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Lucy's Ordeal

by A.M. Scott

Lucy is a successful hotel manager. But her boss's son has it in for her and plants some jewels on her. Accused of theft, her only hope of rescuing her career lies in submitting to everything the hotel's staff...

Parisian Punishment

by Caroline Swift

The diaries of Janet, a poor girl from 17th century London continue her account of her erotic journey. Sold by her Mistress in England, she and her companion are taken to France where they must serve their new...

Cruel Pleasures

by Katherine Forbes

The Duke of Loughmore is an avid fan of the female boxing matches that were commonplace in 19th century London. After witnessing a particularly fine bout he decides to hold an evening of 'Games' at Lady Abigail's...

Please Save Me!

by Gerald Rochelle

It starts so innocently for Barbara. She sees a pornographic magazine in a waste paper basket and can't help picking it up to look at later. From there on she is on a steeply downhill path that leads to slavery....

Trapped and Tamed: Institute of Submission III

by Jordan Church

The staff of the Wallace Clinic know their business has a new owner, however, they have no idea who it is. Wayne Jones, now a free man is about to start spreading his wings - and the staff are going to find...

The Sufferers

by Caroline Swift

Joanne and Martine are helpless peasant girls taken in a raid on a religious minority in medieval France. They are both flogged and taken off to serve in a grim castle where the nobility disports itself with...

The Brotherhood

by Falconer Bridges

An ancient botherhood exists whose only purpose is to ensure that men retain power over women. They believe they have a holy mission to maintain man's mastery of women. Now this order has a new, young leader...


by Stephen Albrow

Helen is a beautiful young actress who is desperately looking for work. She attends an audition with a young avante garde director who is setting up a production of a play that explores the war of the sexes....

Amber in Chains

by Francine Whittaker

Amber Oakley-Dean is a self-confident and capable young lady. She knows what she wants from the men in her life and she gets it. She likes a bit of roughness with her sex, but nothing can prepare her for the...

Bad Blood

by Francine Whittaker & Sean O'Kane

This is pretty well unique in the annals of SM erotica; a real-life sub and a real-life dom combining to write a novel! Somehow Francine and Sean made it work however. And the end result provides some interesting...


by Sean O'Kane

In the distant history of the island of Alba, it was locked in a conflict with Eropia that was so catastrophic and so prolonged that the male population was decimated. This meant that the female population had...

The Story of Emma

by Sean O'Kane

The Story of Emma has sold more copies than almost any other book we have ever published. Some years ago a bundle papers arrived at our offices which were the diaries of a lady named Emma Stewart. We were unable...

Tales from The Lodge

by Falconer Bridges

The Lodge is the most secretive, exclusive and seductive of SM palaces. Set in parkland in the genteel English counryside, it offers discerning gentlemen the finest in female company. So it was an especial privilege...

Taming the Brat

by Sean O'Kane

The immoveable object meets the irresistable force! Alan Masterson, a patriotic Englishman is challenged to tame the tempestuous American heiress, Laura Andreotti. The struggle that ensues is erotic in the extreme....

Church of Chains

by Sean O'Kane

Paula Cheever, an ambitipus young policewoman, takes on a dangerous take-out role and is abducted from the streets by a fundamentalist religious group set on cleaning up the city streets. She finds herself surrounded...

Slaves of Irontown

by Adriana Arden

Mel opened her mouth to protest but then realised it was pointless. What she felt no longer mattered. She was just a numbered slave. Even her name had been taken from her.' Melanie Paget has just fallen foul...


by Gerald Rochelle

Deborah has only worked in her new job for a few days when she overhears a conversation in her boss's office. The content is disturbingly erotic and Deborah finds herself turned on by it. However her eaves dropping...

Cream of the Crop

by Josephine Scott

A series of short stories that vividly bring to life a whole range of heroines in differing situations, but who are united in their submissive sexuality. Josephine is a fine writer as well as a submissive woman...

The Confessions of Amy Mansfield

by Rachel Hurst

In the mid 19th century, Amy is married off to a trader in Africa and when revolt begins in the colony of Benin, she is sent to Lagos. On the way however her party is ambushed and she is captured by local warriors....

Little One

by Rachel Hurst

His hand carried on up her leg anyway, as she knew it would. Past the top of the black, seamed nylons Michael required her to wear these days, softly over the bare flesh of her inner thigh, on and up. There...