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Uncharted Seas

by Dennis Wheatley

In the face of an Atlantic hurricane, a boatload of mis-matched crew and passengers find themselves aboard a life-boat and must pit their strength against the rigours of the open sea. Tension mounts both inside...

Behind That Curtain

by Earl Der Biggers

Charlie Chan is in San Francisco for one week only - he absolutely must leave on Wednesday's boat to get back to Hawaii, where a new son awaits his return. Never mind that Sir Frederic Bruce, a former Scotland...

To the Devil, a Daughter

by Dennis Wheatley

Is it possible to undo a pact with the Devil?

A businessman makes a deal with a satanic clergymen, and has his daughter baptised into Satan�s church. Twenty-one years later, provided she is still a virgin,...

The Ka of Gifford Hillary

by Dennis Wheatley

I am in prison awaiting trial for the murder of my wife�s lover... My version of what occurred is so utterly fantastic that it is certain to be taken as an attempt by me to show that I am mad. But the doctors...

The Cat's Paw

by Natalie Sumner Lincoln

When Kitty's aunt and guardian is mysteriously murdered, the hunt is on for the killer. Through the tangles of a love triangle, jealousy, a terrible family secret and a hidden fortune, we follow Kitty in her...

Gateway to Hell

by Dennis Wheatley

The door was not locked, and opened easily. He switched on the light, and Richard followed him into the room. Nella lay on the bed. She had on the nightdress she had been lent, but the bedclothes had been pulled...

The Devil Rides Out

by Dennis Wheatley

The aristocratic Duke de Richleau faces new, sinister challenges in this macabre tale of the dark arts. When his good friend Simon Aron�s na�ve curiosity is tested, the Duke, along with his ever-patient...

Strange Conflict

by Dennis Wheatley

When the bombs fall on London, the elderly Duke de Richleau is forced to consider a problem of the utmost urgency. What methods are the Germans using to discover � with sinister effect � the secret routes...

The Call-Girls

by Arthur Koestler

In this novel the call-girls are the men and women of the international jet-set who, at the lift of a telephone, will fly from conference to congress to symposium to discuss subjects of world importance. This...

Mrs Rochester

by Hilary Bailey

'To be your wife is, for me, to be as happy as I can be on earth' - Jane Eyre's acceptance of Edward Rochester's proposal, but the return to Thornfield proves too much for Jane to bear.

The Dangerous Islands

by Ann Bridge

Julia Probyn-an old friend of many readers-is sailing off the west coast of Scotland. On the desolate island of Erinish Beg, she and her cousin are startled to see a sky-blue pole rise up out of the ground at...

The Trojan Horse

by Hammond Innes

Andrew Kilmartin was a quietly respectable lawyer working in the City of London. Until the day a wanted killer forced a way into his office.

Against all the odds, Kilmartin believed that Franz Schmidt was innocent....

Snakes and Ladders

by Dirk Bogarde

In Snakes and Ladders, the second instalment of Dirk Bogarde�s carefully observed autobiography, we are taken from the challenges of his army training camp, through the horrors of war, to his glittering �...

Death Before Breakfast

by George Bellairs

On her way to Church early one November morning, Mrs. Jump sees a dead body in the gutter in July Street. Fearing to investigate, she hurries on, but her conscience finally convinces her that she ought to return...

Death on the Last Train

by George Bellairs

Detective-Inspector Thomas Littlejohn of Scotland Yard is travelling to an assignment, exhausted after an arduous journey of delayed connections, when he finally catches the last train. But far from conveying...

A Postillion Struck by Lightning

by Dirk Bogarde

Following Bogarde from childhood through adolescence, to the beginnings of his budding career, A Postillion Struck By Lightning is a heartfelt memoir, offering insight into what created the drive and charisma...

The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware

by Dennis Wheatley

Sep 1809 - 1 Jan 1813

In 1809 Roger Brook went to Lisbon and became involved in the Peninsular War. While there he first met Lady Mary Ware, with unexpected results for both of them.

Later, events carried him...

Absolutely Now!: A Futurist's Journey to Her Inner Truth

by Lynne Franks

Lynne Franks is a legendary figure in international fashion and public relations and the inspiration for the outrageous and driven character of Edina on the cult television series, �Absolutely Fabulous.�...

Hire Me a Hearse

by Piers Marlowe

Whenever Wilma Haven decided to be wayward, she insisted that she was seen to be wayward. So perhaps she was merely being consistent when she hired a hearse before committing suicide, then proceeded to take...

Evil in a Mask

by Dennis Wheatley

Feb 1807 - Sep 1809

The Roger Brook stories continue with his saga through the years 1807-1809. Napoleon is at the height of his powers. By now the complete autocrat, lusting for more power, he had warred against...