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What's Your Passion?: Proven tips for witnessing to anyone, anytime, anywhere

by Ken Gaub

You might not have had the opportunity to approach a stranger in the Philippines, or Jerusalem, or Topeka, Kansas, as Ken has, but this book will help you become a soul-winner in your hometown! Through humor,...

Bankruptcy of Our Nation (Revised and Expanded): Your Financial Survival Guide

by Jerry Robinson

Bankruptcy of Our Nation gives you vital insight, historical and future perspective, revealing how America got into this mess, and how you can make informed decisions to weather this economic crisis. Don't...

The Gay Agenda: It's Dividing The Family, The Church, And a Nation

by Dr. Ronnie Floyd

The Gay Agenda: It’s Dividing the Family, the Church, and a Nation is a bold defense of traditional marriage and the authority of Scripture relating to these controversial issues both in the Church and in...

Moments with Angels: Spectacular Encounters with Heavenly Messengers

by Robert Strand

Suddenly, there are angels everywhere, or so we think. But haven't they been with mankind a long time? These creatures who transcend time bring groceries to a snowbound family, and leave no footprints. In Moments...

Jesus Unmasked: The Truth Will Shock You

by Todd Friel

How much does God hate sin and how much does He love you? If you ever doubt how kind, good, and loving God is, look at the Cross. Jesus’ brutal death on the Cross is God’s greatest and clearest demonstration...

You Don't Cry Out Loud: The Lily Isaacs Story

by Lily Isaacs

A talented daughter of Holocaust survivors, Lily Isaacs is a woman who has felt pain and loss, and found the incomparable joy of a life with Jesus Christ. As a new Christian believer, she became estranged from...

Sunday Morning Memories

by Don Reid

Growing up in a small Protestant church in a typical small town may sound quite dull to some folks, but most churches of this sort have plenty of character - and characters! - to give them some excitement. If...

When He Appears: Christs Final Steps in Preparing us for His Coming

by Ron Auch

A study of the Song of Solomon, exploring how the romantic language is really symbolic of Christ and His bride, the Church, as it awaits a wonderful future in heaven. The message is really that, as the Bride,...

The Travail of the Flag

by Shelli Jones Baker

Men and women through the decades have died and prayed that our flag would always continue to fly with honor. This is the story of our flag and a remarkable painting honoring those who have made American great!...

One Anothering: It's Time for a Return to a Simple, Practical, Lifestyle... Getting Along... Helping Each Other.

by Simon Schrock

Simon Schrock has written a gentle reminder to each of us about our duty to our fellow man. At one time or another, everyone needs a helping hand, an encouraging pat on the back, or simply someone to listen. ...

Taught By the Spirit: an in-depth look at the spiritual condition of the Church

by Ron Auch

Although the Church is currently emphasizing warfare prayer and actively engaging in what is called spiritual battle, why is it that so little seems to be happening? We gather the lost in by the thousands to...

Lose the Weight of the World: The Five-Day Spiritual Fitness Plan for Your Soul

by Charles Blair

Medical science tells us stress is a killer. Our daily routines tell us the same thing. For the burned-out and weary comes a book that highlights the modern person’s spiritual malnourishment. Aimed at developing...

More Church Chuckles: Over 100 Hilarious Cartoons

by Dick Hafer

The enthusiastic response to Church Chuckles has paved the way for More Church Chuckles, another hilarious installment of Christian cartoons by award-winning cartoonist Dick Hafer. From the uptightness of...

Still More Church Chuckles: Over 100 cartoons looking at the lighter side of church life!

by Dick Hafer

From all over the country, members of all church denominations are clamoring for more Christian cartoons from award-winning artist Dick Hafer. This, then , by popular demand, is the third offering from the "Cartoon...

Prayer Can Change Your Marriage

by Ron Auch

This is a revised and expanded edition by Ron Auch. Divorce satistics are growing at an unprecedented rate. And there appears to be no end in sight. Families are being torn apart. Lives are being shattered....

Get On With Living: and discover your own gifts, ministry, place of service, and witness

by Simon Schrock

Instead of facing the real issues of life and becoming persons of deep simplicity, individuals get sidetracked into the complexities of imitating someone else's ideas. Instead of apologizing for and defending...

Integrity: How I Lost It, and My Journey Back

by Richard W. Dortch is a potent entity and it has the power to control, change and alter circumstances along life's perilous path. It is an awesome tool is an easy thing to lose when taken for...

Smoother Journey, A: Keeping Life's Relationships out of the Valleys and on the Mountaintops

by Simon Schrock

Most folks going on any kind of trip plan well in advance. They do all the necessary things to make sure their travels come off without a hitch. But there is one journey so many neglect to plan for: The journey...

Church Chuckles: Over 100 Hilarious Cartoons

by Dick Hafer

Award-winning cartoonist Dick Hafer has compiled a collection of his best-loved cartoons in one book, Church Chuckles, to remind us of the occasional silliness that creeps into all denominations. Only for people...

Masterpiece in Progress

by Jeff Steinberg

Masterpiece in Progresswas written for people who are giving up on themselves, thinking their situation is too hard, that they don't have enough to work with, that life has dealt them a bad hand. Jeff Steinberg's...