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Take Me Home

by Daniela Sacerdoti

Praise for WATCH OVER ME by Daniela Sacerdoti

(1,000-plus  5-star reviews on Amazon, 475+ days in Kindle top 100):

'This has got to be the most touching and emotional book I've read this year. It is such...

Watch Over Me

by Daniela Sacerdoti

From the bestselling author of the Sarah Midnight Trilogy comes an instant classic – a beautiful and poignant love story about letting go and moving on.

Eilidh Lawson’s life has hit crisis point. Years of...

Blood on the Streets: A-Z of Glasgow Crime

by Robert Jeffrey

For more than a hundred years, Glasgow has been right up there in the major league of big-city crime. From Madelaine Smith and Oscar Slater, by way of the Bridgeton Billy Boys and the Norman Conks, through to...

Rikki Fulton''s the Reverend I.M: One Deity at a Time, Sweet Jesus: One Deity at a Time, Sweet Jesus

by Tony Roper & Rikki Fulton

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to church again, he’s back. As HM’s Church of Scotland minister, Jolly is in residence at Balmoral. You can tell because the flags at half-mast. But when Jolly’s...

The Steamie

by Tony Roper

When it first opened in 1987, The Steamie took the theatrical world by storm. Set during the 1950s, the play takes place on Hogmanay in a Glasgow public wash house or 'Steamie'. As the washing is done, four...

Celtic and Me

by Dominic Diamond

Dominik Diamond is never short of an opinion. And in his opinion Celtic FC is the greatest football club in the known universe. But through the years, his forthright opinions and his complete inability to keep...

Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone

by Andrew Symon

THE SHIAN QUEST CONCLUDES . . . Jack Shian is an extraordinary twelve-year-old – he belongs to a race of ‘otherworld’ creatures called Shian who possess incredible powers and live underneath Edinburgh Castle....

The Herald Diary 2014: Another Stoater

by Ken Smith

It’s a memorable year in Scotland. The country will vote on independence, Glasgow will welcome the world to the Commonwealth Games, and the world's best golfers battle it out in the Ryder Cup on Scottish soil....

Big Jock: The Real Jock Wallace

by David Leggat

Jock Wallace wasn’t just one of Scotland’s outstanding football managers – he was a legend. A larger-than-life character, a giant of a man and a real-life hero, Wallace lived an extraordinary life. Though...

Banged Up!: Doing Time in Britain's Toughest Jails

by David Leslie

The wartime double agent with a transmitter in his cell to contact suffragettes; the doctor hanged as he smiled to the farewells of lovers on the scaffold; the con who defied a gangland godfather and escaped...


by Daniela Sacerdoti

This is the gripping conclusion to the Sarah Midnight trilogy. The identity and location of the Enemy - the King of Shadows- have been revealed and Sarah has fully embraced the Midnight legacy and her own powers....

Bloody Scotland: Crime in 19th Century Scotland

by Malcolm Archibald

In the 19th century Scotland was depicted as a land of misty glens, engineering innovation and inventive genius. But Scotland was also the home of brutal murder, terrifying riots, child cruelty, bank robbery...

When Sorry Is Not Enough

by Millie Gray

In When Sorry Is Not Enough, the thrilling sequel to The Tangling of the Web, Sally Stuart’s adventures in post-war Leith continue. Four years on from discovering their true heritage, Sally and Luke have overcome...

Scotland Vs England 2014: What Will They Do Without Us?: What Will They Do Without Us?

by Ian Black

On 18 September 2014, a mere 700-and-a-bit years after the Battle of Bannockburn, the latest power struggle between Scotland and England will be over, one way or another – but this time probably without the...

The Almost Completely Ultimate Weegie Jokebook

by Ian Black

If there’s one thing that sets Weegies apart, it’s our sense of humour. Come crisis time, we not only laugh in the face of danger, but we spit on its shadow, follow it around, and occasionally set about...

Up Tae Ma Neck in Paperwork: Harry the Polis

by Harry Morris

The hilarious adventures of Harry the Polis, as recalled by ex-polis Harry Morris, the self-appointed Chief Constable of funny stories, continue with the publication of his seventh book, Up Tae my Neck in Paperwork....

Burning Ambition

Bluebirds Vs Jacks and Jacks Vs Bluebirds. Ian Black

by Ian Black

The rivalry between Cardiff and Swansea is one of the fiercest there is anywhere. Each city has its own point of view about the other and over the years their citizens have developed a fine line in humour. Now...

Clydesiders at War

by Margaret Thomson Davis

In the summer of 1939, as the storm clouds of war gather over Glasgow, the Gourlays and the Cartwrights are preparing themselves for the challenges of an uncertain future. The hard working Gourlays in their...

A Private Sorrow

by Maureen Reynolds

It’s been just over a year since the opening of McQueen’s Agency and already Molly is expanding the business. She’s determined to move forward with her life, renovating the flat above the agency and putting...