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The Grid

by Jeremy Reed

Christopher Marlowe and his Elizabethan set are reincarnated in a near-future dystopian London on the brink of destruction, battling AIDS and trapped by their shared past. A typically original and erotically...


by Anna Kavan

In this haunting and surreal novel, the narrator and a man known as the warden search for an elusive girl in a frozen, seemingly post-nuclear, apocalyptic landscape. The country has been invaded and is being...

The Ice Palace

by Tarjei Vesaas & Elizabeth Rokkan

A new edition of what is commonly seen as the legendary Norwegian writer's masterpiece, this story tells the tale of Siss and Unn, two friends who have only spent one evening in each other's company. But so...

The Beautiful Child

by Emma Tennant

From the acclaimed author of Pemberley and Thornfield Hall comes a tale inspired by Henry James

The Beautiful Child is the last known unfinished story by the great American writer, ending on a Jamesian note of...

Empire of the Sikhs: The Life and Times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

by Jyoti M. Rai & Patwant Singh

Ranjit Singh has been largely written out of accounts of India's past by British historians, yet he was one of the most powerful and charismatic figures in Indian history. He unified the warring chiefdoms of...

The Antichrist

by Joseph Roth & Richard Panchyk

Long out of print in English, this dizzying hybrid of novel, essay, and polemic has less to do with religion than with what Roth sees as the disintegrating moral fabric of the modern world Written while...

The Dreaming Sex: Early Tales of Scientific Imagination by Women

by Mike Ashley

Rare jewels of Victorian fiction highlight the fantastic contributions made by women writers in the early development of science fiction

A selection of early science fiction short stories by women are collected ...

Nina in Utopia

by Miranda Miller

A breathtakingly original novel of time travel, Bedlam, and a mad Victorian painter   London, 1854: Nina, the wife of an ambitious doctor, is heavily traumatized by the death of her young daughter and finds...

Apothecary Melchior and the Mystery of St Olaf's Church

by Indrek Hargla

The first in a series of books that have taken Europe by storm and are soon to be filmed, featuring a chemist-turned-sleuth who battles ignorance and superstition-as well as killers-in a beautiful setting and...

Private Views

by Frederic Raphael

Charlie Marsden has to come to terms with a woman whom he cannot help but love unconditionally but who can never quite be his in this portrait of a vanishing generationWho is Katya Lowell and what is the secret...

The Black Box

by Alek Popov

Despite receiving his ashes and a note saying that he has died, two brothers believe their father's death has been faked in this satirical novelIn 1990, two Bulgarian brothers, Ned and Ango, receive an unusual...

Mad, Bad and Dangerous: The Eccentricity of Tyrants

by Tom Ambrose

A penetrating and incisive study of the fanaticism and foibles of some of history's most illustrious namesFrom Assad to Nero, Gaddafi to Ivan The Terrible, this work attempts a thorough illumination of the...

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

by David Coubrough

The events of August 1972-a poisoning, a drowning and a possible cover-up-disturb the 17-year-old Grant Morrison. Forty years later, still obsessed with the case and the fear that his late mother might have...