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The Eponym Dictionary of Birds

by Bo Beolens, Michael Watkins & Michael Grayson

Birdwatchers often come across bird names that include a person�s name, either in the vernacular (English) name or latinised in the scientific nomenclature. Such names are properly called eponyms, and few...

A History of Birdwatching in 100 Objects

by David Callahan & Dominic Mitchell

This book looks at 100 items that have profoundly shaped how people watched, studied and engaged with the avian world. Each item contains around 500 words on a double-page spread and include an illustration...

The Secret Lives of Puffins

by Dominic Couzens & Mark Sisson

Puffins are among the most instantly recognisable, iconic and well loved of birds. For many they are a highlight of the UK's summer coastline and their colourful appearance, comedy antics and approachability...

Woodpeckers of the World: The Complete Guide

by Gerard Gorman

Woodpeckers remain one of the most popular families of birds, and they are certainly one of the more unusual. Their legendary ability to excavate holes in wood is well known, and they are uniquely adapted for...

The Helm Guide to Bird Identification

by Keith Vinicombe & Alan Harris

This ebook covers difficult identification issues by looking at tricky species pairs or groups of birds, and comparing and contrasting their respective features. Designed as a field companion, it supplements...

The Birds of London

by Andrew Self

The parks, reservoirs, rooftops and gardens of London � here defined as the area within 20 miles of St Paul�s Cathedral � have a surprisingly rich avifauna, including a healthy population of one of Britain�s...

Cuckoos of the World

by Johannes Erritzøe & Clive F Mann

This authoritative handbook, part of the Helm Identification Guides series, looks in detail at the world's cuckoos, couas and coucals - the family Cuculidae. Famed as brood-parasites of other birds, the cuckoos...

Warblers of Europe, Asia and North Africa

by Kevin Baker

Warblers are the archetypal "little brown birds" that pose so many identification problems for birdwatchers. These problems are sometimes complicated by the fact that not all warblers are brown and small; some...

Kingfishers, Bee-Eaters and Rollers

by C. Hilary Fry & Kathie Fry

Dazzling in their beauty, many of the 123 species of kingfisher, bee-eater and roller are very poorly known. This reference provides a review of the group showing every species, all the main races and most sex...

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Birds . . . But Were Afraid to Ask

by Stephen Moss

This RSPB-endorsed book answers all those burning questions aboutbirds that beginners and experts alike may ask themselves as they goabout their birding. How do ducks keep their feet from freezing inwinter?...

Crows and Jays

by Steve Madge & Hilary Burn

In no other group of perching birds has evolution produced such a degree of variation as in the 120 species of crows and jays that inhabit the world today. They range from the tiny Hume's Ground-jay of the steppe-highlands...

Tracks and Signs of the Birds of Britain and Europe

by David Lees & John Ferguson

Featuring updated data for this second edition, this is a field guideto the tracks and signs of European birds. It describes, with colourillustrations, the many physical signs that can be found in the field.From...

Nightjars: A Guide to Nightjars and Related Birds

by Nigel Cleere & Dave Nurney

The nightjars and their allies are amongst the most difficult of all birds to identify. Being strictly nocturnal and cryptically patterned in shades of brown, it is often necessary to rely on size, shape, habitat...


by Peter Clement & Ren Hathway

This book is devoted to the 162 species of thrush, one of the most widespread and well-known families of birds in the world. Identification and distribution are fully covered and the description makes reference...

Skuas and Jaegers

by Klaus Malling Olsen & Hans Larsson

Skuas are a wide-ranging group of seabirds; some are found as far south as the Antarctic and others in the Arctic regions of the world. They are one of the most challenging groups of birds to identify because...


by Hans Winkler & David A. Christie

Like the other guides in the acclaimed series of International Bird Identification guides originated by Christopher Helm, Woodpeckers is comprehensive and definitive. It covers all 198 species of woodpeckers...

Buntings and Sparrows

by Clive Byers & Urban Olsson

Covers all the buntings (Palearctic) and sparrows (Nearctic) - 108 species - of the Holarctic region. These birds are members of the sub-family emberizinae, and are represented in nearly every habitat in the...

Storks, Ibises and Spoonbills of the World

by James Hancock & James A. Kushlan

Some of the world's largest and most spectacular birds are to be found among this group of wading birds. Tragically, they also include many of the world's most endangered species, as changes in land use erode...

The Herons Handbook

by James Hancock & James A. Kushlan

In this book, the only complete review of the world's herons currently in print, James Hancock distills his knowledge into a concise review of all 47 species and recognized subspecies. The text comprises a thumbnail...

New World Warblers

by Jon Curson & David Beadle

Following the same format as other book in the series, this guide to North American wood warblers, the parulinae, looks at their distribution throughout the USA and into Central and South America. It contains...