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Thera and the Exodus: The Exodus Explained In Terms of Natural Phenomena and the Human Response to It

by Riaan Booysen

The story of how two eruptions of Thera led to the birth to the god of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

A Beard In Nepal 2: Return to the Village

by Fiona Roberts

Tells the story of a second visit by the author to the small, isolated village of Salle, situated high in the Himalayas of the Everest Region of Nepal.

Dimensions of Love: 7 Steps to God

by Padma Aon Prakasha

The Journey to God as described by the greatest mystics in history in 7 Steps.

It's About You!: Know Your Self

by Chris W. E. Johnson

The ultimate guide to who you are, why you are here, and the tools you use to create your reality.

Body of Wisdom: Women's Spiritual Power and How it Serves

by Hilary Hart

Bringing together the dreams and experiences of women across the world with today's most visionary spiritual teachers.

Letters Across Time: A Journey of Enlightenment

by Stephen Chong

This book changes lives...it is full of wisdom and gentle grace...your pathway to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Go! Smell the Flowers: One Journey, Many Discoveries

From Neediness to Fulfillment: Beyond Relationships of Dependence

by Miriam Subirana

Our desires prevent us from having harmony in relationships. Let us go from neediness to wholeness in relating to one another.

Libya's Unknown Atrocity: A western woman's fight for justice

by Felicity Prazak

The true story of one woman's 20-year fight for justice after the death of her husband in Libya.

Arthur's Soul Adventure

by Brian R. Chambers

Arthur's Soul Adventure is a New Age Huckleberry Finn that will jump off the page straight into your heart.

Spiritual Medicines: 7 Spiritual Potions to Heal Your Life

by Williams Cissi

Let your Soul transform your relationships, health, work and family life, enabling you to live a deeply fulfilling and happy life.

A Beard In Nepal

by Fiona Roberts

the story of five months spent in a small, remote village high in the Himalayas of Nepal, attempting to teach English to the village children.

The Meaning

by Steve Taylor

The experiential core of Steve Taylor's best-selling books on spirituality and psychology.

Breaking the Spell: An Exploration of Human Perception

by Kingsley Dennis

A reader-friendly book on breaking the spell and how to manage and develop our emotional, mental, and physical energies.

Other Communions of Jesus

by John Henson

Mass, Eucharist, Holy Communion, The Lord's Supper, Breaking of Bread-the communal meal stands at the center of worship in most Christian traditions. In this new edition of John Henson's classic, we are again...

Savage Breast: One Man's Search for the Goddess

by Tim Ward

Tim Ward-acutely aware that his own relationships with women always ended in disaster-decided to seek out the Goddess to find out whether men could relate to her as well as women, and whether she could change...

Past Lives Astrology: Understanding Reincarnation Through Your Astrological Chart

by Theolyn Cortens

The Nephalim, majestic semi-divine beings who lived before the Flood, challenge us to step into our real potential.

Moses and Jesus: The Shamans

by Jackie Jones-Hunt

Revolutionary, paradigm shattering proving the esteemed religious prophets had mediumistic gifts which sourced & thus unify all religions.

How to Write and Sell Great Short Stories

by Linda M James

It will not only teach you fascinating story-telling techniques, but how to market your polished short stories once they are written so that they sell world-wide!

The Healer

by Simon Brown

The Healer presents a life changing philosophy that incorporates Zen Buddhism within a romantic story. It is a new age novel that openly explores the disappointments, excesses and arrogance that can befall a...