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Wheels Within Wheels

by Dervla Murphy

What is it that makes us who we are? In this beautifully written and searingly honest autobiography, the intrepid cyclist and traveller Dervla Murphy remembers her richly unconventional first thirty years. She...

Far Away & Long Ago

by W H Hudson & Nicholas Shakespeare

Seen through the eyes of a young boy, the Argentine pampas was a land of freedom and endless exploration. In scintillating detail Hudson recalls its wild artichoke thistles, temporary lakes, spectacular storms,...

Mother Land

by Dmetri Kakmi

Mother Land is an autobiographical novel, a minutely remembered description of childhood on an Aegean island, marked by the furious opposition of hostile yet neighbouring cultures. Dmetri Kakmi was born into...

Transit of Venus

by Julian Evans

With the potent myths of the Pacific Ocean in mind, Julian Evans journeys ever deeper into a world of gin-clear lagoons, palms and sand, in search of both remnants of the fabulous kingdoms of the nineteenth-century...

The Living Goddess

by Isabella Tree

In a small medieval palace on Kathmandu's Durbar Square lives Nepal's famous Living Goddess "€“a child as young as three who is chosen from a caste of Buddhist goldsmiths to watch over the country and protect...

A Place Apart

by Dervla Murphy

At the height of The Troubles, Dervla Murphy cycled to Northern Ireland to try to understand the situation by speaking to people on either side of the divide. She also sought to interrogate her own opinions...

Dark Journey

by Irfan Orga

Dark Journey is the disturbing, fast-paced story of a young Turkish woman's descent towards moral annihilation in the early twentieth century "€“one part Maupassant, one part One Thousand and One Nights. In...

Between River and Sea

by Dervla Murphy

Dervla Murphy describes with passionate honesty the experience of her most recent journeys into Israel and Palestine. In cramped Haifa high-rises, in homes in the settlements and in a refugee camp on the West...

Common Stream

by Rowland Parker

This is the story of a village in East Anglia, astride its common stream "€“ a saga of continuity and change which stretches back two thousand years. Rowland Parker tells the story of those who lived and died...

Reed Shaken by the Wind

by Gavin Maxwell

The Marsh Arabs were one of the most isolated communities in the world. Few outsiders, let alone Europeans, had been permitted to travel through their homeland, a mass of tiny islands lost in a wilderness of...

A Month by the Sea

by Dervla Murphy & Avi Shlaim

Over the summer of 2011, Dervla Murphy spent a month in the Gaza Strip. She met liberals and Islamists, Hamas and Fatah supporters, rich and poor. Through reported conversations she creates a vivid picture of...

Morocco That Was

by Walter Harris & James Chandler

Until 1912 Morocco had never suffered foreign domination, and its mountainous interior was as closed to foreigners as Tibet. Walter Harris was the exception. He lived in the country for more than thirty-five...

When Miss Emmie was in Russia

by Harvey Pitcher

Through the prism of the experiences of five British governesses working in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century, Harvey Pitcher paints a rich and intimate portrait of pre Revolutionary Russian society...

Where the Indus is Young

by Dervla Murphy

In Where the Indus is Young , Dervla Murphy's indomitable will is matched by that of four-footed Hallam and her six-year-old daughter Rachel. Together they make a mockery of fear, trekking through the awe-inspiring...

Portrait of a Turkish Family

by Irfan Orga & Ates Orga

Irfan Orga was born into a prosperous family in the twilight of the Ottoman Empire. His mother was a beauty, married at thirteen, who lived in the seclusion of a harem, as befitted a Turkish woman of her class....

A Pattern of Islands

by Arthur Grimble

Arthur Grimble was sent to the Gilbert and Ellice islands as a colonial administrator in the twilight of the Edwardian era. He lived there for the next twenty-five years and developed a rare passion for the...

The People of Providence

by Tony Parker & Clare Vaughan

Over a period of eighteen months in the early 1980s, Tony Parker interviewed the residents of a housing estate in South London. He succeeded in getting a wide assortment of personalities to talk freely "€“a...

The Pharaoh's Shadow

by Anthony Sattin

In a ruined temple on the Nile, Anthony Sattin sees a woman praying to the gods of ancient Egypt to bless her with a child. Later in central Cairo he experiences the exuberant celebrations of a saint's day and...

Scum of the Earth

by Arthur Koestler & Roland Laqueur

At the beginning of the Second World War, Koestler was living in the south of France working on Darkness at Noon. After retreating to Paris he was imprisoned by the French as an undesirable alien even though...

A Year in Jamaica

by Diana Lewes & Nicholas Noble

A Year in Jamaica is a complex memoir telling the story of two simultaneous journeys: Diana Lewes's 1889 trip from England to visit her family's sugar plantations in the Caribbean and, more intriguingly, the...