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The Reiki Way To Inner Peace: A 21 Day Guided Journey

by Karen Colley

This is a guide to deepening and strengthening your connection to the Reiki energy and to bringing about inner peace. You will be shown many different ways you can use Reiki to experience healing in your own...

The Adventures of Pilot Officer Pratt.: A sort of autobiography. Episode 1

by Peter Pratt

Peter Pratt is a normal lad. He has no direction in life, is a mediocre achiever and has no real plan as to the way forward. He is in his late teens and, on a whim, visits a Royal Air Force recruitment office...

The Ryder Chronicles: Can Sarah uncover her horse's mysterious past?

by Vicki Sach

When it came to buying her first horse, Sarah Ryder broke every rule in the book. She thought 'Solomon's Gold' was the horse of her dreams, but later discovered he'd been drugged by a rogue dealer the day she...

Finding Your True Life Purpose: Knowing Yourself

by Raymond Desmarais

Before You or any person can find True Happiness in their lives; all must know what their True Life Purpose really is for themselves. This book has undergone an extensive revision, to include the missing piece,...

Klick, the Dick

by Milam Smith

The premiere adventure of Fort Worth private investigator, Clyde Klick. Even though he's a PI - aka a 'Dick' - Klick considers himself a blue-collar worker chasing the American Dream: Wife, kids, home.... Unfortunately,...

Automatic Poker: A Short Stacker's Guide To Winning Poker

by Jim James

Learning online cash game poker is traditionally done through trial and error and by reading a hodgepodge of poker books, articles, and forums. Your average person will burn through a sizable amount of money...

Defend Yourself (In A Zombie Apocalypse)

by Sean Ramey

Sean Ramey's "Defend Yourself (In A Zombie Apocalypse)" is a follow-up to his much-lauded "Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary)." Ramey's intention for his newest book is to equip the living with the necessary...

DEFEND YOURSELF: (No Experience Necessary) Seven Basic Steps to Self-Protection and Empowerment

by Sean Ramey

Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary) is a breakthrough book in the self-defense genre. Unlike many systems that are too complicated for the average person, author Sean Ramey has assembled a series of seven...

The Marriage Manual: Biblical Instructions for Marriage

by Mike Clark

God wants marriages to succeed. He established marriage and shares in His book the Bible the foundation to marriage to keep it strong and maturing in His love. Discover God's key truths about marriage to build...

Petalwink Learns To Fly

by Angela Sage Larsen

In this delightful and heart-warming tale of adventure, persistence, hope and self-discovery, Petalwink the Fairy is aided by her well-meaning forest friends as she struggles to learn to fly. Harry Bass, Francis...

Nominigan and Other Smoke Lake Jewels

by Gaye Clemson

ABOUT THE BOOK Located off of Highway 60 at the 14-kilometer signpost Smoke Lake is one of the largest and deepest in Algonquin Park. Measuring about seven kilometres long, with a depth of a little less than...

Straight From The Onion Vine  Book 1  Between: Book 1.  Between

by Jody Scottsmith

"Straight from The Onion Vine" takes place in a small town. It could be one in New England, where Jody Scott-Smith now lives. Or more like Anchorage, Kentucky, east of Louisville where she grew up. As a nurse,...

Johnny Hockey And The Case Of The Rink Thief

by Kristin Tuttle

Fifteen-year-old Johnny Orson can't wait to play in this weekend's elite hockey tournament. Not only is this a chance for his team, the Missouri Eagles, to prove they can compete with some of the best teams...

MASS EXTINCTION: Tales from the Ankhologies

by Brock Roberts

Cataclysm. The concept has haunted humanity since the beginning of time. Provoked by the promise of deific wrath or ecological annihilation, our greatest fears are based on apocalyptic threats to our existence....

Youth Power: A legacy of hope which transcends ethnicity, culture and time

by Catherine Dorsette

Do you sometimes wonder why God allows certain things to happen to you, especially when you know that He can stop them? Have you ever felt like God's demands on your life as a young Christian person are particularly...

LOOK A LIKE 101: Celebrity Impersonators and Look A Likes

by Greg M Thompson

Greg M Thompson has been a professional entertainer since he was a teenager. In 1999, he added "celebrity impersonator" to his list of talents. He accidentally fell into the role of "producer" when he and his...

From Transplant to Transformation: The Journey of A Mother Who Gave The Gift of Life Twice

by Louise Camilleri

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Louise's mission begins with a true interest in being of service to others and teaching people how to live to their highest potential through holistic means. This was learned through her experience...

Peter Pan

by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan is a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. A mischievous boy who can fly and never ages, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of...

Alice in Wonderland

by Jade Pearson

Literary Classic by Lewis Carroll

Canoe Tripping in Algonquin - Then & Now

by Gaye I Clemson

In late September in 1903, Ernest Machado, a 35-year old Boston architect, his older brother José, brother-in-law Alfred Whitman and three park rangers headed out from Canoe Lake on a twelve-day canoe trip...