amandine Scherrer

The fight against transnational organized crime has been at the core of the G8's actions since the 1990s. This book sheds light on the nature, structure and modus operandi of the G8's specific expertise on transnational...

Religion and Politics: Islam and Muslim Civilization

by Jan-Erik Lane & Hamadi Redissi

Offering a timely new appraisal of the political and social impact of Islam, this expanded second edition of Religion and Politics has been fully updated in line with new events. Jan-Erik Lane and Hamadi Redissi...

Gender and HIV/AIDS: Critical Perspectives from the Developing World

by Jelke Boesten & Nana K. Poku

Gender issues are central to the causes and impact of the ongoing AIDS epidemic. This scholarly, interdisciplinary volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the themes and issues of gender, AIDS and global...

Innovation in Global Health Governance: Critical Cases

by Andrew F. Cooper & John J. Kirton

Analyzing twenty-first century innovations in global health governance, this volume addresses questions of pandemics, essential medicines and disease eradication through detailed case studies of critical and...

Internal Security Services in Liberalizing States: Transitions, Turmoil, and (In)Security

by Joseph L. Derdzinski

Among the states that have moved from authoritarianism in the past 15 years, most have not moved beyond the mere procedures of democracy. This excellent scholarly resource provides a comparative account of the...

Empowering Migrant Women: Why Agency and Rights are not Enough

by Leah Briones

Based on insights from Filipina experiences of domestic work in Paris and Hong Kong, this volume breaks through the polarized thinking and migration-centric policy action on the protection of migrant women domestic...

Russian Civil-Military Relations

by Robert Brannon

Deriving in part from its Soviet past, Russia's military doctrine represents more than just a road map of how to fight the nation's wars; it also specifies threats to national interests, in this case the United...

Environmental Skepticism: Ecology, Power and Public Life

by Peter J. Jacques

'Environmental skepticism' describes the viewpoint that major environmental problems are either unreal or unimportant. This is the first book to analyze the importance of the anti-environmental counter-movement...