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Preparing for Marriage: Discover God's Plan for a Lifetime of Love

by David Boehi, Brent Nelson & Dennis Rainey

It can be tempting, for couples who are engaged, to focus on planning their wedding day and ignore preparations for the lifetime commitment that begins after the cake is cut. Now, with this revised and updated...

The Old Testament: Junior High Group Study

by Kara Powell

Through the Old Testament, we find out why God made us and the world. But many youth leaders aren’t sure how to introduce these stories to their junior high students. Uncommon: The Old Testament, which begins...

Friends Without Benefits: What Teens Need to Know about a Great Sex Life

by Ron Luce

Teens today face a bombardment of the glorification of promiscuous sex from every side. From MTV images and music lyrics to television programs popular with teens, the message communicated is that everyone is...

Uncommon Missions & Service Projects

by Jim Burns

Teens love to reach out and help others in need. Some just do not know it yet! Uncommon Missions & Service Projects, part of a series of resources and group studies developed by youth ministry veteran Jim Burns,...

Today is the First Day: Daily Encouragement on the Journey to Weight Loss and Balanced Life

by Carole Lewis

This 365 day devotional is an invaluable resource for more than half a million successful First Place 4 Health users, as well as anyone who simply wants a generous, daily dose of spiritual enrichment. Written...

Jesus Is with Me: Discover the Treasure of Jesus' Presence in Your Life

by Gospel Light

Do your young people need encouragement? This study on Moses and Joseph demonstrates how God is with us, even in the worst situations! Since “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews...

Dealing with Stress and Crisis: High School Group Study

by Jim Burns

Today’s teens deal with stresses that most of us never imagined when we were in high school: teen depression, suicide, AIDS and other STDs, pornography at the click of a mouse. Many teenagers feel stressed...

Jesus Is with Us: The Treasure of Jesus' Presence in Your Life

by Gospel Light

Ever had things crash in around you? Moses, Joseph and other heroes of the Bible did! But “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). God provided then, and He provides today....

Start Losing, Start Living

by First Place 4 Health & Carole Lewis

Start Losing, Start Living, a First Place 4 Health Bible Study, draws on the biblical example of the Israelite’s conquest of the Promised Land to show how you, like Joshua and the Israelites can grasp hold...

Dealing with Pressure and Change: Junior High Group Study

by Kara Powell

Physical and emotional changes in junior high make kids feel like strangers even to themselves, and the pressures of family life, friendships and school that don’t seem to ever let up. How can youth leaders...

A Thankful Heart

by First Place 4 Health

For those struggling with out-of-control eating habits, meditating on God’s attributes, His promises and His unfailing love gives rise to joy and thanksgiving. Readers of this First Place 4 Health Bible study...

From Anger to Intimacy Study Guide: How Forgiveness can Transform Your Marriage

by Gary Smalley & Ted Cunningham

Did you know that spiritual, emotional, physical and relational exhaustion lead to, ANGER? And unresolved anger leads to sin. All couples deal with anger and how they respond (stuff it, spew it or study it),...

Uncommon Object Lessons and Discussion Starters

by Jim Burns

Teens learn best when they talk with each other . . . not when you talk at them. A discussion in which youth discover truths for themselves, with youth leader guidance, is a powerful experience that will stay...

Uncommon Dramas, Skits and Sketches

by Jim Burns

When a Bible story or sermon is brought to life with a professional, punchy performance, the ending is always happy! UNCOMMON Dramas, Skits and Sketches is an all-in-one, easy-to-use handbook for producing unforgettable...

Uncommon Worship Experiences

by Jim Burns

Worship is so much more than singing in church—it’s an opportunity to draw close to God, which is a necessity for anyone who seeks true intimacy with Him. Yet many teens struggle with surrendering themselves...

Uncommon Stories and Illustrations

by Jim Burns

The best communicators have something in common, they have an incredible ability to illustrate truth through an appropriate story. They are following in the footsteps of the Master Teacher, Jesus, who often...

As Long as We Both Shall Live Study Guide: Experiencing the Marriage You've Always Wanted

by Dr. Gary Smalley & Mr. Ted Cunningham

Everyone has expectations, but not everyone acknowledges them. In marriage, unrecognized expectations can be especially dangerous—when couples expect each other to be and act a certain way without communicating...

Uncommon Games and Icebreakers

by Jim Burns

Youth workers can turn their youth groups into dynamic, exciting events that kids will actually look forward to with the great ideas found in Uncommon Games and Icebreakers. In this practical resource, leaders...

Uncommon Bible Study, Outlines & Messages

by Jim Burns

In Uncommon Bible Study Outlines and Messages, Jim Burns equips leaders with great Bible study topics and message ideas to use with youth groups. Whether chosen as the main focus of the youth meeting or used...

Connecting with God: A Teen Mania Devotional

by Ron Luce

Since 1986, Ron Luce and Teen Mania have held huge events reaching millions of teens with the message of living completely abandoned lives for Christ. With the hearts, minds and loyalties of today’s teens...