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Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand

by Mark Pirie & Tim Jones

Prose writers have had it their own way for too long. At last, here is an anthology of poetry from New Zealand that captures the essence of science fiction: aliens, space travel, time travel, the end of the...

A Place to Read: Life and Books

by Michael Cohen

In this essay collection, Michael Cohen tells us about his surprise encounter with the remains of Frida Kahlo, about his father's murder, and about his son's close shave with death on the highway. His subjects...

Convent Mermaid

by Rod Usher

Rod Usher's third collection, Convent Mermaid, is full of wit and sadness, love and loss. Many of the poems spring from his long experience as a journalist, novelist and from years of living and working in Europe....

Second Thoughts

by Rod Oakman

B N Oakman finds poetry in the ordinary, the exotic, the political and the aesthetic. No head of State or classical film is safe from his exacting eye, which yields refreshing insights about subjects we thought...


by Peter Kay

It's 1991. Rob Ross, an ad executive, is suffering a moral crisis in his high rise office when his dead father slips through the window to ask Rob to help film an exposé of the Darwin bombing. Rob finds himself...


by Margaret Owen Ruckert

Winner of the 2012 IP Picks Best Poetry Award, musefood is modern, savvy and sharp-tongued verse at its best. Ruckert's musings on women in contemporary life explore a subject not often visited through verse....

The Terrorist

by Barry Levy

Ben Fine is no ordinary Australian... but these aren't exactly ordinary times. A clash of cultures has beset the world: George W. Bush has declared the War on Terror, and the Fines, a Jewish family with a dog...

Even Grimmer Tales

by Valerie Volk & Leszek Hermanowicz

Adult fairy tales - not for the faint-hearted, indeed! Valerie Volk has transported and adapted many of the classic Brothers Grimm tales into a modern context, demonstrating that the "real" can sometimes be...

Flaubert's Drum

by Sugu Pillay

Sugu Pillay's thought provoking work shifts effortlessly between New Zealand - with a seamless integration of Maori themes - and Asian locales, especially India, but is also informed by classical thinkers and...

Schadenvale Road

by Chris Mansell

Schadenvale Road is a place that exists in all the secret hearts. In these stories, old women rebel, God is chained but breaks free, lovers accidentally kill each other, friends are saviours and the world is...

Words Flower from One to Another

by Amelia Fielden & Saeko Ogi

Two of Australia's most accomplished tanka artists collaborate in this bi-lingual (English / Japanese) collection. Saeko Ogi, whose primary language is Japanese but who is at home in English, and Amelia Fielden,...

Letters to My Lover from a Small Mountain Town

by Heather Taylor Johnson

Heather Taylor Johnson's poetry captures the immediacy of a crisp Rocky Mountains landscape and the moments of intimacy we wish we could freeze-frame. This is a celebration of clean air, snow and sunflowers,...

Maisie and the Black Cat Band

by E. A. Gleeson

E. A. Gleeson has that rare talent of lifting a moment of intimacy into the realm of universal truth, of capturing instances of recollection and infusing them with emotion and thoughtful language where every...

Sound and Bundy

by Amelia Walker

In 2006, the posthumously-published works of little known poet Jason Silver caused a minor sensation on the Adelaide literary scene. His surreal, image-laden writings offered a raw, confronting portrait of his...

Ultra Soundings

by Duncan Richardson

Like travellers from fabled lands, voices come telling tales, sometimes shocking, sometimes familiar, sometimes magnetic, like echoes, like ultra soundings... Duncan Richardson's poetry can be fanciful like...

Deep in the Valley of Tea Bowls

by Kathy Kituai & Fergus Stewart

What do a poet and a potter have in common? Isn't the daily task of working with clay, be it plugging, glazing or trimming pots ready to be fired in the kiln much the same as writing zero drafts in a journal...

Poetry of the Earth: Mapuche Trilingual Anthology

by Juan Garrido Salgado, Victor Cifuentes Palacios & Jaime Luis Huenún Villa

A new trilingual book brings together some of the most important and exciting Mapuche poets from Chile. Poetry of the Earth: Mapuche Trilingual Anthology is a remarkable collection of poetry in Mapudugun, Spanish...

In My Days and in My Sleep

by Rebecca Kylie Law

Rebecca Kylie Law's poems reflect her views as a practising Catholic while contemplating subjects ranging from nature and love to philosophy and social history. She captures elements of the creation - flowers,...

Tongues of Ash

by Keith Westwater

Keith Westwater's poetry arises from his appreciation and love of the New Zealand landscape. Well-travelled throughout the land, the poet evokes memories as he revisits places invested with emotion, history...

Edge Music

by Stuart Cooke

Edge Music explores what it means to talk about, and to write on, the edges of Australian landscapes - be they geographical or historical. Responding to a complex, globally engaged nation, this innovative book...