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Out of Work

by Greg Mulcahy

Stories of the downtrodden 90's written with both authority and language and structure that are uncommon.

A Different Bed Every Time

by Jac Jemc

A thief steals the air from a room. Children invent a nursery rhyme to make sense of their fate, and a band of girls rots from the outside in. These characters stumble through joy and murder and confusion, only...

The Old Reactor

by David Ohle

Moldenke is sent to the "free" prison town at Altobello with an indeterminate sentence. He has a rare bowel condition. Altobello is full of "Jellyheads" and features an old nuclear reactor on the edge of town....

Offerings From a Rust Belt Jockey

by Andy Plattner

Long time jockey Carl Arvo knows the things he can have and the things he cannot. An unexpected turn of fortune gives him the chance to be with a woman, Christine Fleming, who in some ways is the person he's...

Peter Doyle

by John Vernon

On St. Helena island in 1821 a mysterious doctor removes Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis from his corpse while in the next room his loyal lieutenants brag about their dead emperor’s merciless cruelty. Fifty years...

Lindbergh's Son

by John Vernon

“All this began long before I died,” says the brain in a jar that narrates John Vernon’s second novel. The brain once belonged to Charles Cooper, a 55-year-old water engineer in upstate New York, and has...

Greetings from Duluth: Essays on Destruction

by B.J. Hollars

Join B.J. Hollars as he takes readers on a whirlwind tour of destruction: from Fort Wayne’s almost-obliteration at the hands of Adolf Hitler, to Tuscaloosa’s 2011 tornado, and finally, to a triple lynching...

Half a Look of Cain

by William Goyen

Part fable and part rhapsodic exploration of desire and loss, Half a Look of Cain bears Goyen's unmistakable artistic signature on every page. Told as a series of nested episodes, the novel is narrated alternately...

The Guild of Saint Cooper

by Shya Scanlon

An obscure author, drawn in by the mysterious Guild of Saint Cooper, must rewrite the history of a dying city. But the changes become greater than those he set out to make, and the story quickly unspools backward...

Come, the Restorer

by William Goyen

Goyen's fifth novel is a fable of sexuality, Texas country life in the first half of the twentieth century, religious revivalism, and the money madness and ecological destruction caused by the oil boom. The...

A Book of Jesus

by William Goyen

A non-fiction work by Goyen--his attempt to explain who Jesus Christ was utilizing Christ's own words.

Had I a Hundred Mouths: New and Selected Stories 1947-1983

by William Goyen

Goyen's final collection of stories, putting together selections from his long career as well as some of his newer works. Published in tandem with a new novel after about a decade of publishing silence. The...

The Baby Tree

by Erin McGraw

Pastor Kate Gussey, with her husband Ned, provides a home for the homeless, helps build houses for the needy, and turns a willing hand and sturdy good humor wherever there is a need. But when her ex-husband...

Who is Teddy Villaneuva?

by Thomas Berger

In Who Is Teddy Villanova?, Mr. Berger turns for the first time to the private-eye thriller, as practiced by the masters Hammett and Chandler. The seedy office . . . the down-at-heel detective . . . and more....

Killing Time

by Thomas Berger

Killing Time is a psychological novel about crime. The hero, Joseph Detweiler, is the world’s most courteous, sensitive, sincere, and likable killer. He is even innocent of the fact that a crime has been committed....

Robert Crews

by Thomas Berger

With the humor, irony, and veteran storytelling that have made him one of America’s most respected novelists, Thomas Berger has written a modern-day Robinson Crusoe.


“Mr. Berger possesses the defining...

Reinhart in Love

by Thomas Berger

Carlo Reinhart returns home from service in occupied Germany and finds the postwar US a different world: housing developments, gadget technology, a physical and spiritual malaise that boom times evoke.


Regiment of Women

by Thomas Berger

Once again, Thomas Berger brings a satiric and irreverent perspective to the human experience, evoking a world that most dare not even imagine and effectively dismantling all existing definitions of sex and...

Changing the Past

by Thomas Berger

Changing the Past plays on the horror of having your wishes come true. It is a black comedy of the finest kind.


“Berger begins his latest novel by stating, “Not even God can change the past.” But Berger...

Shores of Refuge: a Hundred Years of Jewish Emigration

by Ronald Sanders

"This work is virtually divided into two parts: that dealing with mass emigration, 1881-1923, and that from 1924 to the present. Ironically though, the story ends where it begins, with the plight of Jews in...