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Lift Me UP! You Can Do It: Inspiring Quotes and Uplifting Notes to Keep You Going Strong!

by Ron Kaufman

Inspiring quotes and uplifting notes to keep you going strong! "If you want to win, you've already begun the battle." "When you're driven to do more, anything less is not an option." "Everything fantastic was...

Lift Me UP! Wow Thats Inspiring: Sparkling Quotes and Brilliant Notes to Lift Your Spirits Higher!

by Ron Kaufman

Sparkling quotes and brilliant notes to lift your spirits higher! "To win the race on the ground, you must first win it in your mind." "You can't cross the sea by standing staring at the water. At some point...

Lift Me UP! Words of Wisdom: Remarkable Quotes and Heart-Filled Notes to Open Up Your Mind!

by Ron Kaufman

Remarkable quotes and heart-filled notes to open up your mind! "You want to achieve big things tomorrow? Think big thoughts today!" "Choose healthy thoughts to enjoy a healthy harvest." "The biggest mistake...

Lift Me UP! You Make a Difference: Challenging Quotes and Encouraging Notes to Move You into Action!

by Ron Kaufman

Challenging quotes and encouraging notes to move you into action! "Contributing to others brings value to yourself." "School tests what's in your head. Life tests what's in your heart." "Showering another with...

Lift Me UP! What a Great Idea: Creative Quips and Sure-Fire Tips to Spark Your Inner Genius!

by Ron Kaufman

Creative quips and sure-fire tips to spark your inner genius! "An idea without action is a notion with no motion." "Good ideas make an impression. Great ideas make an impact." "A tired body does not sleep enough....

Lift Me UP! Teams Win Teams Work: Magnificent Quips and Practical Tips to Build a Winning Team!

by Ron Kaufman

Magnificent quips and practical tips to build a winning team! "One person can achieve something special, but it takes a team to achieve something lasting." "The measure of success is not just how many hands...

Lift Me UP! Take The Lead: Motivating Quips and Powerful Tips to Take You to the Top!

by Ron Kaufman

Motivating quips and powerful tips to take you to the top! "Small seeds (well planted) yield forests of achievement." "Be a mirror in which others fall in love with their potential." "Don't let being busy keep...

Lift Me UP! Lets Make Money: Priceless Quotes and Anedotes to Leverage Your Good Fortune!

by Ron Kaufman

Priceless quotes and anecdotes to leverage your good fortune! For example: "When you give enough, you will receive more than enough." "Real wealth is more than money in the bank." "But don't put all your eggs...

UP! Your Service Great Ideas: Tools, Tips and Proven Techniques to Lift Your Service Higher

by Ron Kaufman

Tools, Tips and Proven Techniques to Lift Your Service Higher. Lift Your Service UP! Increase service value! Add more to your customers and your bottom line. (Chapter 2 unlocks the value.) Explore spectacular...

UP! Your Service New Insights: True Stories of Winners and Losers in the Quest for Superior Service

by Ron Kaufman

True Stories of Winners and Losers in the Quest for Superior Service. Who wins? Who loses? It's up to you! BENCHMARK the best service innovations. (Chapter 5: Generating New Ideas) DISCOVER how to keep your...

UP! Your Service Action Steps: Strategies and Action Steps to Delight Your Customers Now!

by Ron Kaufman

Strategies and Action Steps to Delight Your Customers NOW! BUILD a mindset and a toolset to bring your service UP! DEVELOP a service culture that sizzles and succeeds. APPLY proven techniques to get closer to...

Lift Me UP! Loving Your Life: Positive Quotes and Personal Notes to Bring You Joy and Pleasure!

by Ron Kaufman

Positive quotes and personal notes to bring you joy and pleasure! For example: "Love yourself, love your life. One is a starting point for the other." "There comes a time to move on. It's hard to do that if...

Lift Me UP! Celebrate Family & Friends: Cheerful Quips and Playful Tips to Expand the Joys of Living!

by Ron Kaufman

Cheerful quips and playful tips to expand the joys of living! "Each child is living proof that the universe has not given up." "A loose tongue is a dangerous thing. Keep those around you well protected." "Every...

One Remained Seated: A Classic Crime Novel: Black Maria, Book Three

by John Russell Fearn

Maria Black, M.A., Principal of Roseway College for Young Ladies, does not expect to come face to face with murder in her favorite cinema, when a stranger seated in Number 11 on Row A is found to be dead--shot...

Givin' It Their All: The Backstreet Boys' Rise to the Top

by Sherri Rifkin



There's just no stopping these funky five from Florida. One of the hottest music groups around, the Backstreet Boys (BSB) launched themselves to superstardom in an amazingly...

Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence : How to Win with Any Strategy

by Lee Colan & Julie Davis-Colan

This groundbreaking book includes Winning Insights from... JPMorgan * The Container Store * Fossil * KidKraft * National Motor Club * Sears * Southwest Airlines * The Hartford * UCLA Health Center * and more!...

HTML: A Beginners Guide 5/E

by Wendy Willard

Essential HTML skills-made easy!

Thoroughly updated and revised, HTML: A Beginners Guide, Fifth Edition shows you, step by step, how to create dynamic websites with HTML. The book covers new HTML5 features,...

The Dividend Imperative: How Dividends Can Narrow the Gap between Main Street and Wall Street

by Daniel Peris


You’ve seen the markets swing from bubble to scandal and back again. You’ve watched the divide between Wall Street and Main...

Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists : An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists

by Simon Monk

Bring your electronic inventions to life! "This full-color book is impressive...there are some really fun projects!" -GeekDad,

Who needs an electrical engineering degree? This intuitive guide shows...

The CustomerCentric Selling® Field Guide to Prospecting and Business Development: Techniques, Tools, and Exercises to Win More Business

by Gary Walker

The Proven Approach to Prospecting for the Long Sales Cycle

It's a fact: 92 percent of C-level executives never respond to e-mail blasts or cold calls . . . so why would you continue to rely on these approaches...