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Bankruptcy of Our Nation (Revised and Expanded): Your Financial Survival Guide

by Jerry Robinson

Bankruptcy of Our Nation gives you vital insight, historical and future perspective, revealing how America got into this mess, and how you can make informed decisions to weather this economic crisis. Don't...

The Silent War: Ministering to Those Caught in the Deception of Pornography

by Henry J. Rogers

It is the world that author Henry Rogers reveals to us in a book that has too few peers. The Silent War, through interviews, statistics, and other facts, traces the unraveling of American men by the claws of...

Jesus Unmasked: The Truth Will Shock You

by Todd Friel

How much does God hate sin and how much does He love you? If you ever doubt how kind, good, and loving God is, look at the Cross. Jesus’ brutal death on the Cross is God’s greatest and clearest demonstration...

You Don't Cry Out Loud: The Lily Isaacs Story

by Lily Isaacs

A talented daughter of Holocaust survivors, Lily Isaacs is a woman who has felt pain and loss, and found the incomparable joy of a life with Jesus Christ. As a new Christian believer, she became estranged from...

Church Diversity: Sunday The Most Segregated Day of the Week

by Scott Williams

Church Diversity discusses topics such as:

  • How we can begin to implement change today
  • What key insights, strategies and practical tips can help
  • Who are the leading voices in diversity and what can they teach...

10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know

by Ronnie, Dr. Floyd

Have you suddenly realized the fire that burned in your spirit years ago for ministry has waned? Are you a pastor feeling overwhelmed by the demands on your time, energy, and spirituality?

Ronnie Floyd can relate...

Great for God: Missionaries who Changed the World

by David Shibley

With bold faith, obedience to God, and love for others, missionaries attempt great things for God. Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World shares the biographies of twenty three missionaries. Each...

Party of Two: Lessons for Staying in Step in Dating, Marriage, and Family Life

by Beverly LaHaye & Tim Lahaye

Have you ever wondered why your spouse seems to be so different from you? Are you puzzled by why God would allow two such different people to be married to one another? The LaHaye’s answer these questions...

Bankruptcy of Our Nation

by Jerry Robinson

Bankruptcy of Our Nation gives you vital insight, historical and future perspective, revealing how America got into this mess, and how you can make informed decisions to weather this economic crisis. Don't rely...

The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest's Death Zone

by Eric Alexander

It's one of the greatest challenges on Earth; an ascent to the top of the world on the slopes of Mount Everest. Eric Alexander experienced grace and a faith-empowering journey he will never forget as part of...

It Could Happen Tomorrow: Future Events That Will Shake the World

by Gary Frazier

Our current world events indicate that Old and New Testament prophecies are being fulfilled. Dive into It Could Happen Tomorrow by Dr. Gary Frazier to separate fact from fiction about the end of the world, recognize...

Transforming Church in Rural America: Breaking all the Rurals

by Shannon O'Dell

If you aren't transforming lives, then your church has no impact. This vital guide is for every deacon, elder, and pastor wanting to bring their rural church back to the business of changing lives.  You can...

How To Forgive When It's Hard to Forget

by Joy Haney

In this book, Joy Haney shows you how to experience grace under the pressure of hurtful experiences. Walking through the fire of bitterness and devastation, you can rise to a new level of refinement and forgiveness...

The Gentle Breeze of Jesus

by Mel Tari

In this book, Mel Tari adds to the documentation he began in Like a Mighty Wind . On his native island in Indonesia, he says Moslems and animists are still coming to accept Jesus Christ and many other miracles...

Wrath and Glory: Unveiling the Majestic Book of Revelation

by Dr. David Reagan

The Bible tells us that people who read and hear the Book of Revelation will be blessed. Many are missing a blessing! Dr. Reagan, one of America's leading experts on Bible prophecy, shines a light on the remarkable...

Bible Code Bombshell: Compelling Scientific Evidence That God Authored the Bible

by R. Edwin Sherman

When Ed Sherman, a mathematician with 30 years of experience, and Nathan Jacobi, an Israeli physicist, set out to debunk claims that there were mysterious codes in the Hebrew Old Testament, they could not have...

Mornings and Evenings with Spurgeon

by Charles H. Spurgeon, Larry Pierce & Marion Pierce

There never seems to be enough time to do all the things we want to do, and often that includes taking the time to study and pray upon God's Word every day like we know that we should. Now it only takes five...

The Life Story of Lester Sumrall: The Man - The Ministry - The Vision

by Lester Sumrall

For sheer entertainment, he was hard to beat. The Man of a Thousand Stories and the quick smile also stored up spiritual power form the Lord, and the result of all these characteristics was that Lester Sumrall...

When The King Was Carpenter

by Maria von Trapp

Immortalized on film in "The Sound of Music," Maria here allows the reader to really know who she was. The flight from danger to a new life in a new land helped anchor Maria's staunch faith in God.

This book...

Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible: Downhome Reflections of History's Most Colorful Men and Women

by Don Reid

This book is about some folks in the Bible you probably have read or heard about. But instead of the dusty, dry, old characters that we tend to think of them as, I hope I have fashioned something that will entertain...