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The Mistress

by Maya Banks


Mistress. It sounded so sordid, so impersonal, so far removed from the kind of relationship Marley Jameson had with Greek hotel magnate Chrysander Anetakis. What she thought she had. Until...

Your Bed or Mine?

by Joss Wood

Breaking her man-ban! 

Tori Phillips has spent years looking for The One. Unfortunately she's never been able to find the right one—and when she catches her latest Mr. Wrong in flagrante with another woman...

You Can't Fight a Royal Attraction

by Ruchi Vasudeva

The last thing Rihaan needs in his life is to play a host to a woman who drives him crazy! Saira is gorgeous, yes, but she's also widly infuriating. Yet every time she comes within an inch of him he finds his...

You Call This Romance!? & Are You for Real?

by Barbara Daly

Two lighthearted, sexy looks at what happens when fantasy and reality collide!

You Call This Romance!? by Barbara Daly

Lights, camera…oops!

Cabot Brennen might be the sexiest man travel agent Faith Sumner has...

Yesterday's Scandal

by Gina Wilkins

A mysterious stranger has come to town…

Former cop, Mac Cordero, was going undercover one last time to find and extract revenge on the man who fathered, then abandoned him. All he knew was that the man's name...

Without a Clue

by Trish Jensen

What do you mean your house?

Since her aborted wedding, Meg Renshaw's thrown everything into her work. But her latest brainstorm—a mystery weekend at a Charleston plantation—hits a few bumps. For one, her "corpse"...

Wish with the Candles

by Betty Neels


Emma Hastings was a splendid theater sister, and the devastatingly handsome Dutch surgeon Justin Teylingen was certainly aware of her talents. During his visit to her hospital, Justin...

Winter of Change

by Betty Neels

He was her guardian angel

At twenty-one, Mary Jane Pettigrew was perfectly capable of looking after herself, but it came as quite a surprise to discover she had inherited a large house and an income to go with...

Window Dressing

by Nikki Rivers

Sometimes Reality Bites…

Lauren Campbell thought she knew where she was going. After dropping her son off at college, she'd have four years to live out her dreams and plan the future. But she'd been so living...

Wicked Caprice

by Anne Mather

Was Isobel Herriot a marriage-breaker? Patrick Shannon's sister certainly believed her husband was having a torrid affair with Isobel. But when Patrick paid a visit to Isobel's Cotswold craft shop he couldn't...

Why Is Murder on the Menu, Anyway?

by Stevi Mittman

"What is it with you and murder victims?"

When Drew Scoones asks the questions, Teddi Bayer listens. Her latest decorating job for a restaurant spoiled by a murder, Ms. Bayer might just have to submit to the...

Who's the Daddy?

Who's the Boss? & Her Perfect Stranger

by Jill Shalvis

In these two fan-favorite stories from New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis, there's more happening in the office than just work!

Who's the Boss?

Having inherited nothing but a stack of bills, Caitlin...

Who Wants to Marry a Heartthrob?

by Stephanie Doyle

The Perfect Reality TV Show…

The Cast

1) One buff, self-centered former soap star

2)Fifteen excessively ambitious beauties

3)One mouthwash sponsor (fresh breath is important)

4)One very driven advertising executive...

Who Rides a Tiger

by Anne Mather

"Who rides the tiger dare not dismount" goes the Chinese saying…and Dominique felt the proverb could well apply to her strange, impulsive marriage to Vincente Santos. She dared not dismount from the tiger she...

Who Needs Decaf?

by Tanya Michaels

Hmm…give me something tall, dark and full-bodied

Sheryl Dayton needs two cups of high-octane java to fuel her from morning-face-and-hair to PR Executive chic—not to mention an endless supply to keep her psyched...

White Rose of Winter

by Anne Mather

Six years ago Julie's world had turned upside down; she had married Michael Pemberton and left England—and Robert.

Now Michael was dead, and Julie and her small daughter, Emma, had come home again—only to...

Whisper of Darkness

by Anne Mather

Joanna didn't know what to expect…

Necessity forced Joanna Seton to accept a position as governess to Jake Sheldon's daughter. She set out for Ravensgarth, his farm in the Lake District, with a determination...

Where's Stanley?

by Donna Fasano

If her husband turned up alive—she'd kill him!

Explaining to the seriously sexy cop why she hadn't noticed her husband missing for three days was both embarrassing and sobering. But the day Fiona Rowland lifted...

When Two Paths Meet

by Betty Neels

He had saved her, but he didn't love her

Katherine Marsh was practically a slave to her brother's family in the small English country village where she lived. Then she met Dr. Jason Fitzroy—and fell instantly...