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The Golden Age (Czech Literature Series)

by Michal Ajvaz & Andrew Oakland

Heir to the philosophical-fantastical tradition of Borges, Calvino, and Perec, The Golden Age is Michal Ajvaz’s greatest and most ambitious work.

From out of the City

by John Kelly

Dublin, some years from now, and the President of the United States has just been assassinated during a state dinner in his honour. The official account has already taken hold but a hawk-eyed octogenarian named...


by Dror Burstein & Todd Hasak-Lowy

The "plot" of Dror Burstein's dazzling meditation consists of nothing more than the author's lying on a bench, looking up at the night sky. What results from this simple action is, however, a monologue whose...


by Igor Vishnevetsky & Andrew Bromfield

Closing the gap between the contemporary Russian novel and the masterpieces of the early Soviet avant-garde, this masterful mixture of prose and poetry, excerpts from private letters and diaries, and quotes...

Aliss at the Fire

by Jon Fosse & Damion Searls

A visionary masterpiece from “the new Ibsen.”

Best European Fiction 2014

by Drago Jancar

Year five of the Best European Fiction series brings another crop of cutting-edge short stories from across the continent.

At Least We Can Apologize

by Lee Ki-ho & Christopher Joseph Dykas

A kaleidoscope of minor nuisances and major grievances, this novel heralds a new comic voice in Korean letters.

A Most Ambiguous Sunday and Other Stories

by Jung Young-moon, Yewon Jung & Louis Vinciguerra

Considered an eccentric in the traditional Korean literary world and often compared to Kafka, Jung Young-moon’s short stories have nonetheless won numerous readers both in Korea and abroad. 

House with a Sunken Courtyard

by Kim Won-il & Ji-moon Suh

An occasionally terrifying and always vivid portrayal of what it was like to live as a refugee immediately after the end of the Korean War. 

My Son's Girlfriend

by Jung Mi Kyung & Yu Young-nan

At once an ironic portrayal of contemporary Korea and an intimate exploration of heartache, alienation, and nostalgia, this collection of seven short stories has earned the author widespread critical acclaim. ...

Lonesome You

by Park Wan-suh & Elizabeth Haejin Yoon

In this collection by a canonical figure in Korean literature, meditations upon life in old age come to the fore—at its best, accompanied by great beauty and compassion; at its worst by a cynicism that nonetheless...

No One Writes Back

by Eunjin Jang & Yewon Jung

Communication—or the lack thereof—is the subject of this sly update of the picaresque.


by Kim Joo-Young, Louis Vinciguerra & Inrae You Vinciguerra

Hailed by critics, Stingray has been described by its author as “a critical biography of my loving mother.”  

One Spoon on This Earth

by Hyun Ki-young & Jennifer M. Lee

An autobiographical novel that takes a life to pieces, One Spoon on this Earth stands a sort of digest of contemporary Korean history as it might be seen through the lens of one man’s life and opinions.

When Adam Opens His Eyes

by Jang Jung-il, Sun-Ae Hwang & Horace Jeffery Hodges

First published in 1990, this is a sensational and highly controversial novel by one of Korea’s most electrifying contemporary authors, which plows through contemporaneous Korean mores with aplomb.


by Brigitte Lozerec'H & Betsy Wing

Mathilde Lewly—a female painter at the dawn of the twentieth century—has achieved notoriety among the Parisian avant-garde. She and her husband, also a talented young artist, pursue their separate visions...

The Soil

by Yi Kwang-su, Horace Jeffery Hodges & Sun-Ae Hwang

A major, never before translated novel by the author of Mujông / The Heartless—often called the first modern Korean novel.

The Word "Desire"

by Rikki Ducornet

From Algeria to Egypt to Italy to France, these stories range across many centuries and cultures and all demonstrate time and again why Rikki Ducornet has been called "one of the most interesting American writers...

The Fountains of Neptune

by Rikki Ducornet

A lyrical exploration of memory and imagination.

Errors of Young Tjaz

by Florjan Lipu? & Michael Biggins

With its echoes of fellow Austrian novelist Robert Musil’s novella Young Törless, and of Günter Grass’s The Tin Drum, Florjan Lipuš’s Young Tjaž, first published in 1972, helped moved the critique...