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Gorilla Marketing: Birth of a Low-Cost Airline

by Tony Anderson

Gorilla Marketing is the insider story of how a maverick, orange start-up airline founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou took on the might of Europe’s aviation giants in a marketing war of attrition and emerged victorious....

The Vampyre Quartet

by G.P. Taylor

You will come to know hell better than most, Jago. I have waited all these years for you to come back to this town. England, 1940: Britain is entrenched in war with the Germans when young Jago is evacuated from...

Little Boat Big Ocean

by Alan Rush

This is the true account of a young man’s journey, sailing his 21 foot, wooden boat single-handed over 7,000 miles. Over a period of seven years, he set off from British Columbia in the spring of 1979 and...

The Happy Handbook

by Liggy Webb

Life is what YOU make it! The Happy Handbook aims to provide you with a compendium of modern life skills and tools to help you to thrive in the twenty tens and embrace modern living in the happiest, healthiest...

Australia Bound

by John Risto

Australia Bound is set in the picturesque city of Perth in Western Australia, and follows the experiences of a group of British migrants in their quest to build new lives for themselves and their families Down...


by Meira Eliot

Eva’s teaching career is seriously, and humorously, on the rocks. She loves her job, but is finding it harder by the minute to take her employer seriously.

More and more Eva takes refuge in her mother’s...

Jesus - His True Biography: His True Biography

by Alejandro Cuevas-Soza

At least the world leaders should read this book; however, caution, this may have an influence on your ideological preferences! Regarding the ‘Apocalypse’, Jesus’ bioenergeme said, “… they are very parasitic...

Sun Dance

by Iain R. Thomson

Nuclear meltdown, capitalist greed and human folly combine the duplicity of politicians, bankers and the menace of an undercover agent. Particle physicist, Hector MacKenzie, alerts the Prime Minister and his...

1917 Bloodline

by Anthony James

The 1917 Bloodline is in the tradition of Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene and Arthur Koestler. Alan Grahame is a hard-drinking, middle-aged single father and poet leading a secretive life and escaping from a murky...

Simple Southend Sonnets And Some

by Joanie West

Simple Southend Sonnets And Some is a back seat view of life put to rhyme in an off the wall way. Or if one is "€œposh"€ anthology of modern observations,simply life.Lighthearted, Humorous,Ironic. And Dark.(some...

Statins Toxic Side Effects: Evidence from 500 scientific papers

by David Evans

This book uses evidence from 500 scientific papers that show, incontrovertibly, that statins not only do not improve health but cause actual harm and should be avoided. "€¢ The disturbing effects of statins...

Some Very Short Stories

by Kurt Stern

It is the author"€™s intention to keep these "€œVery Short Stories"€ as brief as possible so as not to bore the reader, rewarding him with a surprise and a twist in each one. All the events described...

Razor Smile - Comic Verse and Humerus Prose

by Alan Joynson

Razor Smile - A light hearted collection of poems, prose, jokes, song parodies and risqué comedy intended to cater for all ages in large, easy to read, print. Learn how the Hippo is a pretty bird and the fate...

Fourth Wall Syndrome

by Martin Gunn

Renowned psychoanalyst Doctor Barnabus Middlebrook has called a high powered clandestine meeting to discuss a patient of St. Claire's psychiatric hospital. The person in question is Alice Denham, a young woman...

Unexploded Love

by Paul Gait

A love triangle is already an explosive situation without the added complication of an unexploded bomb. But the Luftwaffe's 1944 legacy of a large bomb exposes a burgeoning romance and throws together the three...

Infinite Awakening - A Miraculous Journey for the Advanced Soul

by Jason Chan & Jane Rogers

Infinite Awakening explores how modern spiritual seekers can follow a genuine awakening spiritual path, whilst at the same time fulfilling their most treasured worldly dreams. This book demonstrates just how...

Prophetic Bible Study - Volume 3

by Andrew Ladipo

Prophetic Bible Study (Volume 3) is a devotional guide for a weekly Bible Study for a church, an individual or a group of Christians for one year. This Book can also be used as a daily devotion within the week...

Release of the Captured River

by Keith Price

Josh had no idea that his famous uncle Danny had suddenly returned home from California. How could he? He was teaching at a private school in England, having got as far away as possible from the scene of his...

History, Politics and Dreams

by Yannis Andricopoulos

This is a personal journey through history and politics on the back of the narrator"€™s own experiences in the two countries he has come to love most: Greece and England. The impact of momentous events over...

Sliding Down the Razor Blade of Life: The Autobiography of Geoff Daniels

by Geoffrey Daniels

Geoff Daniels, writes of the details of his many and varied times whilst teaching for over 30 years.Also of Hhs travels abroad as far as Alaska, and of his two wayward marriages. He ran a theatre school for...