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The House With No Rooms

by Lesley Thomson

The summer of 1976 was the hottest in living memory. Britain sweltered, trees and plants wilted, fire ripped through forests, and rivers ran dry. In London's Kew Gardens a 10 year old girl was parted from her...

The Girl With No Name

by Diney Costeloe

Thirteen-year-old Lisa escapes from Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport and arrives in England in August 1939. She can't speak a word of English and her only belongings are crammed into a small suitcase. Among...

The Runaway

by Lesley Thomson

An exclusive short story from the bestselling author of The Detective's Daughter.

Stella Darnell understands that her mum and dad don't want to live together anymore. But she wishes she didn't have to say goodbye...

The Sisters of St. Croix

by Costeloe Diney & Diney Costeloe

A gripping story of love, death and danger in Nazi-occupied France from the bestselling author of The Throwaway Children.

When Adelaide Anson-Gravetty finds out her father is not the man who raised her, she...

Scarlet Widow

by Graham Masterton

London, 1750: Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary's daughter. She can mix medicines and herbs to save the lives of her neighbours - but, try as she might, she can't save the lives of her parents. An orphan at...

Imogen's Baby: A Short Story

by Amanda Prowse

Can Imogen overcome life's challenges and have the baby she longs for?

It's hard enough having a baby on your own. But for Imogen, 24 years old and blind since birth, it will be harder than most.

Her journey...

The Ted Dreams

by Fay Weldon

'It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... except a clot of blood, creeping up from Ted's leg to his brain, to kill him as he slept...'

Recently widowed Philly...

Orkney Twilight

by Clare Carson

All families have secrets.

But some have more secrets than others.

Jim is a brilliant raconteur whose stories get taller with each glass of whisky. His daughter Sam thinks it's time she found out the truth...

Classical Civilization

by Nigel Spivey

A concise and accessible study of the foundations, development and enduring legacy of the cultures of Greece and Rome, centred on ten locations of seminal importance in the development of Classical civilisation....

Run to Him

by Nadine Dorries

It is Christmas morning in 1964. For nurse Fionnuala Kennedy, it is work as usual. As she trudges through the cold streets to catch her bus, Fionnuala thinks of the secret which she has been keeping from her...

Wherever Green is Worn

by Tim Pat Coogan

The population of Ireland is five million, but 70 million people worldwide call themselves Irish. Here, Tim Pat Coogan travels around the globe to tell their story.

Irish emigration first began in the 12th century...

The Troubles

by Tim Pat Coogan

The Troubles refers to a violent thirty-year conflict, at the heart of which lay the constitutional status of Northern Ireland. Over 3,000 people were killed on all sides, and many more damaged by a legacy that...

To Fight For

by Phillip Hunter

Either they die, or he does.

Before he became an assassin in London's underworld, Joe was a soldier in the British army. He knows what it feels like to fight enemies on foreign soil - but nothing prepared him...

The Runaway Family

by Costeloe Diney & Diney Costeloe

THE RUNAWAY FAMILY was previously published as EVIL ON THE WIND.

Germany 1937: Fear and betrayal stalk the streets. People disappear. Persecution of the Jews has become a national pastime.

When Ruth Friedman's...

Ruby Flynn

by Nadine Dorries

The darkest sin casts the longest shadow... RUBY FLYNN, set in Ireland and Liverpool, is the enthralling story of a family haunted by ancient wrongs.

The FitzDeanes are wealthy. They have Ballyford Castle in...

A Girl Called Eilinora

by Nadine Dorries

This is the story which sets in motion the events of Nadine Dorries's brilliant new novel Ruby Flynn.

It is 1846, famine is gripping Ireland and nowhere is it crueller than in Mayo on the west coast. Owen FitzDeane...

A Book of Railway Journeys

by Ludovic Kennedy

Train travel always leads to great adventures; the countryside, like a moving picture show, unrolls itself before one's eyes. One is transported to the wild places of earth - forest, mountain, desert; and always...

Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats

by Amanda Prowse

Grace and Tom Penderford had a strong marriage, a comfortable home in the English countryside and a healthy baby girl, Chloe. They were happy. They were normal.

But soon after Chloe turns three, tragedy strikes...

Recipes for a Perfect Marriage

by Kate Kerrigan

New York food writer Tressa returns from honeymoon worried that she has married her impossibly handsome new husband Dan out of late-thirties panic instead of love.

In 1930's Ireland, her grandmother, Bernadine,...

The Miracle of Grace

by Kate Kerrigan

Grace's life changed with a list. Left in the kitchen by her mother, Eileen, this innocuous 'To Do' list states, below bread, telephone bill and bins: 'Tell G I have ovarian cancer, probably terminal'.