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Will it Liberate ?: Questions About Liberation Theology

by Michael Novak

Michael Novak's work is challenging. We often disagree sharply in out interpretations and assessments of liberation theology, but he raises important issues which call for clarification and response.

Through a Fiery Trial

by Bob Arnebeck

Historians have dismissed the ten years it took to ready the new capital as nothing more than man's inability to tame a swamp. In a brilliant narrative Bob Arnebeck shows how with slave axe-men, lawyers' writs,...

Naked Racial Preference: The Case Against Affirmative Action

by Carl Cohen

From landmark court cases on affirmative action to their consequences, a study on why such preferences are morally wrong, unlawful, and indefensible.

The Ferocious Engine of Democracy: A History of the American Presidency

by Michael P. Riccards

Opinions will vary widely on all the presidents, but this work will make those opinions more penetrating and judicious.- James MacGregor Burns

The Power of Negative Thinking: Coming to Terms with our Forbidden Emotions

by Ph.D., Gerald, Amada

Although society encourages us to deny and repress such negative emotions as rage and resentment, psychiatrists know that such denial can lead to a variety of psychological, physical, and social problems. In...

Color Me Beautiful's Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup and Style

by Mary Spillane & Christine Sherlock

The classic makeup and style book, now updated for the 1990s and expanded to 12 color palettes.

Haute as in Oat: A Pronunclation Guide to European Wine and Cuisines

by Wilfred J. McConkey

Your guide to the correct pronunciation of European wines and cuisine that is both authoritative and user-friendly.

Nantucket Doorways

by Edward A. Stackpole & Melvin B. Summerfield

Once a major whaling center, Nantucket today draws thousands to its New England shores as one of America's leading summer resorts. The author gives guided tour of the homes of such noted families as the Macys,...

Russell Kirk: A Critical Biography of a Conservative Mind

by James E. Person

This first full-length treatment of Russell Kirk's life and accomplishments blends new biographical insights and critical perspectives about the author of the ground-breakingThe Conservative Mind.

Three Golden Ages: Discovering the Creative Secrets of Renaissance Florence, Elizabethan England, and America's Founding

by Alf J. Mapp

In this intriguing book, best-selling author Alf Mapp, Jr. explores three periods in Western history that exploded with creativity: Elizabethan England, Renaissance Florence, and America's founding. What enabled...

Clarence Dillon: A Wall Street Enigma

by Robert C. Perez & Edward F. Willett

A biography of a Polish immigrant who rose to the top of Wall Street in the Roaring Twenties and abandoned it after the Crash.

China Calls: Paving the Way for Nixon's Historic Journey to China

by Anne Collins Walker

Much is known about Nixon's actual visit to China, but the story of how it all came together has never been told until now. The advance team conquered a monumental task. Welcome to a rare glimpse of the guarded...

With A Woman's Voice: A Writer's Struggle for Emotional Freedom

by Lucy Daniels

Daniels, author of Caleb, My Son, here tells of her troubled childhood, which included bouts of anorexia and mental illness. Her struggle to overcome her problems resulted in a bestselling book and a Guggenheim...

Betty Garrett and Other Songs: A Life on Stage and Screen

by Betty Garrett & Ron Rapoport

"Betty Garrett's memoir is a tale of grace under pressure. It's a lovely, moving song of survival."-Studs Terkel

Chances Are: The Only Statistic Book You'll Ever Need

by Steve Slavin

Chances Are is the first book to make statistics accessible to everyone, regardless of how much math you remember from school.

Women Who Spied

by A. A. Hoehling

From the Biblical days of Delilah to modern times there have been women who ventured at their peril as spies into the conflicts of armed men. Recounted in this fascinating history are dramatic incidents of feminine...

The Last Voyage of the Lusitania

by A. A. Hoehling & Mary Hoehling

Chronicles one of the greatest sea tragedies of our time.

Smashing Barriers: Race and Sport in the New Millenium

by Richard Lapchick

An eye-opening racial and gender report card on the state of sport and society at the start of the twenty-first century.

Washington Itself: An Informal Guide to the Capital of the United States

Hattie: The Life of Hattie McDaniel

by Carlton Jackson

Hattie McDaniel was the first black to ever win an Oscar. She was also the first black woman to ever sing on American radio. In this fresh assessment of her life and career, Carlton Jackson tells the inside...