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Dacia: Land of Transylvania, Cornerstone of Ancient Eastern Europe

by Ion Grumeza

This book tells the little known story of Dacia, the powerful and rich land that became Transylvania and Romania. This book revives the Dacian history and contributes to our understanding of the region as it...

Sisterly Love: Women of Note in Pennsylvania History

by Marie A. Conn & Thérèse McGuire

Sisterly Love tells the stories of women who have made or are making significant contributions to Pennsylvania history, from the state’s early decades to the present day. In these essays you will meet artists,...

Each Branch, Each Needle: An Anecdotal Memoir

by H.A. Dorfman

This book is the story of Harvey Dorfman, who rose from a childhood sickbed to experience numerous successes in the world of sports. Dorfman has been a teacher, coach, counselor, and a consultant in sport psychology....

'We Are Going to Pick Potatoes': Norway and the Holocaust, The Untold Story

by Irene Levin Berman

This book tells of growing up Jewish in Norway during and after WWII. As a young child, the author escaped from the Nazis to neutral Sweden with her immediate family. The author's identity as a Norwegian and...

Women of Uncommon Valor: Life Stories of Women from Birmingham, Alabama

by Geraldine Watts Bell

This book discusses women who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the various endeavors through which they have fulfilled their lives and contributed to the city of Birmingham. Despite experiencing...

To Be an Actress

by Nava Shean

This book traces Nava Shean's life on the stage, providing a first-hand account of life in Terezin concentration camp and the incredible artistic activity under the shadow of the transports to the death camps....

Armageddon Postponed: A Different View of Nuclear Weapons

by Theodore Caplow

Since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, tens of thousands of nuclear weapons manufactured by governments around the world. None have been used so far, and the absence of nuclear war among armed nations...

Someone Out There Is Listening: The Life of Eddie Hazell, Jazz Guitar-Vocalist

by Ed Petkus

This is the story of Eddie Hazell, a jazz guitarist/vocalist with unique style unmatched in the last half century. Hazell's story is about the vicissitudes of the music business and accomplishing goals. Eddie...

Bobby Brown and Richie Blue: A Spiritual Memoir

by Richard Penaskovic

This is the story of a set of twins and their unique perspective on life. The book discusses topics ranging from the pre-and post-Vatican II church and religious life, urban life in the 1950s, the antinomies...

Accidental Soldier: A Reserve Officer at West Point in the Vietnam Era

by Richard B. Schwartz

This book depicts the author's military experiences during the Vietnam Era, first as an ROTC cadet at the University of Notre Dame and finally as an Army veteran teaching in Madison, Wisconsin, focusing upon...

The Scalping of the Great Sioux Nation: A Review of My Life on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations

by Philip E. Davis

This book recalls the author's early upbringing and education on two Indian reservations. Davis assesses the policies of the United States government regarding the status of Indians in society, and relates the...

Henry Roe Cloud: A Biography

by David W. Messer

This book tells the story of Henry Roe Cloud, the first Native American to graduate from Yale. His contributions to theological inquiry, the education of Native Americans, and the formulation of government policies...

Hold Fast the Mountain Pass: A Work of Historical Fiction about the Life and World of Nikos Kazantzakis

by Theodora Vasils

This book narrates Kazantzakis' life -- his poverty, his life in exile, his struggle as a writer groping for a 'voice,' and describes the conditions under which that voice brought forth the prolific range of...

Freedom in Religion or Freedom from Religion: The Great American Cultural War between Traditionalists and Secularists

by James Larry Hood

This book explores the argument between Traditionalists and Secularists over religion and their very different understandings of the meaning of freedom. Does the old religion, the western tradition as manifested...

A Journey on My Own: A Youth from Hitler's Germany Strives to Claim His American Identity

by Eric H. Vieler

This book is story of the author, an American raised in Hitler's Germany, where he saw the persecution of Jewish neighbors and experienced the bombing of cities. Vieler tells of his experiences during WWII before...

Copying It Down: An Anecdotal Memoir

by H.A. Dorfman

This book, the second of three volumes, is the story of Harvey Dorfman, who rose from a childhood sickbed to experience a numerous successes in the world of sports. Dorfman has been a teacher, coach, counselor,...

Flyover Country: Baby Boomers and Their Stories

by Christopher Harper

This book focuses on a group of baby boomers who graduated from high school in 1969, entering the world in a time of turbulence to fight in Vietnam, to protest against that war, to find jobs, to have families,...

A Physician Under the Nazis: Memoirs of Henry Glenwick

by David Glenwick

This memoir focuses on Henry Glenwick's experiences as a physician in Russian-occupied Ukraine after the outbreak of World War II, his return to the Warsaw ghetto, and his subsequent journey through labor and...

Becoming a Mensch: Timeless Talmudic Ethics for Everyone

by Ronald Pies

This 'user's guide' to becoming a better person takes readers through a process of personal growth by means of modern-day vignettes that draw upon the Talmud's ancient wisdom. Readers of any or no faith learn...

Children of Separation and Loss

by Gertrude Pollitt

Gertrude Pollitt recounts the challenges of her adventurous life. After a privileged childhood in Vienna, she fled the Nazis, survived the London Blitz, helped war-traumatized children in Germany, and emigrated...