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A Land Remembered

by Patrick D. Smith

A Land Remembered has been ranked #1 Best Florida Book eight times in annual polls conducted by Florida Monthly Magazine. In this, Florida's favorite novel, Patrick Smith tells of three generations of the MacIveys,...

Ninety-Mile Prairie: A Cracker Western

by Lee Gramling

Peek Tillman has grown up in the Florida backcountry and knows that as he does his job of herding cattle to market across the big prairie to the east of the Gulf's Charlotte Harbor, he has to be on the lookout...

Riders of the Suwannee: A Cracker Western

by Lee Gramling

Tate Barkley returns to 1870s' Florida after ten years on the Western frontier. He's the kind of man trouble just naturally seems to find, and to tell the truth, he's gotten sort of used to it by now. But Big...


by Patrick D. Smith

Twenty-five-year-old Seminole Toby Tiger lives in despair in the Florida Everglades. He loves the land and everything that exists in the natural world: the deer and egrets, turtles and herons, cypress trees...

Angel City

by Patrick D. Smith

After leaving their failed farm in West Virginia, Jared Teeter and his family make their way to Florida, with dreams of fishing, going to the beach, and running their own roadside produce stand. What they find...

Myra Sims

by Janis Owens

Readers received a refreshing introduction to the Sims and Catts families in Owens' first novel, My Brother Michael, narrated by the inimitable Gabriel Catts. Here to tell her side is Myra Sims, the apex of...

My Brother Michael

by Janis Owens

Out of the shotgun houses and deep, shaded porches of a west Florida mill town comes this extraordinary novel of love and redemption as told by Gabriel Catts. On the eve of his fortieth birthday, Gabe attempts...


by Terry Lewis

Ted Stevens' new client is a mental patient who is either a delusional, psychotic killer or an innocent man framed for the murder of his psychologist-or maybe both. Nathan Hart, incarcerated for the brutal murder...

Lighthouse Families

by Bruce Roberts & Cheryl Shelton-Roberts

What was it like to live and work at a lighthouse during the heyday of shipping and fishing? How did lighthouse keepers and their families stationed on remote islands while away the long, cold, lonely hours...

Florida's Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore: Volume 1: South and Central Florida

by Greg Jenkins

Haunting ancient cemeteries and primitive landmarks as well as modern apartment complexes and highway sides, ghosts and restless spirits abound. This volume of Florida's Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore...

Doctored Evidence

by Michael Biehl

In the third book of the Karen Hayes series, an elderly nursing home resident, who was once an Olympic champion swimmer with a murky background in the German army, drowns in a lake behind the home. Does anyone...

Lawyered to Death

by Michael Biehl

Arthur Winslow, the successful CEO of a Midwest hospital, begins an affair with a beautiful hospital receptionist, unaware that she and her husband are setting him up for an embarrassing and costly sexual harassment...

Florida's Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore: Volume 2: North Florida and St. Augustine

by Greg Jenkins

Discover the haunts of northern Florida in this second volume in the series dedicated to uncovering the uncanny in the Sunshine State. Explore abandoned hospitals, ancient springs, and modern apartment complexes...

Florida History from the Highways

by Douglas Waitley

Discover Florida, with its unique geography and exciting history, by journeying along its highways. Beginning with a chronology of Florida's spectacular development, then an account of the rise of the major...

Beaches and Hills

by Douglas Waitley

In this third of a three-part series, follow Douglas Waitley along the beaches and over the hills of north Florida, watching rocket launches, meeting dolphins face to face, and trying your luck at the "World's...

Coasts, Glades, and Groves

by Douglas Waitley

In this third of a three-part series, follow Douglas Waitley along the beaches and over the hills of north Florida, watching rocket launches, meeting dolphins face to face, and trying your luck at the "World's...

The Heartland

by Douglas Waitley

In this first of a three-part series, Douglas Waitley offers an informative, laid-back tour through Florida's heartland, capturing its scenic beauty and Southern grace. Instead of buzzing through congested highway...

The Wreckers: The Florida Keys Volume 3

by John Viele

In this third book in a series on the history of the Florida Keys, John Viele tells the true story of the Florida Keys wreckers, the daring seamen who sailed out in fair weather or foul to save lives and property...

True Stories of the Perilous Straits: The Florida Keys Volume 2

by John Viele

The Straits of Florida is a 110-mile sea passage between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean bordered on the northern side by the Florida Keys and the Florida Reef. In its waters, along the reef, and on...

A History of the Pioneers: The Florida Keys Volume 1

by John Viele

Today, on the Keys between Key West and the mainland, some 40,000 residents and thousands of visitors fish, swim, sail, and dive in the crystal clear waters off a tropical reef; relax in the sun and cooling...