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Feasting, Fowling and Feathers: A History of the Exploitation of Wild Birds

by Michael Shrubb

he way wild birds have been exploited over the centuries forms the focus of this remarkable new book by Michael Shrubb. It looks at the use of birds as food, for feathers and skins, for eggs, as cage birds,...

The Mandarin Duck

by Christopher Lever

The Mandarin Duck is a small and (in the case of the males) spectacularly colourful species of waterfowl. Widely kept in aviaries around the world, populations often escaped to form wild colonies. One of the...

The Snowy Owl

by Eugene Potapov & Richard Sale

Monograph of the beautiful Snowy Owl, famed for its elegant, all-white plumage

Birds and Berries

by Barbara Snow & David Snow

The book's subtitle - A study of an ecological interaction - properly reflects the author's theme but may tend to hide the fact that the relationships between birds and berries can be much more than the simple,...

Bird Habitats in Britain

by R. J. Fuller

"This is the book for the thinking bird-watcher and anyone who wants information on why some habitats are more diverse that others." --Habitat Illustrated by David Watson

Seventy Years of Birdwatching

by H G. Alexander

Seventy Years of Birdwatching is not truly an autobiography, there is too little about the author in it, though the personality of this exceptional, shy and gentle man comes through. This is a book about birdwatching,...

The Pinyon Jay: Behavioral Ecology of a Colonial and Cooperative Corvid

by John M. Marzluff & Russel P. Balda

A flock of Pinyon Jays arrive in a flash of blue, and leave again just as suddenly. This once mysterious bird is now the subject of over 20 years of intensive research involving over one thousand color-marked...

In Search of Arctic Birds

by Richard Vaughan

Arctic birds have long held a fascination for Richard Vaughan, whose trips to the region, watching and photographing birds, have provided the raw material for a number of previous publications. Here, he focuses...

The Bee-Eaters

by C. Hilary Fry

Dr Hilary Fry's study of the bee-eaters covers all 24 species of this colourful Family, which ranges from southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East to India, China, south-east Asia and Australia. A major part...

The Dippers

by Stephanie Tyler

This comprehensive ornithology book covers all five species of the Dipper, including the single U.S. species. Research includes a "classic" treatment of conservation/ecological findings such as the effects of...

The Ruff: eBook

by Johan G. Van Rhijn

The Ruff is a fascinating species whose elaborate breeding behaviour has captivated ornithologists for decades. Their communal display grounds, or leks, provide an extreme example of a social system widespread...

The Ancient Murrelet: A Natural History in the Queen Charlotte Islands

by Anthony J. Gaston & Ian Jones

Breeding along the northern Pacific coast from British Columbia to Japan, this little known bird dwelt in relative obscurity until it became the focus of a conservation debate which has resulted in a new National...

The Skuas

by Robert W. Furness

Many birdwatchers may never have seen a skua; those who have will most probably have vivid memories of one or other species flying powerfully past a headland, or twisting and diving in pursuit of its piratical...

The Herons of Europe

by Claire Voisin

Although the majority of the world's Herons live in the tropics and subtropics, Europe is home to nine species, some large, some small, some colonial, some solitary breeders. Highly specialized birds, they exhibit...

The Golden Eagle

by Jeff Watson & Keith Brockie

This comprehensive monograph is a second edition of one of the mostpopular Poyser monographs; it covers all aspects of this spectaculareagle’s biology and ecology, including a full review of the literatureand...

The Hippos

by S K Eltringham & Priscilla Barrett

Hippos are unusual in being genuinely amphibious. This has a fundamental effect on their physiology and way of life. Following a general introduction, there is a detailed description of hippo anatomy and physiology,...


by Lloyd Spencer Davis & Martin Renner

This book looks at the penguins - an enduringly popular and fascinating group of birds. Penguins are assosciated in the public consciousness with the icecap of the south pole, and we are all familiar with images...

Extinct Birds

by Julian P Hume & Michael Walters

This is the first comprehensive review of the hundreds of bird species

that have become extinct over the last 1,000 years of habitat

degradation, over-hunting and rat introduction. Covering both familiar


Avian Survivors: The History and Biogeography of Palearctic Birds

by Clive Finlayson

The impacts of global warming are of concern to all of us. The

potential responses of birds to climate change have come increasingly

to the fore, and are of particular interest to the ornithological


The Peregrine Falcon

by Derek Ratcliffe & Chris Rose

The Peregrine's Journey vividly describes one of the most remarkable feats in the animal kingdom. Beginning in Alaska and ending two months later in Argentina, the peregrine falcon's annual migration is an 8,000-mile...