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Collide: When Your Desires Meet God's Heart

by Ben Dailey

A collision with God's heart isn't the end of your life's dream. It's the beginning.

No More Fear: Break the Power of Intimidation In 40 Days

by Ashley Evans

In No More Fear, Ashley Evans will take you on a forty-day journey to confront your fears, to better understand who God is and the authority He gives you, and to start down the path that leads to victory.

Dancing with My Daddy: Every Daughter S Journey

by Valery Murphy

Dancing with My Daddy contrasts both the endearing and imperfect and explores how each of us can grow and learn from life's relationships, as we see our Abba ('Daddy') in Heaven a little more clearly.

Adult Teacher

by Gospel Publishing House

A year's worth of curriculum for Spirit-filled living that gives you 52 adult lessons. Lessons offer commentary on the Scriptures for each week, along with suggestions for how students can apply them. Includes...

Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches: And 12 More Things They Never Told Me About Church Planting

by Trinity Jordan

Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches reveals the secrets on church planting so leaders will have the insight and confidence to complete their mission to see God's glory reflected in changed lives.

Amazing Faith

by Wilfredo de Jesús

When we let Him, God fills our hearts with His love, strength, and purpose, and we become complete.

Alpha & Omega!

by Craig Schutt

This is it! Is this Rover's last stand? Will Lucy's nightmares come true? Who will end up with Horatio's journal? Will Otto save the day or ruin it? Be here for all the answes in our action-packed final issue....

The Armor of God!

by Craig Schutt

The end is near as everyone heads toward Holsom for a final, fateful confrontation. Lucy's worst fears may be realized, Rover makes an unexpected announcement, and Jorge faces betrayal most foul.

All The King's Men!

by Craig Schutt

Rover and company hitch a ride aboard a train, hoping to reach Holsom before Horatio's other robots tear the town to pieces. Meanwhile, Jordan, Noah, Shelby, Tabby and Lucy try to avoid getting smashed by flying...

Double Exposure!

by Craig Schutt

It's a beautiful day for a parade, and the little town of Holsom is celebrating the first annual JD Raye Festival even as JD's agents are digging up Horatio's "evil" robots. Plus, Jake finally tells the whole...

Robot Season!

by Craig Schutt

Mouse's parents find out their son has been missing for days and Lucy has a fateful confrontation with Jake. Meanwhile the chase is on when Ruben and Ralph finally close in on Rover, Mouse, Jorge, and Wendy....


by Craig Schutt

Has Wendy run away from home, too? Can Jordan and Tabitha actually become friends in spite of their differences? Will the sheriff and Otto Farless join forces? Find the answers to these questions and more.

Fear Factors!

by Craig Schutt

Lucy deals with evil-robot nightmares, while Jordan stands up for Tabitha during an ugly game of dodgeball. Meanwhile, JD looks for more robots, and Mouse and Jorge get an unexpected surprise.

Law & Disorder

by Craig Schutt

The sheriff of Holsom spends a late night reviewing all the evidence: Does he believe a giant robot ran off with Mouse and Jorge? Plus, we get a revealing glimpse at Horatio's journal and Lucy's diary.

Cry Wolf!

by Craig Schutt

As Ralph and Ruben close in on their prey, Mouse and Jorge discover something in the deep woods that might be scarier than anything they've faced before. Find out if even Rover can be frightened.


by Craig Schutt

While the town searches above ground, 50 feet below Lucy runs for her life from two decidedly unfriendly robots. Meanwhile, Rover teaches Mouse and Jorge about Moses and the burning bush.


by Craig Schutt

What's worse than being alone, lost in a huge cave? Or what's worse than being traced down by Constance Vile? Everyone's hunting for the answers, but not one's going to like what they find.


by Craig Schutt

Can even sliver-tongued JD explain his way out of this one? Just how far can Rover actually fly? And what happened to Lucy when the ceiling collapsed?


by Craig Schutt

The old saying is: "Be careful what you wish for-it might come true." JD Raye understands the truth to those words when he finally stands face-to-face with Rover.

Chopax Goes To Church!?

by Craig Schutt

Mouse gets a most unexpected and unwelcome visit from JD Raye! But that's not nearly as shocking as the strange visitor who shows up at the local church.