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Bigfoot Beginnings: Short stories about close encounters of the Sasquatch kind (Human Origins Series, Backstories, Vol. 1)

by Lisa A Shiel

Before they set out on The Hunt for Bigfoot...

Before they met the Lord of the Dead...

Charlie, Rick, and Katy have never seen a Bigfoot. Yet soon each of them will, separately, experience something inexplicable...

Traces of Bigfoot: Short Stories about Believers, a Skeptic, and the Sasquatch (Human Origins Series: Backstories, Vol. 1 & 2)

by Lisa A Shiel

What would you sacrifice to prove Bigfoot exists?

Charlie, his son Rick, and his protégé Katy will soon discover just how high the cost is-though not in dollars and cents. Thousands of people around the world...

Faces of Bigfoot: Short Stories about the Unexpected Results When Human Meets Sasquatch

by Lisa A Shiel

Do you know Bigfoot?

Everyone has heard of the mysterious creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, yet their very existence remains unproven. What then can we really know about Bigfoot? In this collection of...

Rather Shorts: Six Short Tales of Crime in a Small Texas Town

by Walt Shiel

A Fort Worth detective finds contentment as a small-town police chief.

Orin Cage left a 15-year career with the Fort Worth PD to become Chief of Police in the small North Texas town of Rather. Glad to have escaped...

Willpower (Psychic Crossroads, Book 1)

by Anna Durand

Grace Powell lives a mundane life in Texas -- until one day a crazed man assaults her outside her home, shouting warnings about an unknown enemy. Soon Grace finds herself caught in a web of conspiracy far bigger...

The Falls: A Fantasy Romance Story

by Anna Durand

When Lindsey stumbles onto a dead body, she thinks her day can't get any weirder. Then she sees a gorgeous naked man fleeing the scene and, naturally, she pursues him - straight into another world, where romance...

Forbidden Bigfoot: Exposing the Controversial Truth about Sasquatch, Stick Signs, UFOs, Human Origins, and the Strange Phenomena in Our Own Backyards

by Lisa A. Shiel

Mysterious footprints. Eerie screams. For centuries, if not longer, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters with the bizarre beasts responsible for mystifying us with the tantalizing evidence...

Rough War

by Walt Shiel & Walter J. Boyne

Rough War: Finalist in the 2012 USA Best Book Awards in the Military History category and Finalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Military category!


"One of the most unusual...

Backyard Phenomena: Personal Experiences with Stick Signs, Mane Braiding, and Other Mysteries Surrounding Bigfoot (Forbidden Bigfoot, Part Three)

by Lisa A. Shiel

Is Bigfoot just an ape, or something more?

Countless books and television documentaries present a limited view of the Bigfoot mystery, telling us these creatures are simply an unrecognized species of ape. The...

Confronting Sasquatch: Short Fiction about Bigfoot, the Deep Woods, and the People Who Encounter a Legend

by Lisa A. Shiel & Kerrie Shiel

If you stood face-to-face with a legend, what would you do?

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti...Known by many names in many nations, these mysterious creatures haunt the world's empty places and our imaginations. Science...

Bigfoot, Mummies, and Aliens: The Human Origins Series Collection (Books 1-4 with Backstories Vol. & 2)

by Lisa A Shiel & Kerrie Shiel

Does Bigfoot exist? Have aliens visited Earth? Where did human beings come from? Known as the Human Origins Project, a team of international adventurers scours the globe seeking answers to these very questions....

Revenge of the Ancient Ones: A Novel of Adventure, Romance & the Battle to Save the Human Race (Human Origins Series, Book 4)

by Lisa A. Shiel & Kerrie Shiel

For thousands of years, an alien race called the Aten have sought a relic that holds the key to their plans for total dominion over humanity. Now, desperate to control the relic's power, they will stop at nothing...

The Bigfoot Effect: Short Stories about the Personal Cost of Believing in a Legend (Human Origins Series: Backstories, Vol. 2)

by Lisa A Shiel

What is the cost of believing in Bigfoot?

Charlie has risked his academic career-and his relationship with his son-to pursue the legendary creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Charlie's son Rick thinks Bigfoot...

Reflections: Six Short Stories about Life and Its Obstacles

by Walt Shiel

Six short stories of people confronting the obstacles that life has dropped in the paths of their pursuit of happiness. All were originally published in Walt Shiel's 2005 eclectic short story collection Pilots...

The Faces of Bigfoot Collection: Short Stories about the Sasquatch Phenomenon

by Lisa A Shiel

Will you find Bigfoot - or will Bigfoot find you?

Debate continues to swirl around the question of whether the creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch really exist. Yet at the heart of every mystery lies a solution,...

Flights Beyond Forever : Five Short Stories from the Mystical, Magical Side of Aviation

by Walt Shiel

Five short stories that take aviation fiction into the realms of the supernatural and mystical, all written by veteran military and civilian pilot Walt Shiel. Includes a bonus story ("By a Nose") from his Rather...

Faces of Bigfoot 2: Short Stories About the Human Side of the Sasquatch Phenomenon

by Lisa A Shiel

What lurks in the wilderness?

April is lost in the woods, but she's not alone...

Roger has an intruder in his barn, but not of the variety he thinks...

Evan is looking for excitement, but he gets more than he bargained...

Top Secret Sasquatch: Exposing the True Nature of Bigfoot and Its Controversial Connections to UFOs, the Fossil Record, and Human History (Forbidden B

by Lisa A Shiel

What is Bigfoot?

For decades, Bigfoot researchers have struggled to answer this basic question. Sightings of the mysterious creature date back hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years-yet ultimate proof of Bigfoot's...

Creature of Controversy: A candid look at the hidden world of Bigfoot research and the men and women who hunt for a legend (Forbidden Bigfoot, Part On

by Lisa A Shiel

Is Bigfoot real or a hoax?

For most people, this is the most controversial question surrounding Bigfoot. But to the folks who study Bigfoot -- interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and analyzing the data...

Lord of the Dead: A Novel of Adventure & Romance (Human Origins Series, Book 2)

by Lisa A Shiel & Kerrie Shiel

"Incredible high adventure. The pace is frenetic and the story lends plausibility to a number of evolution theories." -- Bob Spears, Heartland Reviews

"Life and death situations, narrow escapes, mysterious characters...