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Miles Davis

by Brian Morton

Miles Davis (1926-91) was one of the great jazz musicians, bandleaders and composers.  His recordings include several of the most acclaimed and popular jazz album, from the relaxed style of Birth of the Cool...


by Jean Goulbourne

Jean Coulbourne's novel for young adults, JANICE, is a moving moral tale for our times. Schoolgirl Janice, in the care of her single mother, with a father in prison, leaves the poverty and crime of the ghetto...

C L R James: Cricket's Philosopher King

by Dave Renton

Known as ‘The Cricketing Marxist’, Cyril Lionel Robert James (1901–89) was one of the leading black intellectuals of the 20th century, a Marxist theorist of the first rank, and also one of the finest writers...

TULA - The Revolt

by Jeroen Leinders & Brian Doyle

Tula – The Revolt is a true story and is based on historical facts and the film of the same name. Curacao 1795, Tula, a slave on the Kenepa plantation on Curacao, is convinced that God made all human beings...

Dew Angels

by Melanie Schwapp

Dew Angels is a heartbreaking, courageous novel of broken lives healed through courage and hope. From the day she was born Nola Chambers is rejected by those she should most trust. Born with dark skin into a...

White Squall on the Land -: Narratives of Resilient Caribbean People

by Hilary Robertson-Hickling

White Squall on the Land- Narratives of Resilient Caribbean People, represents the synthesis of thinking about Caribbean Migration, and mental health. The book links the experience of the home community in the...

Memoirs of A Karate Fighter

by Ralph Robb

Memoirs of a Karate Fighter is a hard-hitting account of karate training during the 1980s in one of Europe's toughest dojos. In this gripping story, Ralph Robb gives an insight into the training methods and...

MORE THAN A GAME: A Story About Football and other Stuff

by Sylvester Young

MORE THAN A GAME tells it how it really was for black football players a generation ago. Set in 1980s Wolverhampton, Sabina Park Rangers became the first team of black players to reach the final of the Watney’s...

A Pair of Jeans and other stories

by Qaisra Shahraz

In this vibrant and moving collection of short stories by award winning author Quaisra Shahraz, she demonstrates yet again her abilities for storyline and plot which are always gripping - The Elopement, The...

My Aunt and The Potted Plant and Other Stories

by Jean Goulbourne

Set in Jamaica after the close of the Second World War, Jean Goubourne’s short stories describe the rural town in which she grew up, and the local gossip and tales that were passed down the generations. She...

The Mists of Simla

by Balraj Khanna

The year is 1962, and young cricket-player Rahul Kapoor has just passed his final exam to enter college in Simla, in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. Built by the English as their summer playground,...

Eye of The Eagle

by Bai Hun & Nicky Harman

Eye of the Eagle depicts the degradation of the lives of migrant workers in China, in this case, open–cast miners.

The Chocolate Shop Perverts

by Ernest Alanki

Sixteen-year-old Martin runs away from home in Newcastle, he is hoping for a completely fresh start. Jobless, nearly hopeless, each day he goes to the Chocolate Shop - a café near Edinburgh Castle – with...

Caribbean Chemistry: Tales from St Kitts

by Christopher Vanier

Ah, to be an embryo again. Christopher Vanier's story begins where we all do, conception. Set in 1940s and 1950s on the Caribbean island of St Kitts and beset by a troubled colonial legacy, both Christopher...

The Argentinian Virgin

by Jim Williams

The Argentinian Virgin is a sensuous novel of jealousy and betrayal set in the Riviera summer 1941. Four  glamorous young Americans  find themselves whiling away the days in the boredom of a small Riviera...

Patrice Lumumba: Africa's Lost Leader

by Leo Zeilig

Patrice Lumumba (1925-61) is perhaps the most famous leader of the African independence movement.  After his murder in 1961 he became an icon of anti-imperialist struggle.  His picture was brandished on demonstrations...

Kiskadee Girl

by Maggie Harris

Powerful forces surge through British Guiana as it transforms into independent Guyana, South American forest a bare step away from the towns. Old World chilly proprieties smack against everything the New World...

In the Spirit of McPhineas Lata and Other Stories

by Lauri Kubuitsile

In many of these stories, there is as sense that things are not as they seem: a woman’s husband-to-be has a questionable past and a voluptuous stranger’s beauty belies her malevolence. Characters are shaped...

Mary Seacole

by Ron Ramdin

Mary Seacole was born in Jamaica in 1805.  She came to England in the hope of serving as a nurse in the Crimean War.  Through sheer tenacity she eventually travelled to the Crimea with a letter of introduction...

The Cost of Sugar

by Cynthia McLeod

The Cost of Sugar is an intriguing history of those rabid times in Dutch Surinam between 1765-1779 when sugar was king. Told through the eyes of two Jewish step sisters, Eliza and Sarith, descendants of the...