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Dr. Ian Smith's Guide to Medical Websites

by Ian Smith

The amount of medical information available on the Internet is mindboggling, if not mind-numbing. And what do you find once you wade into these cyberwaters is often so contradictory, confusing, or suspect that...

Out There: One Man's Search for the Funniest Person on the Internet

by Henry Alford

Join investigative humorist Henry Alford as he navigates the wild world of internet personalities — celebrating individuals ranging from the movie reviewer Filthy Critic to the cartoonist Angry Little Asian...

The Valley of the Fallen: And Other Places

by Donald Katz

Few writers can match journalist Donald Katz’s ability to make an exotic locale familiar or transform an ordinary place into something peculiar if not completely weird. The Valley of the Fallen and Other Places...

Radical Sanity: Commonsense Advice for Uncommon People

by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Miss Wurtzel is back, and this time she's armed with advice for the modern woman. She's found the secret of life, and it's within everyone's reach.  It's about enjoying your mistakes.  It's about being strong.  It's  about...

How to Go to Therapy: Making the Most of Professional Help

by Carl Sherman

How do you choose among hundreds of available therapies—offered by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors—to help you conquer painful feelings, unbearable anxiety, dysfunctional relationships,...

Untruth: Why the Conventional Wisdom Is (Almost Always) Wrong

by Robert J. Samuelson

In Untruth, Newsweek and Washington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson explains why our political, economic and cultural debates so routinely traffic in misinformation--popular fads that, like meteors, momentarily...

Lights, Camera, Democracy!

by Lewis Lapham

For fifteen years, Lewis Lapham has written a monthly column in Harper's Magazine, for which he won a 1995 National Magazine Award for his "exhilarating point of view in an age of conformity." This major collection...

Army of She: Icelandic, Iconoclastic, Irrepressible Bjork

by Evelyn Mcdonnell

Wearing thick glasses, speaking in her thick Icelandic accent, and, well, seeming a touch thick, Bjork stormed the public consciousness in 2000 as an unlikely heroine in the experimental musical film Dancer...

Arguing A.I.: The Battle for Twenty-first-Century Science

by Sam Williams

Few scientific topics since the theory of biological evolution have inspired as much controversy as artificial intelligence has. Even now, fifty years after the term first made its appearance in academic journals,...

Because She Is Beautiful: A Novel

by Cameron Dougan

"Kim wondered: What had she ever truly sacrificed? She didn't believe in anything. Still, she had come this far. Had she ever relied on anyone? These men, their gifts-she had not asked for them. But she had...

Men Seeking Women: Love and Sex On-line

by Po Bronson, Richard Dooling & Eric Garcia

Men Seeking Women: Love and Sex On-line is an exciting and original collection of new short fiction by men about men seeking women, and women seeking men in the digital age.

The Internet revolution has altered...

Mistress Ruby Ties It Together: A Dominatrix Takes on Sex, Power, and the Secret Lives of Upstanding Citizens

by Robin Shamburg

Equal parts memoir, how-to and social satire, Mistress Ruby Ties it Together is a guided tour through New York's S underworld, where the author worked as a professional dominatrix to subsidize her writing career.  As...

The Godfather of Silicon Valley: Ron Conway and the Fall of the Dot-coms

by Gary Rivlin

Gary Rivlin tells the story of Ron Conway, the man who has placed more bets on Internet start-ups than anyone eise in Silicon Valley. Conway is a reader-friendly way into the realm of angel financing, where...

The King of the Ferret Leggers and Other True Stories

by Donald Katz

The King of the Ferret Leggers and Other True Stories collects journalist Donald Katz's most fascinating profiles of people whose lives tell us something about business, adventure, sports, politics, culture,...

Hair!: Mankind's Historic Quest to End Baldness

by Gersh Kuntzman

Hair! Mankind's Historic Quest to End Baldness is a social history of one of humanity's most irksome problems: male pattern baldness.

Throughout the centuries, Man (not his real name) has tried everything to...

Lost in Mongolia: Travels in Hollywood and Other Foreign Lands

by Tad Friend

Find yourself in the midst of a heated battle over a sitcom laugh track. Learn to get away with spectacular crimes. Get lost with the reindeer people in the mountains of Mongolia.

In Lost in Mongolia a collection...