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Arthur's Soul Adventure

by Brian R. Chambers

Arthur's Soul Adventure is a New Age Huckleberry Finn that will jump off the page straight into your heart.

Other Communions of Jesus

by John Henson

Mass, Eucharist, Holy Communion, The Lord's Supper, Breaking of Bread-the communal meal stands at the center of worship in most Christian traditions. In this new edition of John Henson's classic, we are again...

Savage Breast: One Man's Search for the Goddess

by Tim Ward

Tim Ward-acutely aware that his own relationships with women always ended in disaster-decided to seek out the Goddess to find out whether men could relate to her as well as women, and whether she could change...

Enso Morning: Daily Meditation Gifts

by Jacob Watson

Over 160 blessings inspired by nature to awaken, stimulate and deepen meditation and spiritual practice.

Dying to Be Free: From Enforced Secrecy To Near Death To True Transformation

by Hannah Robinson

After an unexpected accident and near-death experience, Hannah Robinson found herself radically transforming her life, while a remarkable new insight altered her relationship with her father; a practising Catholic...

Past Lives Astrology: Understanding Reincarnation Through Your Astrological Chart

by Theolyn Cortens

The Nephalim, majestic semi-divine beings who lived before the Flood, challenge us to step into our real potential.

Moses and Jesus: The Shamans

by Jackie Jones-Hunt

Revolutionary, paradigm shattering proving the esteemed religious prophets had mediumistic gifts which sourced & thus unify all religions.

How to Write and Sell Great Short Stories

by Linda M James

It will not only teach you fascinating story-telling techniques, but how to market your polished short stories once they are written so that they sell world-wide!

Escaping Gaza: Raed Zanoon The Peace Seeker

by Julie-Anne Sykley & Raed Zanoon

A true, rare, and haunting story about life inside the deadly Gaza Strip, a refugee's daring escape, and hope.

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth

by Michael Vincent

This book presents Self Enquiry "in the raw": a concise,simple guide clarifying for the seeker a Practice that is both radical and profound.

On the Other Side of Love: A Woman's Unconventional Journey Towards Wisdom

Too Simple for Words: Reflections on Non-Duality

by Graham Stew

Reflections on the theme of Non-Duality and the heart of Eastern wisdom.

The Ecology of the Soul: A Manual of Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World

by Aidan Walker

Balance your own inner Ecology of the Soul to regain your natural state of peace, power and wellbeing.

Soul Comfort: Uplifting Insights Into the Nature of Grief, Death, Consciousness and Love for Transformation

by Alistair Conwell

Uplifting, unique and thought-provoking spiritual insights into the nature of grief, death, consciousness and love for healing and positive transformation.

The Upside Down Mountain

by Mags MacKean

A must-read for anyone weary of chasing success and happiness - one woman's inspirational journey swapping the uphill slog for the downhill slope.

The Dream of Europa: The Triumph of Peace

by Nicholas Hagger

A masque in verse celebrating the unification of the EU and Europa’s dream of a 50-state United States of Europe.

The Book of Becoming: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? A Metaphysics of Esoteric Consciousness

by Ronald Alan Meakin

We exist, we are beginning to understand why and how, but can we survive - or not?

Paradise and Promises: Chronicles of My Life with a Self-Declared, Modern-Day Buddha

by Marlowe Sand

An ordinary woman's insightful and poetic narrative of enchantment and intoxication, hangover and victory in a cult: compelling reading for those interested in power and dependence, choice and responsibility....

Selected Stories: Follies and Vices of the Modern Elizabethan Age

by Nicholas Hagger

The best of a thousand imagistic stories, grouped under ‘Follies and Vices’ and ‘Quest for the One’ (the two aspects of the fundamental theme of world literature).

Selected Poems: Quest for the One

by Nicholas Hagger

The best of Hagger’s many poems, grouped under ‘Quest for the One’ and ‘Follies and Vices’ (the two aspects of the fundamental theme of world literature).