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The Wrangler

by Pamela Britton

Time's running out for Samantha Davies.

If it's the last thing she does before losing her sight completely, she has got to find out whether Montana's wild, Baer Mountain mustangs are real or simply the stuff...

The Would-Be Mommy

by Jacqueline Diamond

From the moment he arrives at Safe Harbor Medical, Ian Martin is on infant overload. But the story he's covering gets a lot more interesting when the adventure-seeking reporter meets Jennifer Serra, an intriguing...

With This Ring

by Lee McKenzie

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas… In July?

Brent Borden has always imagined that Leslie Durrance is happy on her pedestal. Until she runs—in the midst of a rainstorm, dripping diamonds, wedding dress...

A Wife in Wyoming

by Lynnette Kent


Ford Marshall returns to Wyoming temporarily to help his brothers run the Circle M. He's looking forward to some hard work, but also peace and quiet—until Caroline Donnelly hijacks his ranch for...

A Wedding for Baby

by Laura Marie Altom

It's been six months since Gabby Craig's boyfriend left her high and dry…and pregnant. But she can't get away from his eccentric though well-meaning family! And now Dane Bocelli—handsome, responsible Judge...

Wanted: One Mommy

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Caroline Mayer has made a successful career out of planning everybody's wedding but her own. But this is the first time she's been asked to stop one!

Jack Gaines is certain his mother's impending nuptials are...

Walker: The Rodeo Legend

by Rebecca Winters

Out of nowhere, Walker Cody swoops in and saves Paula Olsen's toddler son from a dog bite. Before she can properly thank him, the handsome Iraq War veteran fades into the crowd.

Walker's in training to retake...

Waiting for Baby

by Cathy McDavid

Lilly Russo is thrilled—and terrified—to be pregnant. First it's a bit of a shock that her brief affair with the owner of Bear Creek Ranch, Jake Tucker, led to a new life growing inside her. But there are...

The Virgin's Secret Marriage

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Once upon a time, hockey player Joe Hart fell in love with sweet, beautiful Emma Donovan. But then Joe discovered that Emma's father owned the NHL team he played for. Heartbroken, angry and kicked off the team,...

The Virgin Bride Said, "Wow!"

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Kelsey Lockhart had been the black sheep “baby” sister of the family since forever. Fickle, stubbornly single…the only virgin in the great state of Texas, she was sure! But she'd never needed a man—till...

Vanessa's Match

by Judy Christenberry

To Vanessa Shaw nothing is more important than family, especially since her recent reunion with her long-lost brother and sisters. So when she's asked to counsel a troubled teen, she puts everything into restoring...

An Unlikely Mommy

by Tanya Michaels

As Joyous, Tennessee's only female mechanic, Ronnie Carter is more used to fixing carburetors than dressing for a date. So when Jason McDeere asks her out, she's thrown into a panic! Not only is the handsome...

An Unexpected Father

by Lisa Ruff

After a decade on the road, single mom Mimi Green gives up her rock star dreams and goes home to Crab Creek, Maryland. Her troubled son needs stability. Grandparents. A good school and friends his own age.


Unexpected Bride

by Lisa Childs

Always A Bridesmaid?

Only her best friend's impending nuptials could bring Abby Hamilton back to her Michigan hometown. But when the bride runs away, the wedding reception turns into an unexpected homecoming...

The Ultimate Texas Bachelor

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

After his made-for-TV romance goes bust, Brad McCabe hightails it back home to Laramie, Texas. Swearing off women—and the press—he works tirelessly with his brother to get the Lazy M Ranch up and running....

The Twins' Rodeo Rider

by Tina Leonard


Suz Hawthorne was always a rebel. But falling for Navy SEAL Cisco Grant—when Bridesmaids Creek legend already chose him as destined for another woman—borders on sedition. For a small...

Twins for the Teacher

by Michele Dunaway

Getting involved with her students' father is a definite no-no, but elementary school teacher Jolie Tomlinson is finding it hard to resist sexy widower Hank Friesen.

And she's falling in love with his ten-year-old...

Twin Surprise

by Jacqueline Diamond

The scars from Marta Lawson's near-fatal accident have faded, but she still doubts her ability to attract a man— never mind one as handsome as the Villazon police department's Derek Reed. But when the sergeant...

The Twin

by Jan Hudson

The Outlaw clan has always been tight, so Sunny Outlaw Payton and her sister, Cassidy, assumed the family didn't want anything to do with the "illegitimate" twins. All that changes one day when Sunny is welcomed...

Trouble in Tennessee

by Tanya Michaels

People who knew Treble James called her Trouble. Although she'd returned to Joyous, Tennessee, to help her sister through a rough pregnancy, the townsfolk expected their former wild child to get bored and run...