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The Two Martini Diet

by Jerry Sorlucco

Following arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, Jerry Sorlucco faced a choice: Lose weight, or face artificial knee replacements. His surgeon laid it on the line; to avoid the knife he would have to lose a...

Will Grant: Guardian

by David Dale

"My first manuscript of five in the Guardian series begins the adventure and challenges of Will Grant who has accepted the role of a Guardian, the first one on Planet Earth. His primary task is to try and save...

Hours Have No Days

by Alejandro Canton-Dutari

"After his wife's death, Doc decides to complete the touring they had planned." "Throughout sojourns to Nepal, the US and Brazil he questions his sexual orientation without searching for an answer." "A former...

A Study of Monsters

by Quixote Merillees

"Small-town America, no gangs, no graffiti, but the all-white kids are ankle deep in drugs and kinky sex. Fear is palpable, and a hot-tempered deputy learns the town is suffering under a power clique with a...

Missionary Cay

by Donna McDougall

"When Sheila Woods boards the plane in Toronto to fly to The Bahamas little does she know how her life will change over the next nine months. She has rented a house in the quiet fishing village of Rocky Point...

Pearls: Advice for the Path of Spiritual Awakening

by Ken Mellor

Synopsis: Pearls by Ken Mellor is a wise companion that we can take with us on our paths through life to spiritual awakening. Each of the 60 pearls offers us the opportunity to pause and reflect on aspects of...

Zero Time

by M. P. Swinnerton

Synopsis: An everyday, ordinary man is clunked on the head by a lump of masonry, putting him into a deep coma. During his comatose state, he becomes Zon, leader of Planet Zero. --- In his new world, Zon copes...

A Humanistic Approach to Coaching Wrestling

by Ed Onorato

Ed Onoratowas inducted into the Pennsylvania Wrestling Hall of Fame and The Behrend College Hall of Fame. He coached one Catholic State Champ at Lancaster Catholic High School. At Penn State Behrend, they won...

Whispering Palms

by R. S. Charles

Synopsis: What better way to study the strengths and frailties of human behavior than to place a complex cast of characters onto a remote, secluded Caribbean Island that has been lost in time? How will the disparate...

The Folksinger and His Songs

by J. B. DiNizo

Synopsis: Using the New Jersey towns of Somerville and Newton as settings, J.B. DiNizo writes of two talented childhood friends who go on to become famous musicians. One of them dies tragically and the other...

Cracked Right Through

by Jonathan Bayley

Synopsis: This is the cruel but comic story of a well-intentioned amateur who trips over the official system of professional mental health care. Alan Main retires as a science teacher and volunteers in a mental...

Remember... in your dreams?

by Alejandro Canton-Dutari

Synopsis: When his last grandson was born, grandfather was concerned about the possibility that his wife's sojourn in this world would be forgotten, as she left too early in life. ---- He decided to create an...

Of Good and Evil

by Gerald G. Griffin

Synopsis: Ron Sheffield, a gifted but tormented Green Beret, plagued by suicidal guilt because of his "special" abilities, is discharged from the army for going "crazy." Immediately, he is brutally beaten and...

The Bitter Vetch

by D. L. Calvin

Synopsis: A psychiatrist who is also a FBI profiler suffers a severe emotional trauma when he finds the badly beaten body of his girlfriend. Her murder pushes him over the edge which eventually leads to acute...

Gaia and Tityas: What Homo Sapiens Have Done

by Denis Frith

Synopsis: Gaia is the gigantic organism that has evolved on Planet Earth. It is the mountains, plains, forests, grasslands, deserts and rivers. It is the climate and ocean currents. It hosts the creatures that...


by Sean W. Watman

Synopsis: Jack is a normal teenager, but when a fight ends his life he is spared but must live on Tereer, a world filled with magic and wonder. He soon discovers that this new world is dangerous, even deadly....

Conscious of Guilt

by Roger Boutwell


The extraordinarily intense novel Conscious of Guilt enters the mind of a man who has been pushed to the very limits. Seventy-year-old Eric Brand is a struggling pensioner living in London with his...

A Parent's Catechism: Passing on the Catholic Faith

by Dana Paul Robinson

Synopsis: Eloquently written, A Parent's Catechism: Passing on the Catholic Faith by Dana Paul Robinson offers an articulate review of Catholicism as a faith and a way of life. --- Presented in three parts based...

If It Weren't for the Laughter, Life Would Be a Scream Random Recollections and Amusing Musings on the Hidden Humor of Everyday

by Kathryn Olszonowicz

Synopsis: Anguish and strife can often fill our lives, but if we let ourselves dwell on the negative aspects, we fail to see all of the beauty and humor that is also an integral part of living. This collection...

Deadlier Than the Male

by Fred Maddox

Synopsis: Peter Milton would never forget the nerve jarring sound of that cell door slamming shut behind him. It was just deserts for this devious man, so consumed by dreams of wealth and power, he rode roughshod...