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The Journal, Lost Memoirs from the Civil War

by Beth Harlow

When Mary gave a journal to her fiancé in 1861 before he left for war, neither of them had any idea how many hands would write in it over the next four years. The little book travels back and forth across enemy...

Church Gossip

by Kelli Bolton

Sherry Collins was the perfect example of "a Christian young woman". She excelled in high school and was granted a full scholarship to attend any college in Georgia, a nice change of pace from her Columbus,...

Mormonism: A Life Under False Pretenses

by Lee B Baker

After three decades of exceptional service in many leadership positions within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Bishop Lee B. Baker found the time to actually study the official history and the...

A Sociopath Beside Me

by Junie Moon

A Sociopath Beside Me is a true story about my life with a sociopath and the devastating circumstances he created for his many victims. This personal journey leads to the discovery that a sociopath was in our...

The Good Book and the Big Book

by Dick B

According to A.A.'s "Basic Text," Alcoholics Anonymous (affectionately known within A.A. as "the Big Book"), early A.A. achieved an astounding 75% success rate among "seemingly-hopeless," "medically-incurable,"...

Is He Right for You? How to Attract a Loving Partner

by Tisha Hallett

You will learn specific ways to move on from past relationships. You will be taught step-by-step how to use Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, to help you get over what is referred to as love pain. EFT is considered...

Look Like Man, Think Like God

by Robert Jones

Do you feel as though you're sinking and drowning in life? Have the storms of life been holding you back? If so, then this book is a must-read for you. I have fought and won many battles against the darkness...

A Texas Crossroads Bar & Grill

by Trish Butte Varner

I own a small town bar and grill in the heart of Nowhere, Texas. My name is Mac McIntyre. My bar and I play host to the numerous characters passing through. First there's Hank, a well-known country and western...

Then Suddenly: From the Wilderness to the Promise

by Kevin E Quinones

We all go through a wilderness journey... various times in our lives. This journey entails a variety of trials and adverse situations that we have to endure in order to see the promises of God fulfilled...

The Five Eternal Values

by Christopher Alan Anderson

A listing and explanation of the eternal values which permeate our lives and, when brought to consciousnes, anchor successful thought and action.

The Madonna Ghost

by Linda Frank

Young Annie Tillery and her Aunt Jill set off for Long Island's Fire Island for a vacation of beach adventures. Annie wishes to leave behind the stress of her relationship with her parents. Aunt Jill, who is...

Harry Potter Places : Snitch-Seeking in Southern England and Wales

Harry Potter Places #3

by C.D. Miller

Harry Potter Places Book Three--Snitch-Seeking in Southern England and Wales is the third of five travel guidebooks designed to help Potterites visit the POTTERVERSE: the real-life places described in J.K. Rowling's...

Living A Transformed LIfe

by Kevin West

In January 1997 Kevin West faces himself and the consequences of drifting far from his faith. Knowing that his misdeed at work will ultimately lead to imprisonment, he can only cry out to God. And God's answer...

The Dawning of the End of Time

by I. Charles Williams

In recent months we have seen record droughts, floods, cold and heat. There have been natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes that have not only been devastating, but occurring in places never seen...

Heaven or Hell

by Patricia Elliott

Is heaven a real place? Is hell a real place? Where are heaven and hell located and what are they really like? People are willing to believe that heaven is genuine, but have a difficult time reconciling that...

FMCG: The Power of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

by Greg Thain & John Bradley

This book is a history of the some of the world's most famous brands, from humble beginnings to current exalted status, from smudged, kitchen-table pamphlets to $ multi-million ad campaigns, from backyard experiments...

Bartholomew Nelson and the World of Zathya: The Prince and The Heir

by Antonio Gilyard

Bartholomew Nelson lived an average, boring life until a stranger reveals a simple secret that changes everything. That secret will shape who Bart becomes. With magic, elves, and much more awaiting him in a...

The Grief Poet

by G. A. Cuddy

On the eve of their executions, three of history's most tyrannical figures encounter poet Karl Shapiro and enter a philosophical discourse that will further illuminate their devious impact on humanity. With...


by N. S. Franklin

What is the truth behind our existence? Does every decision lay the groundwork for our life or is each person's future predestined? Have we lived, or can we ever live, in other times or parallel universes? And...

Sacred Flesh: Memoirs of a Modern Concubine

by Vicky Lee

This is the true story of a 13 year old child who has a profound vision in the middle of the night to become a preacher. She graduates U.C. Berkeley at age 20 with honors bent on entering Harvard Divinity as...