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Coffee: Terroirs and Qualities

by Christophe Montagnon

This is a new revised and enhanced version of Cafés : terroirs et qualités published in 2003. It arose form meetings between people who study coffee growing from different angles: the plant itself, a geographical...

Landscape: from Knowledge to Action

by Daniel Terrasson, Martine Berlan-Darqué & Yves Luginbühl

This book is a collection of the contributions of researchers who have analysed examples of landscape actions, primarily in Europe, on the basis of actual experiences. It illustrates the diversity of situations...

Geophysical and Geotechnical Methods for Diagnosing Flood Protection Dikes

by Cyrille Fauchard & Patrice Mériaux

This book presents a three-phase methodology for the efficient diagnosis of “dry dikes”. It is invaluable for anyone involved in dike safety; notably owners, managers, engineers and contractors, and provides...

Fishes of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea

by Marc Taquet & Alain Diringer

This guide, illustrated by more than 1,500 underwater photographs, presents nearly 1,200 species of fish in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. The reference work dedicated to enthusiasts of the undersea world, more...

Beyond Tropical Deforestation

by Didier Babin

Does the diagnosis of irreversible destruction of both forests and their biodiversity actually mask a wide range of patterns? Based on the results of natural and social scientists, this book attempts to answer...

Tropical Plant Breeding

by André Charrier, Michel Jacquot, Serge Hamon & Dominique Nicolas

Important advances in tropical plant breeding achieved by French research teams of Cirad, Inra and Ird, in collaboration with counterpart staff in tropical countries, are reviewed in the present publication....

Ramiran 98. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Management Strategies for Organic Waste in Agriculture

by José Martinez & Marie-Noëlle Maudet

This edition is a collection in two volumes of the presentations at the 8th international conference of an FAO network on recycling agricultural, municipal and industrial waste that was held in Rennes, France,...

Rumen microbial metabolism and ruminant digestion

by Jean-Pierre Jouany

This book brings together the data of lastest international research and was conceived as the result of a summer school held at the INRA Centre of Clermont-Ferrand/Theix from 24 September to 4 Octobre 1990....

Biology of Lactation

by Jacques Martinet, Louis-Marie Houdebine & Herbert-H Head

A presentation of the most fundamental features of the biology of the mammary gland, a unique model of an organ capable of an abundant synthesis of proteins: endocrinology of lactation, role of prolactin, genetics...

Forests, Carbon Cycle and Climate Change

by Denis Loustau

The results presented in this book summarize the main findings of the CARBOFOR project, which brought together 52 scientists from 14 research units to investigate the effects of future climate on the carbon...

Quantitative Genetics and Breeding Methods in Autopolyploid Plants

by André Gallais

This book presents basic information about population genetics, quantitative genetics, breeding methods and creation of new varieties taking into account the particular characteristics of autopolyploidy. A number...


by Sandrine Paillard, Sébastien Treyer & Bruno Dorin

How will the world be able to feed close to 9 billion people in 2050 and still maintain the ecosystems? In this perspective, INRA and CIRAD launched the initiative, in 2006, to develop a foresight project for...

Biological Invasions, a Question of Nature and Society

by Robert Barbault & Martine Atramentowicz

Invasions of introduced species cause varying degrees of harm on the ecosystems in question and it is up to society to deal with the consequences. How can we prevent biological invasions? How can we assess the...

Companion Modelling

by Michel Étienne

Sustainable development and its expression in terms of participation by local stakeholders in future choices in regions where they live or work have become topical issues. Companion modelling is particularly...

Locust Control Handbook

by Tahar Rachadi

It is of paramount importance to improve application techniques when controlling locust outbreaks in developing countries. Most available documents and publications on locust control deal mainly with insecticides,...

Insecta Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Pedinini Platynotina

by Dariusz Iwan

The taxonomical study of the Coleoptera Platynotina of Madagascar is presented and illustrated. The Madagascan Platynotina include three main groups: (I) the genera Zidalus Mulsant et Rey (three species) and...

Improving Biocontrol of Plutella xylostella

by Alan Kirk & Dominique Bordat

Plutella xylostella (DBM) is a key pest of crucifers resistant to many insecticides and some crystalendotoxins. Biological control based IPM and classical biocontrol have had varied success. How can it be improved?...

Improvement of Cocoa Tree Resistance to Phytophthora Diseases

by Christian Cilas & Denis Despréaux

The main purpose of the overview presented in this book is to provide the international community with knowledge and tools that can be used to breed cocoa trees with greater resistance to Phytophthora. It covers...

Illustrated Guide of Insects and Mites on Vegetable Crops in the Lesser Antilles

by Philippe Ryckewaert

This guide for farmers, technicians and students, permit to recognize main insects and mites (pests and beneficials) on vegetable crops in the Lesser Antilles. Many photographs, with a simple text, illustrate...


by Michel Delabarre & Dante Benigno

This fully-illustrated rubber technology book has been developed for the smallholder rubber farmers in Indonesia. It presents in sequential order all the activities required for the establishment and maintenance...